Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lessons learned from Titanic

Titanic is such a great movie... besides its story of romance and its historical value, there are so much messages in it. Reallly one of the greatest movie, I'm sure you will learn additional lessons whenever u repeat watching it. These are some of the messages i observed and remember:

  1. When Titanic leaves the port, those people who are aboard have no idea they are heading to the path of deaths while the people who couldn't go on board are envy of people who could. Can you tell who's fortunate and who's unfortunate now? Can we certain that the situation we are in are worse than the others whom you envy?
  2. Rose is the lady.. the lady of the family, of high class family where every lady is expected to behave like a lady. Be gentle, polite.. and restricted. The mens are talking bout business and money on the ship. The third class peoples are having fun in their own parties, beers, dances and songs.. Who lives a happier life?
  3. What the boss said could be wrong, and sometimes we had to insist on our stands. The boss asked to speed up the ship, and there it goes.. unable to make a halt or turn in time to avoid the iceberg. 
  4. The world has always consist of 2 kinds of people, the noble ones and the selfish ones. Most people are selfish, i admit i would do whatever i could to stay alive. The crews on the ship are admirable, including those who serve people, who gave ppl the life jackets, who coordinate the escape, who play the music.. they all died, with honour. Those who survived by doing improper actions are bound to deal with their guilt forever. Thus, make sure we did not do things that we were ashamed of, die honourably is better than live shamefully.
  5. Everyone is touched by the romance between rose and jack, and think of rose's mother and fiancée as the villain. From their point of views, if you are Rose's mother.. definiltey you would do the same. hope the daughter married to a financially strong man while saving the family situation, with element of sacrificing her daughter marriage. And if you are rose's fiancee, what the hell! ur fiancee is having an affair with another guy. And you actually didnt really do anything wrong that deserves that. (the act of violence comes up after Rose's been hanging out with Jack) I would have taken the gun and shoot the guy as well.. or perhaps the woman.. if i'm really in anger.
  6. Bribery exist in every kind of situation. Human nature of greed. But in times of desperate moments, even bribes would do no effect in those situations.  
  7. While clinging on the 'board' waiting for helps, jack keeps on encouraging and motivating Rose to stay strong, stay alive. Well, did Rose support Jack to keep strong and stay alive? More than half of his body is still in the water.. and he didnt complain bout being cold, and tired. what he did instead was to try his best to encourage and support rose while forcing her to make a promise to not give up. Jack sacrifices unconditionally.. and for Rose's part, do not always think of receiving.. think of the people who are giving actually need the exact same thing they are giving. 
That's all came out from my mind at the moment. I'm sure there are so much more hidden lessons in it, that i've mis-looked or forgotten. Feel free to share out what others messages you obtain from it, if not stated here.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Contradicting Thoughts to watch a movie

Long time never been to cinema already..
Saw there are quite some nice movies up these days.. Perhaps I've been too long never go cinema, thus the nice movies pile up like a hill.

Anyway, i wanna watch movie..
but i dun wanna watch alone..
but i dun wanna ask ppl to watch together...
yeah... have u seen the contradicting point?

Continue my contradicting thoughts~

What a surprise

Someone just told me that he/she is not straight.

What a surprise!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Something Funny that happened!

It was really funny.

It happened today when I was on my way to buy my lunch.. I was thinking of buying KFC as I really miss the zinger burger. So, I drove my wife, Proton Persona to a nearby KFC.. (which is not really near btw)

On my way to that KFC, there's a rather serious traffic jam ahead. Normally I wouldn't really care about it, would have just stayed in my car listening songs from RedFM (yeah, this is the channel i listen these days, not bad) while waiting for the traffic jam to resolve. But today was different, it was such a serious traffic jam that no car is actually moving..

I've waited for like 20 minutes and there was still no changes with the situation. Then people started to get frustrated. Some of the impatient drivers started to make their cars speak (yeah, there's a word for it-- honk). After that, some of the more 8 (erm... synonym for 'curious') drivers started to get out of their cars to see the situation ahead.. At first, i was very patient for the situation. But after anohter 10 minutes, i started to become a bit curious also.. "WHAT actually happened in front??" was a big question in my head. After a minute of short dilemma on whether to go out c or not, I made my mind and turned off my car's engine, heading to the 'crime scene'.

While I was walking near to the 'crime scene', there are a lot ppl approach that area as well. Most of them were as curious as me.... And finally... we saw the reason why it had such a big traffic jam!

Guess what? The reason that caused such a heavy traffic jam was because...
"There's a tensed battle between Pikachu and Harry Potter!!"


Yeah.... In case u are not aware, your reaction to the sentence above was the 'something funny that happened' mentioned in the title. LOL. (long time never write crappy post, heee)

Friday, December 16, 2011

loneliness - "It takes time.."

When I first came to Kuantan,

I was lonely.

And people told me..

"It takes time.."

I believe them

So I wait...

Then they say

you shouldnt be waiting

you should get new friends

coz "it takes time...

to find new friends.."

I tried..

and i got new friends

but i still feel lonely..

then they say

"it takes time...

for new friends to become closer"

I believe them..

but i didnt take action

coz i'm lazy.

however now...

i dun really feel lonely

... anymore.

it's true that....

"it takes time"

for me to feel less lonely..

just that, instead of

"it takes time to get closer friends"

what happened to me was..

"it takes time to adapt to the loneliness"..

and i've adapted it.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Not proud

I'm not proud of myself..
due to this this that that.

Definitely, some ppl worse than me, i know that.
However, being proud of oneself is not an issue of comparing with others, but a matter of comparing with own self standard.

There's ONE major thing that i feel really ashamed of. Wonder if I still can change~

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hope he is well~

Received news bout my fren's dad passing away.
It must be torturing. Hope he can cope with the loss.
Kind reminder to everyone of us to appreciate the time we have with family.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Loneliness and Friends

I've been lonely for days... hiding in my room read novels and watch series most of the time. There's mixed feelings within me. Sometimes I think i don't need friends at all; sometimes i miss some of my old buddies back then; sometimes i hate some of my old friends for some reasons that cannot be revealed; and sometimes i think some of my 'friends' are useless and not worthy to be 'thought' as friends anymore.

Useless Friends
Let's begin with these useless friends who arent worthy to be considered as your friends at all. Do you realize that you actually have a lot of 'junk' friends. Just like your inbox, there are many mails. And sometimes there are some junk mails and spams that you don't need and never give you benefits at all. It will be good if we can categorize them well and place them separately. But sometimes, we did not notice that, some of the junk mails or spams are actually stored in our inbox. Just like what happened in our friendship context, some of the friends are junk and rubbish, but we thought they are friends. That's so wrong. It's time to reorganize my inbox to filter out some of the junk mails from it.

Hated Friends
There's contradicting feelings towards a friend sometimes, mostly happened to friends who are very close to us or used to be very close to us. It's a complicated feeling, i love them but hate them at the same time. Anyway, I dont wish to talk about this in detailed.

Lovely Friends
I really miss some of my buddies back then. I enjoyed talkin to them, hanging out with them and i miss those moments. Too bad, they are very far from me, and i suppose.. what i can do is continue missing them; and that's it.

Don't need Friends
And too bad, most of the time when I'm reading novel or watching series, i think i dont need any friends. And sometimes i neglected my old friends, and i'm sure some of them are pretty used to it.

After about 1 week of me complaining bout loneliness when i moved into Kuantan, i just noticed something. I realized i'm lonely not because it's forced by the environment, surroundings or people. It's because i chose to be alone, how ironic is that. Analyzing it, i listed out the potential reasons for it:
  1. I don't need friends. Most of the time I'm dating with my laptop for novels and series, ignoring everything else
  2. I'm getting to picky in selecting new friends. When we are older, we are wiser and more brilliant, sometimes it's just very easy to see through the real intentions of people's actions and behavior. They aren't looking for friends, they are just looking at the benefits of befriending you.
  3. I avoid meeting or getting close with new friends. I'm not comfortable and not ready to meet new friends and get close with them. Probably i miss my old buddies so much that it would disappoint me if they are not up to my expectation.
In conclusion, I'm lonely... and will ever be lonely... unless and until I'm ready to walk out from the lone-rangerhood.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A New Start in a New Place

And so here i am, away from home and KL, ended up at a strange place that I've never been before.
This is the first time I came to east coast, and I'm gonna based here permanently. How odd it was, I can imagine that I end up staying at Penang, KL, Kedah, Johor or even Malacca, but not Kuantan.

Kuantan is a nice place though, similar to Ipoh, quite peaceful in a way. There's heavier traffic jam issue here and food is slightly more expensive. A nice place to stay i would say. However, I'm not very glad to be here, coz i'm lonely.

I've no friends here. All my colleagues are new and M (dont mean to be racist), housemates are uncles and aunties or.. grandma? Nearest friend is at least few hundred kilometres away. How sad is that?

A new job position, new place and new people.. it's a new start. Hope i can cope well in this pleasant place.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fire/explosion in petrol station!

Watch this, and share with your friends.. especially ladies. ;)

1. don't reenter your car when pumping petrol.
2. discharge your hand before touching the nozzle.
3. don't remove the nozzle if it burns.

Hope it helps. :D

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wish I am still a kid

"Oh~~ darling don't you ever grow up~"

I wish I am still a kid.

no stress
no expectation
thus no disappointment

having delightful days
upset over tiny matters
and back to cheerful mood within seconds

taken care by elder siblings
loved and pampered by parents
while still complaining that the love given was not enough

that time,
when i was sick
they fed me food

that time,
when i was asleep
they made sure i was covered by blanket

and now I'm alone
knowing nothing
yet trying to be independent

afraid of meeting new friends
disgusted by their ugly fakeness
threatened by their potential betrayal

scared of getting close to friends
worried that i'll get over dependent on the friendship
anxious that our friendship may fade away and never come back

fear of having a girl friend
i dont know if i'm ready and..
i dont want to break someone's heart again

understanding the world
selfishness greed jealousy and violence
even the kindest person may fall into these traps

i'm disappointed
i'm upset
mainly on myself
that i failed to..
..become the ideal 'me' that i wish to be.

"oh~i dont wanna grow up
wish i'd never grown up.
it could still be simple.."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vision, mission, objectives, goals and targets.

Don't worry, this post is not going to teach you what's the difference between vision, mission, objectives, goals and targets. We'd always see/hear/feel/touch/sense about these words from classes, company, proposals or sometimes even from advertisement. Let me tell you, these words are actually very important. It's essential to at least have one vision/mission/objective/goal or target in your life. Else, you would be living for nothing, like me now.

Me -> a lazy person. Define lazy: Lazy is an adjective to describe a person who is not willing to do work that requires effort. As a lazy person, I am reluctant to do something extra from what I need. I need to eat, sleep, play, have fun~ those are something that I need, thus my laziness will not stop me from doing those. Helping people, pleasing people, slapping people and killing people are something that I don't need. Thus, laziness is one of the factors that can hinder me from doing them. To do something that I don't need, I require motivation or rewards. Vision/mission/objective/goal or target are some of the examples that could motivate me.

Okay,back to the topic. I'm now visionless, missionless, objectiveless, goaless and targetless. So, basically nothing can drive and motivate me to do something. Unlike my school life, although I'm still visionless and missionless, I have goals and targets. My target is to get good result in particular semester or year. And my goal is to acquire a good job. However, now I have started working. And I lost my goal and target. And I'm idle.. living like zombie or a useless person.

Recalling what I learned from my course, goal and objective has to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-constraint. For example, getting a 4 flat in each semester fulfills SMART: it's specific; it's measurable; it's attainable; it's relevant and it has a time constraint. But now, I have none of such goal. I have no motivation to do anything other than eat play sleep and have fun. I'm doomed!

Most people have a vision of becoming somebody, mission of achieving something, objective of being what kind of person, goal of getting this and that as well as a target of reaching something. I have NONE! Again, i repeat, I'm doomed! I wish i could be more ambitious. It's not easy to find a purpose in my job though, coz my work currently is... speechless.

Anyway, this post is just to tell you that: you gotta have Vision, mission, objectives, goals and targets in your life. It is necessary!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

4 hours for 5 seconds.

Just had my convocation ceremony yesterday..
and... exactly 4 hours are wasted just for 5 seconds walking + getting scroll, a fake scroll some more. It is very boring, i can't imagine how my parents stand it.

Convocation means nothing to me. But since, the graduation robe is like my one and only chance to wear it. So, i have no regret attending ler.

For future graduates, bring along ur ipad, notebook, story book and whatever... to the ceremony. It's going to be very very boring.

By the way, thanks for those giving me convo gifts. I really thought i'm going to go home empty handed, thanks for the surprises. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Just came back from 2 weeks of training... It feels weird.

I'm quite happy that I finally get to reunite with my laptop (i didn't bring it along to the training). And be able to do things that I like (games, novel, drama...)

But I'm quite sad that I gotta go back to work and live my rotten life when I'm not at work.

There are some changes with my thoughts after I came back from the training. I can't describe it clearly, but i don't think it is a good change. Things are like getting distant to me... many things aren't as important as I perceived before... Hmm.. it's hard to describe this feeling. Coz it's very abstract.

2 weeks in training made me forget my usual routine. I cant even remember what items that I usually bring to work. I'm a bit lost when I return to my KL home. I lost track with my tasks at work... I'm so blur.

Actually, things didn't change much here, but awkwardly, I feel I'm older now.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Game: Squeeze the Hell Out of Ya

Today, without realizing, I participated an awesome game, called Squeeze the Hell Out of Ya. Let me slightly explain the details about this game:

Game: Squeeze the Hell Out of Ya

Game Conditions: LRT stopped working.

Game Preparation: Each participant is required to stand at the origin station for 30 minutes, doing nothing.

Game Procedure:
  1. When the LRT finally arrived, try your best to squeeze and crush other passengers inside the LRT. Consider yourself LOSE if you couldn’t manage to squeeze in.
  2. Once you squeezed in to the LRT, try to get into a combat mode posture. The LRT will stop around 3-10 minutes at every other LRT stations, at that time, try to survive being squeezed and crushed by other participants. Because the squeezing process might take a long time, do advise you to slowly enjoy the process of being crushed.  If you broke ur bones during the process, consider yourself LOSE.
  3. Survive your way until you reach the destination. Fight for oxygen with other participants. Consider yourself LOSE if you fainted due to insufficient oxygen. (Warning: not suitable for participants with asthma)
  4. Upon reaching destination, try to bombard your way out of the station. Remember to be grateful and prepare your winning speech that thank people who supported you all the way during your game. You may cry, but make sure you bring your own tissue to wipe out the tears.”

So, I joined this game with a lot of expectations. Firstly, I stood for 30 minutes, slowly absorbing the vitamin D given from the sunlight. Then, the LRT finally came, and I succeed to squeeze and crush the other passengers in it. The sense of achievement was so great. Then in each and every station, I was being squeezed and crushed by others. It’s like a good training to my body, it helps to withstand pressure and perhaps serves as a basis to future Yoga practice. Finally, fighting for oxygen was good to lung activity, because it tries to help you to breathe in with less air, so that when there is insufficient oxygen in the future, you can survive. I found that all the activities of this game was quite helpful... until there’s some unexpected complication happened at Damai Station.  

Origin, Complications and Destination

As you can see, my origin station was Wangsa Maju while my destination is KLCC. While I was having fun playing the game, the excitement was gone when I reached Damai Station. This is because the game got ‘fatal error’! Originally, the game should end at KLCC station. But due to the fatal error, the game was aborted at Damai Station. In the LRT, we heard from PR system saying that Damai will be the last station. The train will reverse back to Wangsa Maju instead of proceeding to KLCC. Shocked by the news, I rushed out from the train (by bombarding my way out) and I met some of my similarly unfortunate friends who are also the participants of the game. Since it was just 2 stations away from KLCC, we decided to take taxi/bus/walk to KLCC station.

However, the reality is cruel. There were many unsatisfied participants were trying to get taxi already. Since I’m generally a very very gentleman person, so I don’t fight with the other participants, I generously let them get into the taxis. So, we waited for bus, and finally we saw a bus that will go to KLCC. Excited, Happy, Relieved mood…….. was gone when the bus didn’t even stop for us (it was way too full). We wanted to walk, but it was separated by a highly dangerous highway. So, the game turned into disaster; we have no other ways but to wait for the game to be fixed (back and wait for LRT).

Surprisingly, the game was fixed, and the LRT was back to its normal service. However, there are too many people lining up ahead. Most of us admit that we adi LOSE in the game, as we couldn’t manage to squeeze in the train. Every train can at most squeeze in one person at each gate only.  So, being a brilliant person, we backtracked to the previous LRT station, which is Dato Keramat station and try our luck there to squeeze in the LRT. And guess what, we succeeded! We crushed some people’s bones in the lrt and managed to get in. We managed to bombard our way out to KLCC too!

As a result for this story, we were late to the office since we were like stuck at the game for 2 hours. And we concluded that this wonderful game should run more testing before it is released out to the participants. More Alpha and Beta testings are required. I hope the RapidKL people will take my advice. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hey, let's find a day to meet up.

"Hey, long time no c, find one day yum cha lo"
"Where are you now? I'm there too, maybe one day we can meet up"
"Perhaps someday we can watch movie together"
"Let's try to meet up and have lunch one day.."

I think I'd said that countless times. However, it's just 'saying' but there's no actual implementation of the 'saying'. Perhaps it has become one of the favourite line in a typical conversation. Or maybe those words are free to use, so i've been using it so many times without restriction.

Anyway, i did meet up with some close friends this weekend; and i really did enjoy hanging out with them. Hope our friendship wouldn't fade so easily.

By the way, let me say something that is out of the topic. As i mentioned in facebook, i had a weird dream yesterday night. lol. It was.... I also dunno how to describe. In that dream, I am actually receiving advices from non-existent dream friends on... which brand of condom is better to use. LOL. I dunno why i had such dream... It's just a short scene though, and that's the start and the end of the dream. Sorry to disappoint you if you do expect more plots from the dream. haha

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Extra One

Odd one out. That's one of the best description to be used on me in my working environment.
Oh yeah, there's another better description that fits: The extra one.

I'm like the invisible one at work.
In fact, there's no difference between having me and not having me for my company. There's totally no need for me to exist in that company. Not to mention the company, I did not even have slightest contribution to my department even. It's a weird feeling, to be there, doing nothing and get salary.

I have two other colleagues who joined the company a little bit earlier than me. They are almost as free as I do, but they have internet access and I don't (yet). For some reasons, people of higher positions tend to give them some works to do, but not me, definitely not me. It's a weird situation, very weird.

I know things going to get much better after Raya festival. It's okay~ There's only 3 more working days before Raya comes... I'll be patient for being the Extra one for 3 more days.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lesbians and Guilt

On the way back to my room after I had my lunch, i saw two lesbians holding hands. This is not the first time I saw it, and I think it is disgusting. The picture of them holding hands together was just awful. I'm not discriminating their sexual orientation, it's just that I hope they can try not to reveal it so openly. It doesn't matter what they want to do in their house or what, but displaying it so publicly just makes me sick. Especially both girls are tom-boy types with spiky hairs and baggy attire. How should i describe? It's like seeing two girls pretend to be like guys and have a gay relationship, covering both transsexual and gay relationship. Seeing that sight easily spoil my great mood for the day.

We were at the same elevator with some of their friends. And once the lift reached my floor level, i couldn't wait to get out of that lift. However, one of their friends was blocking the way, which in my opinion is kinda stupid. Coz she was like standing at the middle of the elevator gate and she doesn't have even a slight intention to give way. However, before I started to growl "excuse me", one of the lesbians tries to indicate her friend to give way, and so she did give way (though it was more like me squeezing through a tiny space gap in between to get out). After getting out of the lift, on the way heading back to my house, I was thinking these few questions:

Why did I disapprove them so much? are they being lesbians something very wrong?
Why did I hate them? and they didn't even try to slightly offend me.
Why did I so care about them being tomboy and les? It's none of my business. Plus, they have their own choices.
What if they are good people? Even if they are les, they certainly can be very nice people as well.
What if I misunderstand them? If they aren't lesbians? What gives me rights to comment them this way?

So, it turns back to the same question. Why did I hate them? They have not offended me, nor do I think lesbians are sinful since everyone has their own right to choose their path(i'm free thinker). Even if they are lesbians, they can be good people as well. And why should I hate any kind of good people in that case? If they aren't lesbians but just close friends who hold hands all the time, the comments I gave just now must be hurtful. And  merely because of my initial judgment and wrong perception, it just made me disapprove the two girls so much! It makes me feel Guilty! very guilty. I understand the power of humans' perception, it can simply leads us to a wrong or bad conclusion. In this case, I'm lucky that I 'realized' that I'm being biased to them. But... in our lives, how many times would we 'realize' that we are being unfair to the others due to our own perceptions. All the while, we only blame, criticize and disapprove others but never question our own thinking. I think I learned a vital lesson here: never rely on our initial judgment and biased perception. I hope I can remember this incident and apply it in many other situations in the future. Yeah, I'm just HOPING, coz we all know that, it is not EASY to apply this in our lives. I hope you all learn something from here too.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Leaving from Home to another Home

So, tonight is the last night I live in my home in Ipoh. I suppose after today, I can't say that I'm still living in Ipoh anymore. I would be only 'staying' at Ipoh rather than living since it is no longer my permanent home.

Kinda miss it actually. I've never really distanced myself from this home since my uni is nearby and I almost go home every weekend during my study life. Home is like a sanctuary for me to avoid stress, troubles and irritating stuffs. Here, I spend my time rotting in front of computer playing games, reading novels, chatting and listening to music. But now, it is the moment to bid farewell to my mosquitoless room and my comfortable bed.

Leaving Ipoh tomoro to my another new home at KL, i have a mixed feeling. I'm excited to be able to start a new adventurous life while feeling anxious of the new changes it will bring to me. I'm not a person who loves changes (due to my lazy nature). Let's hope that my new Home will be as nice as or nicer than my previous home.

Let me have one last happy dream on my comfortable bed in my mosquitoless room tonight before I permanently move out. And I sadly admit, my holiday is ending very very soon...


Sometimes i really jealous with someone else.. especially when they are better than me.

Why is someone smarter than me?
Why is someone healthier than me?
Why is someone better looking than me?
Why is someone more hardworking than me?
Why is someone luckier than me?
Why is someone kinder than me?
Why is someone have better achievement than me?
Why is someone ...

I understand everyone has his/her own strength and weakness. Some people got look but no brain. Some people got brain but short life. Some people got luck but worthless.
But still, i will admire people who are better than me in certain aspects, and i hate to be inferior when compared to them. Only if I'm SUPER well rounded.. Haha. i guess i'm just too greedy.

On second thought, if i'm super intelligent, very healthy, have the best look, very lucky, have very positive characteristics, and have superb achievement.... I suppose, the world wouldn't be as interesting as it is. BUT... I dun mind! LOL

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kuching Trip

This post is about the Kuching trip I had last month. Sorry for posting this so late, was obsessed with novels lately. Anyway, it should be 3 of us going to Kuching from KL. But for some awkward reasons, one of us ffk the trip last minute. So, it's just CH and me flew to Kuching.

Eric and Poh, the lovely couple
It was a 8-days trip, (Wednesday to Wednesday) and the first day is basically nothing much. Besides meeting our precious trip host, Charles who provide us accommodation and transport while being a tour guide himself. We did have a small BBQ dinner with JZ and friends. Basically, the first day was like an intro-day, warming up for next day.

It's worth to mention that the Crazy Charles wanted us to wake up at 6 something am the next day, which is definitely a soul-torturing task for me. Due to my sleep late habit, i found it difficult to sleep early at night. Thus, CH and I ended up sleep at 3am. With only roughly 3 hours sleep, we began our journey at Kuching tour. We were glad to meet with Charles' international friends, Poh and Eric from Thai and US. They were really funny and friendly, we mixed along easily.

That day, we traveled to many places including Orang Utan Park, Crocodile Farm, National Museum, Unimas, Here and There.. lol. Indifferent to our direct and indirect hint that we were tired and exhausted, our host, Charles insisted to bring us to many many places. Hence, most of the time I was sleeping in the car, trying to gain back some energy.

The picture at the left is a big big orang utan that actually made the other small small orang utans afraid and run away..

 (lazy to continue writing,.. give up... and back to reading my novel)

(continue writing after finished my novel)

Due to laziness, I will continue this post pictorially. A picture is worth thousands words. So please be prepared for the millions words below.... (the pictures below arent arranged chronologically, coz... lazy mah)

befriended a crocodile at crocodile farm

Kuching's "Oh Jian' (fried oyster) really tastes better than peninsular Msia.

the rainforest festival concert, crowded and lively.

a ridiculous pose made by charles and I at frenship park

Back to Kuching airport, finally.

Eat at Ipoh Oldtown.. Ipoh ppl go to Kuching eat Ipoh food.. zzz

Long House... woohooo~ at cultural village

enjoying scenery at Beijing Palace.. 

Some weird vege that cant be found at Peninsular

omg.. one of the best Cha Kueh i ate! It's made from Yam!

we do go to cyber cafe to online.. well, i admit, i was the one who suggested.

i think i'm in danger.. 

I like Sarawak's kolok mee!
the Parliament Building, and i dunno why i posed it that way

They say this is the place u must take picture for all tourists

I visited the LARGEST waterfall in Asia

Omg... i. i.... am.. Admiral Cheng Ho?
 Haha.. that's it.. sorry for the laziness.. This post could have a better flow and better storyline.. But no one dislikes viewing pictures, I suppose. :P

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Dark Days

Do you have this memory of experiencing a period of total sadness and pain? In that period, you were always suffered, despair and helpless.. Yeah, I have it and I called it the Dark Days..

Although the Dark Days were long gone, I keep on thinking and recalling about that particular period. There's something I don't understand. Why did i react that negatively during that moment? The sadness and pain were real; but i found it silly to feel that way. This is really weird.

Anyway, i'm very glad that the Dark Days were over. Let's hope that you (readers) and me will never have dark days again in the future. :D

Friday, July 22, 2011

Feel the Songs~

To me, in order to feel the songs perfectly, there are 3 conditions:

  1. Use earphone
  2. Not doing anything else at the same time
  3. Switch off the lights and stay at a dark room.
 Then, you will get to feel the songs perfectly~~~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm back to blogging. In fact, I just spent some time yesterday just to catch up and read others' blog.

Since the Sarawak Trip, I didn't go to my blogsite until yesterday. I think my blog left untouched for around 2 weeks plus already. You might find the actual reason of me not blogging funny and ridiculous; as a matter of fact, the reason I didn't blog was because I forgot the existence of my blog. LOL

Until yesterday where I randomly saw the blog update post from my friend in facebook, then only I realized I actually do have a blog. I suppose this is the aftereffect of the trip and the indulgence of noveling. Reading novel is addictive!!!

Anyway, I don't think i would be very active in blogging these few days as I haven't finished my novel. Writing this post was just to prove my existence and indicate that I finally remember that I have a blog. haha. Frankly, nowadays, every moment I was outside home, I am just thinking and looking forward to continue reading my novel. Therefore, reading novel is the only thing I do other than eating lunch and dinner (we always eat outside instead of home-cook) Because of this, you must forgive me for not replying or maybe sometimes replying in a tortoise speed. I love novel! Woohoo~

Friday, July 1, 2011

Long holiday~~

Just for you guys to know, my job offer from Shell has been withdrawn..
So, i have a long long long long holiday~~~

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Breach of Contract

Seriously, sometimes I kinda hate my sponsor. So for the smarter people next time, please fail your interview and tests so that you never experience my situation.

Want to work?
No offer yet.

Want to work at other place?
Need release letter.

Want to get release letter?
Wait 6 months or break bond.

Wait 6 months?
Other job offers run away.

Want to break bond?
Cannot! What the hell!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I am back! (from the world of novel)

Hi everyone! I'm sure you all are pleased to know that I finally return to this world of reality. After my continuous effort to finish the novel which has 4,686,171 words (of course i didnt count the words, it's written in the description), finally I managed to bid farewell to the world of novel and come back to this ... world.

As mentioned earlier, I realize that staying in the world of novel really makes me lose the 'human touch'. Basically, I'm too concentrate in reading till I actually purposely ignore others' messages or sms. And even to parents too, I'm usually too tired to talk to them while i was not reading. The only time I talk to them was during dinner time. And obviously, my style of reading is definitely a eyes-destruction move. I could really feel the strain of my eyes especially at night when I often continuously read for 7 hours non stop. Staring at laptop for 7 hours is okay, but keep on reading the small words in laptop no doubt gives a bigger pressure to my eyes. I think my eyes are probably .. spoilt.

Due to all these reasons, I've decided that I wouldn't start reading another long novel in this short while. It's too destructive to my eyes, health and social life. But i would have to admit that it was indeed a very very very very enjoyable activity to do. Can you imagine that I'd stopped playing any computer games for 3 days? What a miracle power!

Anyway, I'm back. It's time for me to read your blogs and reply the comments. haha.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Reading Spree

Although playing computer games, watching dramas/animes and online chatting are all my hobbies, reading novel is actually the one that makes me most addicted.

My mom used to say I have great concentration in reading. That's why I can read in a decent speed. It is definitely an advantage but sometimes it could be a weakness too. Yesterday night, I started reading (ebook) from 9pm till 4am. When I finally decided to stop reading, I can really feel the tiredness of my eyes. It seems like I kinda over tortured my eyes for reading purpose. :/ (and i broke my sleep early spree because of this)

Well, there's another bad thing. When I am reading, I kinda ignore everyone else. From yesterday onwards, I kinda seldom reply sms, seldom reply msn/gtalk/fb message, never read blog comments, seldom check facebook, never talk to parents, ... to the extent that I made one of my friends got emo. Oops.

I enjoy playing computer games; almost everyday I will play games due to addiction. But there's only one way to stop me from playing or getting addicted to computer games: read novel! Thanks sis for the great recommendation of the superb long chinese novel. I love long long novel!  Anyway, for those who I ignore recently, sorry ya, I will back to normal after I finished the novel. (but it still needs some time, because it has 236 chapters)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reflecting Thoughts 22/6/2011

So it's Wednesday now. I'm bored, but I'm enjoying my holiday, somehow. I become afraid when I imagine that I wont be having a long and stressless holiday like now in the future. That's why eventhough i'm feeling really bored here but I am happy. At least, i think i should feel happy during this holiday.

My new laptop is satisfactory and I like it. There's just something quite annoying, i couldn't uninstall the anti-virus software. Is the software itself a virus? I start to doubt it. I spent 1/3 time gaming, another 1/3 time sleeping and the last 1/3 time doing something that is so insignificant that i couldn't even remember. What a dull life. I think it's about time for me to call some people out for movies or something. Socialize time~

I have two problems that kind make my life less happy. First problem is the Petronas Bond. It was so ... unknown.. Totally don't know what is going to happen. And another problem is my eye. My left eye is swollen internally... for a few days, weeks or maybe months. It's neither painful nor itchy, but it is swollen. Kinda make me worried. I seek out a doctor last week and she said it was infection and she fed me with 8 pills of antibiotic per day. Pity all my good bacterias which become the victim of this infection (killed by antibiotics). The bad news is, after consuming all those pills.. my eye is still swollen as 'usual'. My parents want me to go see doctor again today; and well, i think i should. i certainly hope that it isn't something like a tumour or cancer cell. It is going to freak me out.

Okay la, sleep early to see doctor tomoro.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friends Forever

When it comes to "friends forever" these 2 words, there are only 6 friends in my mind. They are the friends that I truly confident that we could be friends forever, and probably close friends forever. They are my high school friends, in fact, I'd blogged about them few months/years ago too. (Click here to check out the post if you are interested).

Well, not to say that all my other friends, including you (who isnt one of them) couldn't be bff with me. It's just that I do not have much confidence on it happening. Any kind of relationship requires constant nurture for it to work, so does friendship. For 6 of them, I think our friendship with them is going to last forever.

It's quite a random post actually. I've spent some time with few of them recently, and it kinda struck me to write this post. Too bad hjh and kz weren't here; it would be great if they were here. We could have done our annual mass bday celebration if they were in Ipoh. Anyway, I did enjoy hanging out, wasting time or even pillow talking with them, especially in my boring-est holiday ever. What can I say? It's been all these years where most of us walk a very different path from each other. And see what happens now, we are still close friends! some of us are even closer than before. We know that each of us has our own gang in campus or societies, but we are still remain intact. This is something that we should be glad with.

It's not that we are the most caring friends  ever; it's not that we have greatest characteristics and personalities; it's not that we are totally selfless in treating each other. No no no, sometimes we don't bother to care about others when we are truly busy; sometimes we dislike some characteristics of one of us; sometimes we are very selfish in protecting our self interests. But still, I love them, they are still my best gang of friends. Why?

The answer is simple. It's the pleasure it gives when we hang out or have activities together. There's not much of a passive feeling like sadness, stressed, nervous, anxious, despair... etc. There's just simply joy when we hang out. Thank god that each of us has quite a sense of humor (in quite a different way) that could make us smile or even laugh out loud. A simple joke, a random crap, a sudden action/reaction or a shared experience can just easily make our days happier. I'm a typical hedonist, someone who seeks happiness as the main goal of my life. What else could I expect from my friends apart from happiness? They have all given me all I need from friends!

Another reason that I like this gang of friend very much is I can pretty much be myself in the gang. And I don't need to 'think too much' on their behaviour or reactions. They have known what kind of person I am since long time ago and I know what type of person they are. Although we do change a little bit overtime to adapt to the cruel social world, but the inner self, the basis of us remain unchanged when we face each other. We could be more mature compared to last time but we are still crappy; we could be more serious than last time but we are still very playable. And I don't really need to be careful of what I said and what i did. I don't need to filter each and every word and sentence i say to make sure it wont cause problems to myself. I don't need to suspect and have doubt over the honestly and sincerity of their words. I don't need to worry that I got backstabbed by them. I don't need to rethink a few more times if their words carry some hidden meanings. I don't need to do all those. I just need to be myself and that's it.

Yes, there are misunderstanding, disapproval and conflicts between us. However, there is also tolerance, forgiveness and intimacy among us. we will be BFF (Best Friends Forever), won't we?  ;)

At Kopitiam Parade
In the car

and Joon Heng, we still miss you

and of coz kean zhi who forfeits his holiday for some meaningless 'internship' program. fast fast return ipoh~

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stunningly Light, Powerfully Beautiful

I finally got my new laptop! It costs me (my dad to be exact) for RM2899 although the market price is around RM3000-RM3100. Let me briefly explain to you the reason of its pricing by listing out the features.

  1. i5-480M Processor, 2.66GHz - i5 is considered to be quite sufficient for normal usage. 
  2. 4gb DDR3 RAM - Nothing much special. Laptop nowadays usually has 4gb ram which is quite sufficient for smooth usage.
  3. geforce 310M Graphic Card - Not a very powerful graphic card. It is actually quite embarrassing to say that this is a good graphic card. Perhaps it is just enough to play games that is released recently in medium or low resolution. Laptops of price range RM2k usually have better graphic cards than this.
  4. USB 3.0 - Only the newer laptop and expensive-er laptop has this feature. We can't deny that in the future, USB 3.0 is going to be something very common.  
  5. Weight of 1.66kg - Perhaps this is the most expensive feature of the laptop. Light and mobility. It is one of the slimmest laptop available (1.9cm) and it provides a long battery life (6-9 hours).

As I mentioned earlier, it's not exaggerating to say that low weight is the most expensive feature of the laptop. For those who are not so pro in computing world, it is the limiting factor of all the other features. In fact, usually the low weight laptop (netbook) has very limited processing power. In other words, usually the laptops have slower speed because of factors such as cooling, power reservation and others. But for this laptop, to be both "stunningly LIGHT and POWERFULLY beautiful", it's not an easy task. Same to the graphic cards, the more powerful graphic cards usually are bigger and take more space and require better cooling systems. Therefore, the graphic card of this laptop can't be too powerful. Anyway, this laptop has actually 2 graphic cards, Intel HD for weak graphic usage but consume less energy while NVDIA GEForce for higher graphic requirement but no power reservation. It is a pretty cool feature to have switchable graphic cards though.

Before i bought this laptop, I actually have a little dilemma in choosing between this laptop and another better performance laptop which costs even cheaper (RM100 cheaper). The other laptop has i7 processor which is super duper cool and GEForce 540m which is a graphic card much better than mine. The only weakness is that laptop is bulky and does not support USB 3.0. Well, it is very tempting to buy that one due to its cool feature. i7 processor wei! and 540m graphic card! Two great features in such reasonable price. But the reason i chose to purchase this laptop instead is because: firstly, according to experts, i7 wouldn't give much difference to i5 processors in terms of speed. The difference wouldn't be too obvious to the eyes of the users. In other words, we can't really feel the fastness of i7 processors over i5 processors. Secondly, we all know laptop isnt going to be great for gaming. So, i decided to take this laptop with lower graphic capability to enjoy the benefit of light weight. For gaming purpose, maybe desktop in the future? let's just see how in the future.

Okay, the long awaiting part of the post: pictures! enjoy~

Isnt it slim?

Quite cool, isnt it? :D

The Front

When I said slim, i meant it!

Last Picture of the Post

Thursday, June 16, 2011


There's no such word as feelingful, i made it up myself. I'm so emotional now... perhaps i did convey the meaning wrongly, i mean i'm full of emotions.. full of feelings.. not sadness, just some... plain excitement..

I dunno why. Probably i watched a few episodes of glee s2. Probably i'm now listening some cool and emo songs. I feel so Ohm~ now! Yee... ha!

Dun even feel like sleeping... and omg! my late sleeping habit gonna return to me soon.

I feel so excited now... I would probably even confess and kiss a stranger right now! (well, just kidding, mayb just in my imagination only). This is real awkward!

Anyway, my new laptop is coming tomoro! hoorayray ray ray rayr aryarayraryaryaryayawyayaryaryaysydaydalfdkasdbxfnaskdflasdfadasfdlasdpw.,

Oops.. lost control of myself for a while. I apologize for that, but i gotta sleep now.. it's 2 am already!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Layout (and new laptop on the way!)

Tada! A new layout again. Say goodbye to the colourful greenish layout last time; we are going for something darker this time. No specific reason for choosing this template. In fact, I believe I am going to change the layout again... pretty soon. haha.

And yes! Finally ordered a laptop! I really miss the moment when I really own my personal laptop last time. Too bad, my previous lappie was dead, suddenly and miserably. But like the old saying goes, new things wouldn't come if old things aren't gone. It's time to welcome my new laptop... SO looking forward to see my new laptop... which is going to arrive in 3 days perhaps? Stay tuned... (if you even bother to find out)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Congratulations, you are recommended!

[Phone Conversation]

Me: Hi, is this X?
X: Yes, I am X.
Me: I'm Ong Wei Han, a Petronas scholar, I would like to know my Structured Interview status.
X: Please hold on. Let me check for you.

(a moment...)

X: Congratulations, you are recommended for SI. Petronas might give you a position within 6 months and you would be released if Petronas doesn't offer you a job within that period.
Me: (a bit disappointed, though expected) Is there any possibility for Petronas to release me earlier?
X: No, you had signed the contract and you should be responsible to blablabla (didn't really pay attention to what she said already)
Me: Shut up, bitch.


Fine, i didnt say that. I said "Thank you. Bye." instead.

Great~~~~~~~~ now I am stuck in this 6 months waiting period dilemma. Congratulations??? =.=

Sleeping Early

Blog less recently.. Most probably due to sleeping early these days. As some of you know that I am more 'emotional' at night and thus love to blog at midnight. Good news is I finally managed to build up a better sleeping habit (slp before 1.30 am) and it has been working for consecutively 6 days at the moment!

I don't think you guys miss my posts either. So, there's no much urge for me to blog. Anyway, I was thinking about some emo issue that probably would lead me to the emo path later. But since i'm going to sleep soon, i'm not going to blog about it tonight. Maybe tomoro?

Oh yeah, result out. And my result dropped a little bit although that's my worst GPA ever. It slightly drops my cgpa a bit. Thank god that it was the result of the final semester. If it wasnt, i might want to suicide or... perhaps it is better to kill the lecturer who gave me that sucky grade. Nevertheless, it was my last semester, and it didnt really make my cgpa look bad, and well, i secured a job already; I shall forgive the lecturer for simply setting the questions. (There is no way that i could get such result if he taught well and set his questions well and maybe marked the question properly) Calm.. Just forget bout that sucky lecturer, mentioning him would just trigger my anger. It is certainly ugly to have that grade in my transcript, but well.. Malaysian Studies? who cares!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Petronas Bond

How can I get released from it???
Should have performed worse during the interview and test.
: (
Never thought it would really become a burden now. Blurry future.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Say hi to Penang

Sunday monday tuesday... Wow. It has been 3 days I'm staying in sister's house at Penang. I followed my parents and bro to visit sis on Sunday but while they were going back home on Monday, I'm staying here in penang for a few more days to kill some time and disrupt some boring routine I have at home. 

Frankly, my plan was to go home today (Wednesday) but I decided to stay a few more days in Penang. Why? I plainly enjoy the moment here, the new atmosphere and environment, different people to interact and well, the travelling mood. This is much better than the boring routine I have at home: play computer games from day till night. However, there is just one little disadvantage with my changed plan: money! Travelling costs money definitely! and the main problem is.. i dun mind spending those money. In other words, I'm not having much of a 'save money' mode when I am travelling. (I guess i gotta tie my stomach after i've finished travelling)

Nothing much i did actually. Besides having family time with my beloved parents and siblings on Sunday and part of the Monday, I did manage to meet up with my high school friends and uni-mates. Having great time together, eating great meals on lunch and dinner (and spent damn much money on them) and of course, spending valuable time at cyber cafe for DoTA again... :-/ In case you dunno, travelling to KL and Penang just for the purpose of playing DoTA with friends at cyber cafe is not an uncommon thing to me. And yeah, we did pawn a lot of players and getting pawned quite a few times too. 

And yeah, another activity that i'd done here is going for Facial Treatment. And omg! It hurts!!! And yeah, my face is now full of scars, really in a no-face-to-c-ppl condition. Therefore, I think, you wouldn't see any more pictures of me taken since yesterday, lol. Not going to take ugly picture of myself.(unless i photoshopped it) :P The facial mistress's words do make me realize the importance of taking care of my face. But too bad, I don't have that much money to buy her products. Perhaps after i start working, i should consider investing a lil bit bit of money and effort in taking care of my appearance. 

Well, i kinda look forward to today's lunch. My sister told me this awesome dim sum buffet that we are going to go for today's lunch. You may check the details here: http://www.zhonghua-seafood.com/promo.html. It's kinda cheap for a buffet price and it's buffet of dim sum. yummy! I swear I'm definitely going to eat the dim sums in such way that the money I paid for it is going to be worthy! (going to do some cost benefit analysis tomoro, in calculating how many dim sums should i take to offset the costs)

Doesnt feel like uploading any pictures here. Wait till i go home la. Have a nice day, my dear readers! :D

Friday, May 27, 2011

Awkward Moment

I was feeling so bad just now.
While I was driving home happily, there's this call from XXX company, asking my decision whether to work at Penang or KL. HOWEVER, I've decided to reject that job offer but I haven't informed her. She's a lovely and helpful lady and I was forced to decline the offer.
It was very awkward and embarrassing, for that moment. And i felt very bad for causing her so much inconvenience. Rejecting a job offer... isn't as simple as it seems.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dye My Hair

Hard to believe. I really dyed my hair. I remember I had this thought since last 2 years, but i never implemented it. And now I think, I've finished studies and I'm unemployed, this should be the best chance to do it!

Of course, I still have to convince my parents about dying my hair. I recall what my dad said last time when I told him my intention to dye hair. He said, "Boys/guys who dye their hair look like naughty people". A typical comment from a teacher, I guess. However, surprisingly, he didnt seem to have big disapproval yesterday when I mentioned about it. lol. Maybe he thought I'm just saying but not actually going to do it. (I'd been saying I wanted to dye hair since 2 years ago)

Anyway, today, I was still kinda in conflict whether to dye the hair or not. First, I afraid that my hairstyle is not suitable for hair-dying. If the hairstyle is ugly, dying the hair will not make it any nicer. So, I get consultation from the barber, and basically yeah, i determined to do it. This is the first time I witness the hair-dying process. I've never encountered or see the process before. And I'm kinda surprise when she made my hair become like tat: (see pic below)

For a moment, I thought I became one of the manga/anime characters.
So, I'm the new character in Bleach. Lol. Anyway, that's just the process. Please don't think that is the final product of the hair-dying process. Although it looks quite cool, I do not have the courage to do that. Not only I dun dare to walk to the streets with this hair colour, but definitely I'm going to give my parents heart attacks if I dyed my hair that way.

Anyway, after 45 minutes of being new character in Bleach, it was time to wash away the colouring chemicals. And the end result is .......

after shower (now)
And guess what. My mom said it looks nice! hahahaha..

Reflecting Thoughts 24/5/11

Totally wasted my 'today', I guess I'd been playing pc game for like 80% of the day. My plan to read novels and watch movies/series was ruined. Partly due to my 'borrowed' netbook; the size of the netbook really demotivated me from reading ebook and watch movies. This really triggers my desire to buy new laptop even more. I want a new laptop!!! But... Patient patient Wei Han!

KL 'Trip"

Just came back from KL yesterday, had two job interviews which I didn't really perform quite well. But I doubt if I could do better given the circumstances. Whatever la, I'd tried (maybe not my best though) but it certainly wouldn't make me regret for it. If the job is meant for me, then it will never run away. (One of the best ways to make one feels better is to pass the responsibility to fate or god, haha)

Overall, the KL trip can be considered un-smooth. Things were not so fluent in a way. The heavy rain, the delayed traffic, the bad seat in the train, the awkwardness with a friend, the emoness of a friend, the not-so-well interview sessions, the trouble i gave to my uncle, the 'leftover' towel, the sold out movie tickets, etc... Frankly, that was one of the reasons for me to return home earlier. I actually wanted to stay till monday or if possible wednesday at first. But i didn't because I'm afraid things are going to get worse somehow. Yeah, I had gotten superstitious. -.- Anyhow, I did enjoy the trip, at least 70% of it was fun.

Back Home

Back in Ipoh, things are... usual. I'm doing the same routine almost everyday, play game here and there. And sweat, i couldn't find myself a movie-mate for Pirates of Caribbean 4. Those who I invited were all busy/unavailable/watched already/poor?? Poor was one of the stupidest excuses given. Btw, anyone wants to invite me for the movie? I pay the movie ticket for you! (I'm sure this will attract many people, but sadly, i was just KIDDING!) Nah, KL trip had made me too poor to treat people movie. Now think about it, perhaps being poor wasn't a very stupid excuse after all. haha.

Phone call

Unintentionally had a long phone call with my fren. 53 minutes! I was shocked; coz it feels like 15-20 minutes like tat only. Erm... time flies faster probably because it was a pleasant conversation? Anyway, if I knew he was on postpaid earlier, I would have ended the call sooner (although we did try to end the phone call couple of times but it ended up with another question/topic). I suppose he has to give some explanations when the phone bill comes. Sorry for that. Shouldn't make assumption that Digi Campus was the package he is using. Assume? Ass-u-me? lol.

Sleep Late Habit

It was so difficult to get rid of this habit. There's a new spark in energy when it is midnight. This is going to spoil my 'face recovery' mission. Haha. Is it fate that I am going to have a scarred, rough and ugly face? Anyway, let's think positively. Take it as a skill, the ability to stay up late. It should be quite important/useful.

Emo on Friendship Problem

Didn't intend to share about this at first. An incident in KL made me rather emo on friendship issue. Some friends are just not worth being treated nice. Having close friends might not be a good thing - something that I just realized not long ago. One quiz for you:

In this world, who is the one you can rely the most? (not Gods or Devils pls)

Give you a few seconds to think about the answer.




Okay, time's up. If your answer was someone else, then probably you are still going to hurt yourself more in the future. The answer for the question above is: YOU and only YOU! You only can depend and rely on yourself! Friends are nice... sometimes. Problem arises when friends suddenly become not so nice and... it hurts. However, if you aren't treating them very nice, you wont feel bad if they are not being nice to you. Therefore, don't be too nice to your friends. Not worth the effort!

This theory/principle is something that I always aware of but I couldn't do it. But, this time, I finally have the determination to 'be cruel to others' in order to 'be nice to myself'. Not to worry much, as mentioned in previous post, if you can make me retain my cheerful mood, I wouldn't be cruel to you. BUT... if you are still trying to irritate me while I'm emo, then please.....


Monday, May 23, 2011


I just realized I am actually a very forgiving person. This actually contradicts with what I always think. From what I understand about myself, I'm a vengeful person who will take revenge or bear the hatred forever and ever... if someone mistreated me.

But I'm wrong. I can hate a person so so so so much and turn out to be 'okay to forgive' the next day. This is just weird. How could this happen? Let me describe it using some make-up stories:

Story 1:

Someone scolded me. I hate that someone because he is an idiot himself. Then my thought ventures further and further.... and I become more and more emo and hate that person more and more and more and more for God knows how many hours, days, weeks ... I'll never forgive that person!!

Story 2:

Someone scolded me. I hate that someone because he is an idiot himself. Then my thought ventures further and further.... and I become more and more emo and hate that person more and more and more and more~ ... BUT suddenly, let's say I won lottery and get RM1000. Then I'm so excited and i will forgive most of the people in the LIST OF HATRED. haha.


Based on the two stories above, we can conclude that, I will transform from a vengeful person to a forgiving person if and only if I am happy. So, tips for you guys: Just try to make me happy, the possibility of being forgiven is much higher. haha.

ps: It has a reverse effect, I hate people more when I'm emo.

Friday, May 13, 2011

When I woke up, it was already 1pm. I quickly...

... I quickly ran downstairs and get my (house) phone to call Mr. Tan.

"Hello kz, eaten lunch already?"
"Not yet."
"Great, let's eat lunch together~"

It was already 1pm, and seriously I hadn't 'made appointment' with kz regarding to the outing plan. I felt so relieved when he said he hasn't had his lunch, else I'm gonna end up eating lunch alone in a lonely place~ Anyway, the outing plan was as following: Eat lunch, Go KTM buy ticket, Go parade buy FIR album, Go M.Gopeng buy ticket, Go... cybercafe play dota... again~ We agreed to meet each other in Tesco (aka our favourite parking place) at 1.40pm; however, I was late a bit (a bit only) because facebook was just too interesting for me. Therefore I gotta rushed to Tesco in blazing speed, killing 3 innocent pedestrians in the process. May them rest in peace. 

The time when I just departed from my home. And I should be Tesco at 1.40pm!
That's why I had to concentrate in driving fast. (Do i deserve the best actor award?)
Luckily I was just late a bit, probably due to my super driving skills or perhaps... kz also came late? haha. As an environmentalist, I always feel the urge to protect the environment by reducing petrol consumption. So, we decided to carpool instead. (okay, fine.. I'm the one who made the decision, not 'we')
He looks so happy because he can be my driver. (actually i kinda force him to be the driver, I love being a passenger!)
While I was deciding on where to eat our lunch, Kz surprised me by offering himself to treat me the lunch. When I asked him why, he said it was for my birthday. Wow.. so thoughtful. I told him, KFC then, got the zinger combo which I was craving for it. But he said it was too cheap d, something more expensive.. WOW! haha. Hence, we went to a chinese restaurant in De Garden which its name sounds a bit like Dragon-I. It's famous for its xiao long pau.

My food! Ramen with five yummy ballshaped dumplings.
The ZhaJiang Noodle that he ordered. My boss (the one who pays) for that meal

Plus the dimsums that we ordered. It costs RM43 plus for both of us. Not over expensive for meals that include both main dishes and dim sums and drinks. 
After that, Kz fetched me to KTM station to buy train ticket. Fortunate enough, I managed to get the third class train ticket which costs merely RM12. Gonna go KL on 18th May loo.. one more week left for the challenging interviews.. Oops out of topic. Then I accompanied kz to medan gopeng to buy bus ticket to KL (the same destination as well), on the same day as well. You might wonder why we didnt choose to go to KL together using the same transportation method. The reason is very simple: we hate each other!!!! ... nah~ just kidding. It's due to some issues he had which I lazy to explain.

A random pic we took in M.Gopeng bus station. 
I mentioned I wanted to buy FIR album right? But we didn't go to parade, because it's a bit troublesome to go there purposely. Instead we went to jusco, which is more convenient because it is so near to our next destination (cyber cafe). Staring at the price of FIR album, RM49.90; i decided to buy later, maybe in parade where popular card might stand a chance to reduce the price. I'm becoming POOOR PPOOOOR person. No more allowance from petronas means no more income; no more income means... PPOOOORRRR!!

And last but not least (actually it's the most), we went to cyber cafe to play dota. With my pro-ness, we won again! (although my hero died countless times in the process) Quite surprising that we could win though... Usually with Kz's existence, we rarely got the chance to win... Unless.. kz's dota skill improve d? :-O The answer to that question is: No! hahahahahahhaa~  Anyway, nice and simple outing today. I like this kind of casual and ordinary outing... I wonder how many times more we can have such outings? I don't think I would have the chance to have this kind of outings when I start working in the future. hmm.. :-/

Monday, May 9, 2011

No longer a student

I've just finished my final exam yesterday. Not just the typical final exam, but the Final final exam. Felt a bit lost and empty. It was like a routine that I had to pick up some books and read them. But nope, now I don't have to do that anymore. Last night even, I was dreaming that I was studying and suddenly realized that I should no longer need to study that book anymore.

Just now, when I was trying to do my uni clearance stuffs, I suddenly feel sad. I'm going to leave this place, like forever. And all my uni friends, I'm just going to miss them super much. :'( A bit regret for not having more fun with them. Those friends, are the only reason that convinces me to not regret studying in UTP. But what to do? We all know there is an 'end' from the word "friENDs".

End of study life.. Could you imagine that? After studying for so many years, and this is the end of it. Entering workforce could be both exciting and ... scary. It's time to sharpen up my human's mask as things aren't going to be as simple as before. Any mistake made could be disastrous and I do not want that to happen. Office politics, backstabbing, fakers? It would be challenging.

Haiz.. feel quite sad now. Bye UTP.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Silent Midnight

Although the post title sounds like telling a ghost story, it's not. Dun worry. I'm just describing the current atmosphere here now in my room. The curtains are closed, and it's so damn hot while my roommate still can sleep harmoniously with his blanket. That's so incredible.

I just killed 11th mosquito in this room, within 2 hours. I dunno if it's me who become more expert in killing mosquitoes or the mosquitoes tonight just seem too stupid. They just fly like usual, unaware of the deadly fatal Wei Han's palm nearby. And with a single "piak" or double "piak", they ended up become lifeless corpses. I feel so sorry for them.... Well, actually i'm not. They deserve death, population of mosquitoes has increased too rapidly. If we do not take action to control it, it will disrupt the ecosystem! (of course what i said doesnt have any scientific proof)

I was studying till around 3.50am and i had actually completed the study target of the night. Supposingly, i should be rushing towards my bed, hugging my pillows and sleep like a pig. But, i myself do not know why I'm still awake here, facebooking and blogging. Weird. I dun feel like i'm someone who is having exam tomoro.. (well i just killed the 12th mosquito while typing the previous sentence) It kinda distracted me and i forgot what were i typing. Okay, mentioned bout exam mood, i don't really feel like i'm in the mood of having exams. I take it as a bad indication that my result this sem is going to be a disaster. But it's okay, final semester, and it's time for my cgpa to drop. (of course i wish it could maintain)

Anyway, i suppose it's almost time for me to sleep already. Since my roommate is going to wake up for his morning study session, it's time for me to start my slumber session. We are trying to safeguard the room from any burglary. Nah~ kidding. It's just that i love to sleep late while he couldnt sleep late. (you can say in another way that he loves to sleep early but i couldnt sleep early). For those who are having exams, good luck for you all if u read my post. Else, u dun get the good luck wish from me. haha. (i'm reading it as well, so i definitely get good luck wish from myself, YAY!)