Thursday, August 11, 2011

Leaving from Home to another Home

So, tonight is the last night I live in my home in Ipoh. I suppose after today, I can't say that I'm still living in Ipoh anymore. I would be only 'staying' at Ipoh rather than living since it is no longer my permanent home.

Kinda miss it actually. I've never really distanced myself from this home since my uni is nearby and I almost go home every weekend during my study life. Home is like a sanctuary for me to avoid stress, troubles and irritating stuffs. Here, I spend my time rotting in front of computer playing games, reading novels, chatting and listening to music. But now, it is the moment to bid farewell to my mosquitoless room and my comfortable bed.

Leaving Ipoh tomoro to my another new home at KL, i have a mixed feeling. I'm excited to be able to start a new adventurous life while feeling anxious of the new changes it will bring to me. I'm not a person who loves changes (due to my lazy nature). Let's hope that my new Home will be as nice as or nicer than my previous home.

Let me have one last happy dream on my comfortable bed in my mosquitoless room tonight before I permanently move out. And I sadly admit, my holiday is ending very very soon...


AJ said...

welcome to KL :)

mushroom said...

wow, u'll start working with petronas ?