Sunday, August 29, 2010

Losing weight... again~

Haiz.. lost weight again. Not much though.. just a bit. but that certainly is indicating me something. I suppose it is not much a big secret. Okay, my weight is 53 kg currently (it could be 52.5 kg jz now, but well, sometimes i choose to lie to myself, pretty normal right?) and my height.. assuming i never get taller since i last measured, shud be 173cm. Guess what's my Body Mass Index (BMI)? Mine is 17.7. To be slightly fit into a normal category (based on malaysian standard), one has to be at least 18.5 to be barely called NOT underweight. How bout urs, calculate urs and compare with mine (weight(kg)/height square(m)), not many have bmi that is lower than me. (i know there are skinnier ppl around, and i feel sorry for them). Okay, so now what?

So, now what? My heaviest record in my life is 54.5kg. I wished i could say 55, but No.. it's still far from it. It's so freaking difficult to gain that 1 or 2 kgs. I gotta eat till i feel tortured then only can increase 0.5 - 1kg at maximum. Ppl say go eat and gym. yeah i know, u gain the 'fat/protein/flesh/energy/meat/watever' from the food and train them to become muscle. But i dun even have the flesh to be trained with. my final goal is to reach 60kgs, then i will b satisfied and would not complain further. And for this year, i wish for 56kgs, which i know it seems like a dream. Even 55kg i aso couldnt break it. 

Anyway, i know what's the true problem here, besides my abnormal metabolism rate or if cacing pita exists in my body.  I dont do exercise; i ate supper; i love fried food and fast food; and i'm not gaining weight. Great~ some ppl might even jealous. Back to the true problem of this, i think mainly is bcoz of my diet: i don't eat breakfast. and i take very few meals and i dont eat snacks. (but i dun und why i ate so much supper before slping and high consumption of fried and fast food never make me fat) Ppl say, eat more. I obviously love to eat more. But i dun want to torture myself to eat more. Doesnt it seem stupid for me to force myself to eat more and i am actually feeling tortured bcoz of eating more? Waste money some more... :/ Perhaps, i shud just dump some food into my mouth every morning regardless how 'no appetite' i am.

Actually, there are quite a lot of female frens who actually told me i look fine as i am now. They told me there's no need to feel bad for the current weight. And i did kinda accepting the fact that i'm not a weight gainer (i know i didnt try as hard as possible, but like i said, i dun wan to torture myself to eat like a great white shark). Perhaps i look just fine now? any opinion? from girls? (i think i'm more concern with their opinions) and from guys? (get some opinion from same gender wouldnt cause harm as well) 

This is another late night post, and tada~ 4am after i posted this out. I wonder sleeping late would cause weight lost or not? lol. Sometimes, i just dun understand why is it so easy to lose weight and so hard to gain weight? i mean.. it should be balanced what. The lose weight rate should be equal to gain weight rate. If i cant gain weight easily, Fine~ but why would i so easy to lose weight? so unfair, but the world is ... never Fair, lol. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today is Unbelievable!!!

What happened today was bizarre. Seriously, you wouldnt believe what I'm going to tell you now. Should i say, things were very smooth today? or.. overly smooth? Maybe my luck today is extremely good.

It happens in the morning when I failed to wake up to my 8am class, I woke up at 9am instead. And the class was cancelled. This was just the beginning.

Later I had a group presentation that was 20% coursework marks. I didnt do any preparation and I just came up with inpromptu speech which AMAZINGLY impressed the lecturer. He said very well done for the impromptu speech and complimented me. omg.. so shy that time.

Then,  in the afternoon. When no cafetaria in UTP opens (fasting month), and i was suffering to starvation, suddenly my juniors bought me a KFC. lol. so touching. It was like you receive water when u are in desert. 

Then in the evening, while i finished bathing, i found a 'hidden' rm50 under my bed. It was so weird, unbelievable right? Suddenly bcome rich for no apparent reason.

And just now, i read in elearning that tomoro test was cancelled! lol. so lucky! But that's all for this post, i hope there will be more fortunate events happen later, but too bad, i still gonna continue studying.

Oh ya, forget to mention! i won a I-phone from Digi today. Always the smarter choice!

---the end---

 Ps: Did i just say you are not going to believe what i said? If you didnt believe, you are smart! (in a sense). Let's analyze how well you understand me: firstly, I NEVER fail to wake up to class. NEVER! Secondly, i would NEVER not prepare for a presentation. Thirdly, UTP cafeterias will still open in fasting month.  Fourthly, i will not go and check 'under my bed' for no reason. Even now if the money is really there, i wouldnt know as well. Fifthly, do u think i will still continue studying if test was cancelled? Lastly, i forgive u if u believe everything before, but if u still believe me that i won an Iphone today.... i'm speechless d. Will a person that lucky? and if i'd won one, surely i will be shouting it in facebook d. lol. Anyone get 'zha dao'?  kekeke. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Jealousy is something really dangerous. It helps building evil desire... So, we should not be jealous of what others have. but treasure and appreciate what we already have. 

Oh... sure i know that. But, i am still jealous.. This proves that... theory is just simply a theory. In real life, it might not be applicable. Same to my case, i know that's bad and what i should do, but still, i am jealous. lol. "Why i cant be as good as him/her in that field?"  "Why he/she can did so well on that aspect?" Hmm.. jealousnya!

I understand no one is perfect. Definitely i have strengths that others do not have. But still, i am jealous. lol. Jealous of not having some personality or characteristics or skills that i wish to have. You might want to say: yeah.. why dun u work hard to gain those skills instead of doing this useless and unnecessary jealous-ing? Sure, of coz i know that. Being jealous isnt going to help or improve anything. It's just a negative and discouraging feeling. I knew all that! but still! i am jealous.

I must be better than them! kiasu behaviour.. i guess that's the only way to make me stop jealous-ing.. I wonder 10 years later, when i read back this post, would i feel that i behave overly immature and childish? hmm~

oh~ i hate being jealous. zzz   

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What should wei han do in a pleasant afternoon?

Before answering the question, let's have a background intro on Wei Han. Anyway, Wei Han is me (jz in case u duno) He is 21 years old and in his final year. He likes to play pc games... and that usually drives him mad while he's playing. Mad in a sense that he wil ignore everything else. His other interest is reading novels; he is even more mad while reading novel. He wont stop reading until he finished the novel and that usually will consume him 3-5 hours per book.

Wei Han doesnt like study. but he is forced to when there's quiz or test. He doesnt like to sleep either (if possible). However, energy drains too fast sometimes. He only slps when he's tired. Online and listen to music is what he will do when he lazy to study and he feels guilty to play games or read novels.

So, here's the question: 

If you are Wei Han, what will you do in a pleasant afternoon if you dont have class? (He has a test, a presentation and a report to submit next week)
A) play pc games
B) read novels
C) study
D) sleep
E) online + listen music


To answer this question, you have to think like Wei Han. Please choose your answer before you read the following. (dont cheat)

Choose A? play pc games... so tempting! however, this is what irrational Wei Han will do. To waste a pleasant afternoon like this? no way.

Choose B? Read novels? even irrational Wei Han wont do this. Read novels will drive him insane, he knows it. So, unless he is very free, he wouldnt read novel. Since next week, he has to submit report, have a test and presentation, the only reason he will read novel is because he is CRAZY already! 

Choose C? Study! Wei Han hates studying. but... ...  there is no 'but'. lol. He simply wont study unless he is very stressed. And Wei Han does not like to study in the afternoon, just for your information.

Choose D?  Sleep... Bingo, that's the right answer. Explanation will be given later.

Choose E? online + listen music. Wei Han will do this if he has limited time. Eg: he has a class in 30 mins time. This is simply the most flexible timing activity of all. He didnt really enjoy online+listen music as much as playing computer and reading novels. 

Answer: D! Why? For a wise Wei Han, he will sleep in the afternoon. (Afternoon is great for nap, isn't it?) Everyone knows, rest is a preparation for longer journey. And that's the whole point. Playing games will exhaust him. Reading novels will destroy him. He hates studying in the afternoon. And he wouldn't want to online and listen music if he has so much time. So, sleep is the best answer.. Sleeping is like pausing his time, increasing his energy for later activities. With enough sleep, he can sleep later at night. With enough sleep, he can focus on doing his work. 

Satisfied with the answer? ;)  Told ya, u gotta think like Wei Han. lol. Ever wonder what i chose today? I chose A... i'm the irrational Wei Han today. so regret for choosing that now. :(

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Sucky Presentation

Jz had a really terrible group presentation this morning. OMG.. it was so bad. I am sure none of the audience actually knows what we are talking about. 

You know humans,... love to blame the others.. So am I. It's not that I did no mistake. But i myself think that i was doing okay. It's by default my fault for trusting the groupmates can perform according to my standard. I suppose a group rehearsal is really needed. 

I actually sent an email to other groupmates regarding to the weaknesses in the presentation. I hope they do not mind. My purpose of sending that email was not to provoke them, nor to make them guilty. It's for our own sake, since we are going to have another presentation several weeks later. Seriously, if they are not my groupmates, i wouldnt even care how good or how bad they performed. Sincerely admit, i am selfish. I want my group to perform better so that we can get better marks. It's not that i will simply advise other groups, to tell them their mistakes and make them angry with me for telling the truth.

Kiasu style. I hate other groups perform better than us! lol. But i know we will do better next time if i could govern the presentation more. Lesson learned. and let's hope my groupmates never read my blog. haha.. else they might not feel good regarding this post. My email sent was a  bit more polite while this is the ugly truth. (btw, "the ugly truth" was quite a nice movie)

Since it's over, let's keep our finger crossed that our marks are not too bad. I myself will give the group 6/10 for the presentation. I hope either the lecturer's standard is lower or he is kinder in giving marks. lol. i want 8/10 or the least i could stand is 7/10. please please. haha. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

F.I.R's Songs (飞儿乐团的歌 ) PART 2

Part two of the previous post, I will share with you and recommend some FIR songs that are very very nice! Also, I will be create a list of my favourite FIR songs, let's see if we have the same liking or not. (this time I typing with English due to a simple reason: I am lazy)

Let me present to you the songs of FIR! Please see the following table:

The table shows the list of songs based on their albums. The songs are not arranged according to its track sequence. Music (without lyrics) are excluded from the list. Never heard of some of the songs listed up there? Let me categorize the songs for you.

The table shows the list of songs organized based on its song type/genre. It is sorted by random order within the category. The table probably means nothing to you right? because you have no idea what is type A,B,C and so on. Below will be some explanation for the types/categories:

  1. Type A contains songs that are fast in rhythm and usually they are sung with a cheerful mood. In other words, those are 'happy' songs. Some of them are related to love relationships, friendships, or it could be some random things. "你的微笑,get high and 纪念日" are among my favorites in this category.
  2. Type B is harder to explain. They are similar in the sense that their main focus is on the chorus (u might say, ahh~ crap.. most songs focus on chorus). Type B is type B because they cant really fit into any other category. I would say "Fly Away, Neverland and Find My way"'s chorus sounds quite the same. And for "Change,I can't go on and 猫头鹰的梦", their chorus makes the listeners very got 'feel'. They aren't emotional songs, they just very 'got feel'. Listen them on your own and see if you would agree with me.
  3. Type C is simple to explain. They are love DUET songs, especially suitable for couples who love to sing K. haha.
  4. Type D contains emo-sad/touching songs. And this kind of songs is the one I love most! Only these type of songs can have long survival period and listeners wont be easily feel bored. They are songs that the longer you listen, the more you will like the songs.
  5. Type E contains songs that the overall song is flat, without 'climax', peaceful and usually slow. Some said they are boring songs. What a cruel way of saying it. Actually, the song "塔罗牌" shouldn't really fit in this group. It is not really a 'flat' song but rather a bizarre song. The songs in this category usually are not favored by people. Most people dislike the songs in this group. However to me, "让我们一起微笑吧" is a really incredible song though almost no one likes this song. lol. Believe me, you listen to it 20 times in a quiet environment. You will love it.
  6. Type F is another kind of emo songs. but they are emo-rock songs. They might not be very 'rock' like you expected. But to differentiate this category with Type D category, these songs are usually not 'sad and touching' but 'alert and dissatisfaction'. The chorus are often sung with shouting/screaming with dissatisfaction or warning (or motivation).
Okay, now my top 5 songs:
no.1: 眷恋
no.2: 真爱地图
no.3: 月牙湾
no.4: 让我们一起微笑吧
no.5: 我们的爱
(almost all are from type D, those are the boring-proof songs)

Okay, let me recommend some really quite nice songs but you probably never heard of because the company hardly promotes and advertises these songs:
  • 眷恋
  • I can't go on
  • Hero
  • 真爱地图
  • Change
What are you waiting for? Faster go download la. lol. But mind that, our tastes could be greatly different, so don't blame me if you find the songs i recommend you aren't nice. But seriously, all my favourite songs now, i did not really like them when I first heard those songs. There are songs that initially you feel they are very nice but later you will get bored of them (such as 荆棘里的花). But for the 5 songs i recommended, they are boring-proof songs. The more you listen, the more you like them. So, why not just give them a try and don't give up so fast. You need to listen a few more times before you can really fall in love with them. Enjoy the songs! :D

Friday, August 6, 2010

F.I.R's Songs (飞儿乐团的歌 ) PART 1

至今,飞儿乐团已经推出了五张专辑。 身为他们的忠诚的粉丝,他们那全五张专辑都是超赞的!今天这篇部落格文章将为大家分享及介绍他们的种种好歌。 首先,先让我们看看他们推出的是哪五张专辑:1 - FIR 同名专辑 : 相信大家都非常熟悉它的主打歌, 《lydia》 及 《fly away》, 他们的成名曲。 第三主打则是家喻户晓的 《我们的爱》

2 - 无限 :这张专辑的包装比起上一张好了许多, 应该是他们的知名度提高了不少吧。 第一主打 《无限》 及 第二主打 《千年之恋》 也是蛮有知名度的。 第三主打则是 《刺鸟》, 非常好听的一首歌。

3 - 飞行部落 : 飞行部落以《飞行部落》 为主打歌, 带点民族风, 听了心情爽朗。 第二主打是《天天夜夜》, 他们第一首收录在专辑的合唱歌,也是他们开始谈恋爱后的歌。第三主打则是《雨樱花》,比较愉悦的一首情歌。

4- 爱歌姬 :爱歌姬的第一主打《月牙湾》把大家遗忘了的FIR从记忆中唤醒 (当然除了我,从没遗忘过他们), 超好听! 第二及第三主打歌则是《三个心愿》和《需要你的爱》, 两首歌都是合唱恋曲。本人喜欢《三个心愿》多些,因为是阿沁唱的, 哈哈。

5- 让我们一起微笑吧:最新的专辑,但也是最低宣传率的专辑。我想大概没多少人知道,它的第一主打歌是《向日葵盛開的夏天》,一首蛮感人的歌。 第二主打则是《We Are》, Rock 歌却又带点神秘感。第三主打比较出名,《荆棘里的花》, 赞!

6. 阿沁 - 梵谷的左耳: 当然也不能错过阿沁的个人专辑。本人也不怎么懂哪首是主打, 但里面的歌都还蛮不错的。

好吧,就写到这儿。 下一次再跟大家推荐他们一些'不为人知'的好歌。;)

ps: so lazy to continue type chinese words. haha.

tada! all the albums!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My favourite food in KL

Just to find excuse for myself not to study, here's my second post of today. I think recently i wrote too much 'feeling' posts. So, this time let's try some descriptive post: a post on nice food that i tried in KL while i had my internship. For those who think i am rich after internship, this is the reason why i am poor. The below are my favourite restaurants that I've been:

1. Chilis

I love chilis.. i don't mean it literally. I hate spicy by the way. Chilis has quite a good environment and it's available in Mid Valley and KLCC, kinda easy-accessible. Been to Chilis 4 times during the internship and i found that my favourite food is the Cajun Club Sandwich. (others too expensive d but this is still affordable)

Cajun Club Sandwich

2. Paddington House of Pancakes

I love the pancakes... If you are beginner and you don't know which category is nice, i would advise you to choose pannekoek section, you wont regret. Been here 5 times and tried many different categories, and yet i still feel that pannekoek category is the best.

pannekoek section right page

3. Manhattan Fish Market

I think i tried the food here 4 times. The first time was nice, coz it was under Chinese New Year promotion, so it has a value set that costs around rm26. The other times, mainly tasted their set of 2 or 3 persons. Very heaty and mostly fried seafood. The one that i usually ordered is seafood platter.

Seafood platter

4. TGI Fridays

I love TGI Fridays and I am still craving for it. The reason is because i only ate there ONCE! The timing is always not right as the promotion is only limited on weekdays and I gonna WORK at that time. The promotion of rm29.90 for 1 main dish and 1 side dish is able to fill up more than 1 person's stomach. Please bear in mind. My friend and I ate one set per person and the result is: all the french fries and some other foods were dumped into the rubbish bin. Dont waste food like we do. If i'm not mistaken, the one i ordered is tuscan chicken melt.

Tuscan Chicken Melt

5. Dragon-I and Canton-I

Dragon-I's famous 'xiao long pau' is a must-try. Though it's quite expensive, it costs around rm2.5 per bite. The other food are jz okay okay. Canton-I famous for its wanton mee. And one of my colleague craze for it, so we always eat the food there. One of my senior colleague loves the porridge there, but i never tasted it before. Dragon-I, i guess i only tried twice or thrice but canton-i maybe around 8-10 times. The price is much affordable in canton-i. Wanton mee only rm12, cheap right?

yes.. the tiny bite costs rm2.5
the wanton of canton-i. thumbs up

6. Carl's Junior (jr.)

Compare to McD, u can ask McD to close their stall already in terms of tastiness. However, McD still survives due to its price leadership, two or 3 times cheaper than the standard set in Carls Jr. The portion of Carl's Jr is quite big. And dont get cheated when they ask you if you want to go 'regular' or 'large'. You just tell them, you want 'small' instead of 'regular'. 'Regular' size requires rm1.20 or rm1.50 more. If you have the same stomach size as me, 'small' size should be enough to make you shout: "Very Full!". The fries are very nice. And the beef burgers actually taste nicer (in my opinion).

Sadly, the real burger doesnt look this awesome. Portobello-mushroom burger

In conclusion, these are my favorites. There are some other restaurants like Delicious, Kim Gary, The Appartments, Madam Kwan which I find it okay okay only. Not to mention the cheaper scale food like Burger King, Subway and A&W. (btw, i love the curly fries and root beer of A&W). There are some that i wanted to try but no frens are willing to accompany me like Dome, Tony Romas, Italianese and etc. But right now, right now, i am really craving for TGIF! I dont mind eating Chilis and Carl Jr too. :P

p/s: All pictures here were extracted from other ppl's blog or some websites. It's for personal sharing, hope there's no copyright issue. For more information u can get the url of the picture and refer to the original website. (recently, university very strict with plagiarism, i suppose i have to give credit to those who uploaded the picture too, lol)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Feedback on Singapore Trip

(ALERT: Pure-text post since i do not have even one pic. It was mainly a 'feeling-post'. So it's not so advisable if u were reading this post just to get tourism information. )

Yeah~yeah.. i know it was one month ago. But it is better late than never, right? (i am supposed to study now but.. uh~huh... u know le.. people always try to find excuses to avoid studying) It would be a short one. In fact, I did not intend to write this post in the first place. However, since it was quite a memorable trip, i suppose i should somehow dump this memory into this blog (see the name of my blog).

Okay.. it was actually an unplanned trip (to me). The story began with one pleasant afternoon, kean zhi and I went to visit Talung selling eggs in Wisma Thrifty. Kind enough, we actually spent 3-4 hours accompanying him selling eggs. In our conversations, he mentioned that he planned to go Singapore with his fellow uni-mates. My eyes turned big when i heard that, I really longed to go for vacation during my short 'sem break'. (i was kinda upset as my LONG internship actually 'swallowed' two of my sem breaks, paralyzing me from going for vacations). The dates & duration of the trip are actually compatible to my schedule. I cant remember if talung invited me for the trip, or i thick-facedly self volunteered to join the trip. (well, we called it: Desperation)

I told Talung to ask his uni-mates if they were happy with me joining. And yeah, I was thinking "i'm gonna be alienated." but anyway, i didnt really mind since it wasnt the first time i join a fren with bunch of strangers in a vacation. Usually it turns out well with my friendliness.. (dun vomit, lol) To my surprise, Kean Zhi could actually make it to the trip. I always thought he had a serious budget problem and it did amaze me. Well, at least it wont be so weird if he's joining. I was happy with his accompaniment.

I love the trip actually. Coz i did not involve in any planning of the trip. Though my main 'function' is to swipe the credit card. (no wonder they glad to have me there) Again, Laziness - my fatal weakness.

The night before we went to Singapore was both exciting and awkward. The late arrival of Zen was really heart-stomping. I couldnt imagine if we really had to dump Zen if he couldnt make it in time. And yes, it was awkward too. I knew all talung's frens (zen, ken, wy) but we werent close, i admit. And we were supposed to socialize among each other. However, I was a bit lazy and had a tiny emo on that night; I actually avoided socializing with them. Poor Kean Zhi, i knew he was interested in knowing the journey and the itenaries but i made him slept early with me.

The first day, i was rather happy when we reached Singapore. We walked alot; and wandered around aimlessly while waiting to check in the hostel. We went to Bugis mall, Bugis Street and the famous 'zhen zhu fang' (lol) and some other places. According to Talung, Zen was supposed to be quite talkative and cheerful. But i wondered why he wasn't anything like it. In fact, Wy and Ken actually talked more than him. The aimless walk was tiring, and due to the 'earth-shaking' experience while sleeping on the train, i went into deep slumber once we checked in. We kinda slept overtime. I felt weird when nobody tried to wake up when it was about the time to 'depart'. Anyway, we continued walking at night to explore (many many many many) malls in Singapore. Well, singapore really has a lot of malls. The problem was: shopping in Singapore is only fun provided you have the MONEY. When we returned to the hostels, the other tourists were already in their world of Inception. Felt guilty to disturb them from dreaming, I slept quite early. It was a shame that we couldnt have a cool 'night conversation' like the other vacations.

The second day was mainly on Universal Studio. All of us were excited as this was the main event. I believe pictures would describe better than words, so just refer to my fb photos or the main album from Wy, the photographer. Everything was nice to me. The show, the songs, the dance, I enjoyed all of them. Something worth mentioning was the Revenge of the Mummy. I'm not keen on riding rollercoasters due to height phobia. It was really cool for that game. A must-try. Another thing, the food in Universal Studio is blood sucking. To make urself feel comfortable, please forget the currency exchange rate at that moment. I actually felt sorry for Talung when Kean Zhi blamed him for eating at that bloodsucking chicken rice. How should I put it? It's not Talung's fault for suggesting eating there, i guess. And Kean Zhi had actually behaved better than his usual way. hmm~ (let's divert the topic now). Anyway, the Water Show was kinda below my expectations. It was like a child play... okay, it's not so bad. It's like a teenage drama. I did expect more than that (something like a small tsunami that splashes on the spectators, did i expect too much?) The Live show with Donkey was quite a waste of time. But since we had plenty of time to waste, i didnt mind watching that. I was quite fascinated with the host's charisma and I wondered if i could do equally good in the future.

The end of the Universal Studio trip was devastating. I could understand everyone was tired and moody (when a person is not in a normal/cheerful mode, i would presume it as moody/emo). And especially on the buying souvenir part, it was so hard to gather everyone around. So, i gave up finding people and instead i let others find me. Much easier task to be done. lol. My emoness began when the group was gonna separated by two, an unwanted event. But it was difficult as both sides were kinda insist on it. I wanted to watch song of the sea, but i wanted to sleep as well. My decision was made based on majority power. I didnt expect i would go emo on the trip but i did, a minor emo luckily. And poor Kean Zhi again, for him to receive my outburst temper while i was in a minor emo.

After saying goodbye to Talung and Zen, four of us quickly embraced our beds. Thinking that my mood will b better after a short nap in hostel, but unfortunately it didn't. I knew my emoness was foolish as it was based on no reason or some small issues that were not worthy to be emo at. I was glad that Talung and Zen weren't there that time, lol. i bet that Talung never seen me emo before. Anyway, we had a hard time finding ways to the destinations but my thoughts were somewhere further. If i'm not mistaken, i was thinking "why am I emo?" or other similar questions. And that made me more emo. So pls dont try that next time. lol. I admit, songs did sooth my emotion a bit. And once we reached the casino at Marina Bay, i proudly announced my moodiness gone! (not that i was excited to gamble in the casino) I was sorry again to Kean Zhi for repeatedly ignoring his "let's find food in casino" suggestion, causing him to have regrets over the trip. I didnt know casino got free food. This is just my first time ma~

I had a pleasant supper and nice conversation with kean zhi and wy.  The food was nice, perhaps the best in singapore that we had ever tried. And apparently wy has an obsession towards chinese tea for i-dunno-why reason. As i seldom indulge myself with tea and coffee, it does makes me feel awake and energetic. Perhaps it was the last night in singapore, we spent some enjoyable moment in the common 'living room' of the hostel. Enjoyable moment as in zen, ken and talung playing wii, kz online or dunno doing what, wy reading and play with his camera. It is always my hobby to see people playing games (exclude sports), it should be an interest that i had since young. Seeing Talung playing game was funny, especially when he was winning, since he was one of our worst gamers in our gang.. haha.. (just kidding, i know u pretty geng in plant vs zombie and the SIMS!) I had a long conversation with Wy, and I was amazed that he could really talk a lot (of coz i'm more talkative, not a good thing though)

The third day was again a purposeless wandering. We window shopped the malls again. Well, we didnt really window shopped. The mission of that day was like "Explore all the malls". Again, i had a lousy and expensive lunch. and that's pretty much what we did in singapore until we travel back to Malaysia. The experience of taking bus back to Johor was funny. I didnt expect it to be like tat way. We had to get on the bus, then get off the bus, walk, get on the bus, get off the bus, walk, get on the bus...... Couldn't it to be a more efficient way of doing this? When we reached Johor, comparatively to Singapore, the mall in Johor was like a haunted house. It was creepy, silent, old + ugly and the haunted lift that u believe once u stepped in, u would never able to get out. 

There's one more thing: If you ever take train for long journey, please buy yourself a ticket with bed. The light in the train was super bright and I tried all my best to fall asleep in that train. And OMG! i will never do it again, complete TORTURE! If there's a video cam capturing all the sleeping styles and techniques we used in order to fall asleep, it would be the funniest video of the year.  Back to KL Central, everything seems normal. There's this 'back to reality' feeling. And i miss KL, i knew since my internship has ended, it wouldnt be easy and convenient to go to KL. And the trip was quite marvelous, though it might not be the best. And yeah, i did miss the travel-mates sometimes. Wy the photographer and tour guide, Zen the one who always get teased for his face (u all really cruel la) and Ken, the bright and shiny teeth! How about Kean Zhi and Talung? nah~ i will be seeing them quite often as long as they returned Ipoh.. haha..

I knew this post is contrary to what i've said just now. It was way longer than what i had expected. But you know you cant stop your thoughts while it is flowing like a river. What did i have in mind was written here. All are honest and sincere thinking, i did not filter; i did not edit. Sorry if it offended someone. and sorry if it makes you bored.