Saturday, April 14, 2012

Going to turn 23 soon.

Time flies, April 14th already.

This indicates I am going to turn 23 years old very soon. I still remember when I was 21 (internship), i used to have the other interns who were 23 years old working in the same company, telling them that they are old. And now, without noticing, I'm the one who is in this 'old' age.

22nd year was not a very nice year. There were many ups and downs, like dramas. But, I survived. And I grow up from that. People say, we learn from mistakes. Indeed, it's very true. I think I am more mature comparatively, I suppose partly is due to the fact that I am now a 'working adult'.

Anyway, it doesn't matter. It's over, and I begin my new life in Kuantan. Inspired by my brother, I hid my birthdate at facebook. So, people won't get a friendly reminder to tell them "it's my birthday, faster wish me happy birthday". I don't expect many people remember though, but for those who remember, thank you very much. :-)

Perhaps you are interested on why I hid my birth date, the rationale are as below;
  1. Birthday wishes from hi-bye friends, or even 'friends' who are not really.. friends.. if you know what i mean. It's unnecessary. I won't feel grateful or appreciative if these people wish me birthday.
  2. I'm getting lazy to wish people happy birthday recently. But I will feel guilty if they wish me while i didn't wish them. But Hey, hiding my birthdate definitely will reduce great sum of people wishing me birthday. And there goes my guilt, simple and easy.
  3. It's interesting to know who really remember your birthday without needing a reminder from facebook. (i dont expect much, could be zero). Those who remember my birthday might not be my best friends, but at least it will let me to know that they are really care about me. Oh? you can't remember my birthdate? Don't worry, I'm not going to be mad.. Coz.. i cant remember yours too. lol.
About birthday present..
As usual, please dont give me decorative items.. I don't know where to put them. They only bathe in dust if you give them to me. Give me something useful, like ties, shirt, pen, bag, watch, specs, whatever usable items. I will be very grateful. Haha. Of course, the birthday gift must come from total willingness. Forced gifts means nothing, I don't accept insincere gifts, no matter how valuable they are. (erm.. if you give me a condo or bungalow, this i can consider.. lol)

Well, I know i long time never update the blog, nor visit your blogs.. Here to say hi to everyone, I'm still alive. Still handsome, still smart, still .. ah~~ you know la. Just fill in any positive adjectives, that will be me! haha. Okay, I'm still as thick face as ever. (Virtually only, i'm very shy in real life. *blush*) hahahaha.

For those who dunno my birthdate but found out my birthdate from some sources, please inform me, i want to delete/remove that info too. Happy be-earliered birthay to myself... haha.