Sunday, March 29, 2009

bye bye midsem break

No matter how much I want this midsem break, it is leaving anyway.

It's not polite to leave without saying goodbye.. And thus, I'm saying goodbye to it. "bye midsem break".

This 1-week-holiday was very weird. It seems like it has mysterious power to make me so attached to it. I think I'm in danger status already. I am so lazy this sem. Perhaps it's time to do something to make myself 'rational' and 'wake up from dream'. 

ALthough there are 4 projects (not including that stupid HSE assignment) awaiting me, I am ready for it.. HAHAHAHA.. from today on, I will become a study freak! like my roommate, kakaka (sorry for melibatkan u, roommate.. lol) Well, I personally don't have any confidence that I will do as what I have said just now. But try le.. Week 10 d.. must do something... Cannot terus become rubbish.. Rubbish is smelly, u know? I know. (ok.. those 2 sentences simply crap one, ignore them) Sigh... I've been sighing for many many times.. It's time to keep my sigh and start doing something meaningful.. But before that, let me sigh for this last time..


 ok... All the best, myself, you(I) can do it! 

Oops.. sorry for wasting ur time for reading this.. Basically this post is quite meaningless.. hahahaha..  just a post to write to myself, i think.. Anyway, that's the end of this post... Hmmm.. pictures... I know post without pictures are pretty boring.. ok la.. i simply put one pic la..


a pic taken after finished writing the post... no face c ppl a... Coz was crying that time.. My room was flooded by my tears jz now.. So scary.. luckily i have a boat for myself.. Else, I might get myself killed.. no la.. just simply pose la... lol.. jz realized it is quite ugly... give me suggestion shud I edit this post to remove the picture.. ok la.. bye midsem break. 

Friday, March 27, 2009

Food album (in Indochina)

Laos tea and coffee. Coffee not bad.. sweet enough.

The last day, i bought cookies in Vietnam to treat everyone (in order to finish up the local currency)

Some rice in Vietnam.. quantity a lot.. taste? normal

Another view of kebab Doner in Vietnam.. really delicious!

Satay.. normal there. The fried potato nicer.

maybe u all cant c it clearly.. It's some very crispy 'biscuit' (it tastes like a huge conflake) and added with cheese and sugar... Ok ok only.. too sweet! cant feel the taste of cheese

the square cube thing tat looks like toufu.. IS not nice! lol.. it is made of those stickyrice thingy and i dun like. (糯米)

This is nice.. it's sticky rice plus those cebisan chicken (鸡丝) and some pork meat.. sorry ya cant describe it in english

this is our new year eve dinner. It's in a fast food restaurant called Loteria.. haha.. not bad.. we had not eaten any fast food since the trip..

err.. this is pisang goreng.. fried banana.. taste alike

fried corn.. I personally hate this thing.


this is fried potato... ok ok only, another 'version' better but i dun hav the pic

This is the thing we ate in Halong Bay.. lol It's included in the tour fee. It;s not enough for us. (we are hungry ghost, remember?)

hmmm... this is nice dish ORDERED BY me in Hoi An.. Quite famous in Hoi An. Mee with those ingredients.

Nasi Lemak and Nasi briani in vietnam?? nope, AirAsia.. lol. Looks good though despite the price


Big prawn.. this prawn is actually very big.. lol. cost Rm20 each.. :O

Some food we grabbed from the buffet lunch in Vietnam. normal western style and a bit vietnamese style

SOme kind of mixed fruit juice in Vietnam. Of coz Ipoh's one better. tat;s why i didnt try.. lol

Tis is eel meat. emm.. i like it coz it doesnt have bones.. lol

This is frog meat. so so la.. ntg special

This is pigeon meat. I prefer chicken. Pigeon has NO meat. lol

Kebab! Very nice kebab in Vietnam (nicer than Malaysia) and more expensive. around RM3.50

This is dong fun with soup one

emm.. dunno how to describe.. It is 'dong fun' (winter mee). Tis is dried one (gon lou)

I never tried this one.. But Calvin said not bad.. We were very full tat time.

fried stuffs in Vietnam.. I love fried stuffs.. hehehe

carda mon juice.. lol.. taste like tea... not really delicious but refreshing.

breakfast in Sapa... quite cheap. around Rm2 only.. but few la.. that's why it is only breakfast

Horse meat, It tastes like beef. But horse is nicer.. :) 

Warning... non-halal thing.. This is dog meat.. lol.. I ate this and When i got back into Malaysia, I was bitten by dog.. So... eat them they will eat u back. Oh.. the taste.. it tastes like pork, seriously!

This is an ordinary fer (phor in vietnam) in Vietnam.. We ate this thousand times d.. 

the left side one is banana with soya.. The banana is a bit different.. very nice; the right side one is some special rice... It has a very good smell and even it tastes like good smell.. quite nice.

Emmm. this is nice.. But sorry i cant remember the food name.. It's some weird mee mix with blackpepper beef i think.

This is famous local food also. But actually is kinda chinese food. Not uncommon to us.

hahh.. wat is this? I cant remember.. lol

Some Fer... famous local food. but.. its taste is jz normal.

We ate steamboat in our local fren, Dat's house. Many diff food there. Very full and tasty.

This is ice cream with 'sticky rice'. Not bad.. quite a good combination. I like it.

Fried crickets! YUMMY!! it is so delicious!

Nam Pak Knor, infamous vegetable drink.. We searched for this drink all around the town.. lol

This is some noodle in Savanakhet, Laos.. This isnt Fer (noodle soup) but similar

It looks scary.. but it actually is tasty.. It's beef.. It's cooked.. I think... (and i hope)

They called it sandwich there.. In luang prabang.. quite delicious but the bread quite tough also.

Laos Fer.. (noodle soup) this is only the 30% leftover.. It is very few anyway. 


Rice in somewhere Laos (rare to find non-sticky rice in Laos o)

Sticky rice in Vientiane. It's cheap and not really nice. The rice is quite 'hard' and hard to chew

In Dalat highland... These are the few of the most memorable food eaten in Vietnam. Got hot breads, buns, the green thing is very delicious actually! and hot soya... it was so cold there.

This is found in Dalat also. It was hot sweet potatoes! mixed with salt that makes it sweet and salty. 

Some charsiew rice... Cant really remember where we ate this.. Vietnam i guess..