Thursday, July 30, 2009

UTP closing??

Recently i've heard so much rumours on utp is closing due to h1n1 stuff... Soo many... And sooo many people hope that to happen.. duh~~

Actually, when i first came utp, it appears to be a peaceful, healthy, uninfected place... Even, from time to time, people get quarantined when they got fever, or their roommates were in the fever.. I'm not surprised. Even one of my friend get quarantined for having fever but he recovered few days later.

Things get serious when our nearby neighbout, UiTM was closed due to H1n1... Well, it certainly makes so many ppl in UTP happy, including me. They happy because they hope UTP will 'do the same thing'. The reason i'm happy was different. It was because one of my lecturers is the part time lecturer from UiTM. It was quite pleasant that due to this incident, he cancelled one of our classes (without replacement).

Well, UTP still appears to be a harmony place except the rumours getting stronger and stronger. However, my confidence of "UTP is a harmony place" dropped when I see there are several places in UTP give students free masks. This action made the entire wearing masks community in UTP increases from 3% to 15%, and still increasing.. When u study in a place where everyone is wearing mask, somehow u cant feel that the place is free of infection, right?

Well, my worries came in continuously. I heard rumours like 58 ppl get quarantined, some said 66, another said 90.. well.. watever... And some said 4 suspected got h1n1, some said 5 and some said 6 confirmed cases.

If those rumours are proven true, i guess i've no choice but to see UTP closing its gate slowly, forcing us out and not allowing me to study.. I dun want a holiday! Oops... i got to modify a bit.. I dun want a holiday that we had to replace all the classes the other week.. This semester is a packed semester, please dun make it even more packed.

Let me do a short conclusion here. let's hope everyone is healthy and happy and the university wont close.. or even if it closes, we dun nid to replace our classes. lol.. Yay.. happy weekend everyone.. (i've no more classes)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Several mistakes done in this new semester

It's just the second day of the semester, i've already made some stupid mistakes out of carelessness or maybe stupidity. 

  1. Forget to bring my pillow back to my hostel!!!! swt swt.. I thought i gonna sleep without pillow this week.  Luckily, i managed to 'kutip' one pillow from UTP. Ignoring whether it was clean or not, I'm not going to make myself suffer by sleeping without pillow.  Anyway, I wrap my 'new found' pillow with my pillow case (hey, didnt bring pillow but brought pillow case. hebat me).
  2. Taking 7 subjects this sem (21 credit hours, 29 hours of class per week).  My malay coursemates said "wei han hebat sangat". lol. I think I'm "cari maut". Even after Cheah Hui (coursemate) kindly 'advised' me not to take 7 subjects, but i still insist. Lol.. 100% cari maut. I think i could cope though.. at least now i still 'BELIEVE' i can cope. (believe only)
  3.  Rejected to be a treasurer for a society. lol.. Made this decision because i am taking 7 subjects this sem. It's not easy to get into treasurer eh.. I've worked under the society for 2 years. Now was offered as treasurer, but i rejected it. Was this a stupid act? perhaps.

Today is just the second day of the sem.  Dunno why, feel quite moody currently. Perhaps, i have started to feel 'the stress of the future'. Anyway, i'm going to return home on Friday. Remind me to take my pillows. lol.   

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friends? can they be trusted?

Today, i'm going to give a lecture on friendship. Okay, first, what is friendship? How do you define friendship? Another keyword, what is friend? How do you categorize friends? ....

Ok.. tat was a lame introduction of the post. Forget bout it. This post is to share my thoughts to my friends on what friends (and friendship) mean to me. Many of us suffer frenship problem jz like one of my fren, ekj recently did. Well, u are not going to get bored hearing my thought. Coz my opinion towards frens arent ordinary one, in fact, it is quite negative. So u wont be seeing things like "i cant live without close frens", " frens are most important to me" or such. Let's begin. 

  1. What is friendship? Relationship between friends.
  2. What a friend means to u? Friend is a person who supports each other's daily life
  3. Is friend necessary? Yes, for a happier life
  4. Is friend important? Yes, for a happier life
  5. Will you die if you dont have friends? No.. We could survive, but life will be getting a bit harder
  6. Does friendship last forever? maybe.
  7. Will friend remain close to each other forever? Definitely Not.
  8. If a friend becomes distant to u, what will you feel? sad... for temporarily only

To me,  friend is just ppl around u who might share the same interest, have the same feelings, have the same stands, able to share feelings, or (in its bad form) able to get assistance or help. Some negative thinking ppl would say friends are just tools that manipulate each other to get what they want.  Wrong! (but the concept is right), i would say friends are kind people who have needs to help and support each other on their life journeys. There must be a 'purpose' for having a fren. To share feelings la, to kill time together, to support each other during hard times, to entertain each other by joking, to gain information by gossiping, ... Well, of coz there are evil intentions which would not be discussed here (eg: to manipulate u JUST to achieve something). With friends, you can live ur life happier (by sharing problem, receiving help or suggestion,  spending joyful moment together,  avoiding loneliness ...). Well, who says u couldnt survive without friends? your life can still be happy if u dun have the needs of having friends.

Let's talk about the lifespan of a friendship. Ever lasting friendship? lol.. if you still believe in fairy tales. Friendship can last forever, but not as close as before.   Honestly speaking, do u all really think ur best friend can continue being ur best friend forever? Let's challenge ur 'best friend thought' by asking urself these questions. 

  1. u can share ur secrets with ur best friend, spend time together, have some insider jokes with each other.. But, several years later, when he/she is not around (either transfer to distant working place, married, travelled) do u think two of u will still be able to share ur secrets, spend time together, have some insider jokes and do other best friends' activities?
  2. u can trust ur best friend very well. U tell him/her watever problem u are facing.. Ok, let's say.. u or him/her is involved in a crime (is an if-question), would u still believe him/her and tell him/her all ur problems like before. Can you still trust that person?
  3. u think ur best fren is very trustworthy. And in fact she is (at first). You think he/she will never betray u, so u dun keep any secret to ur best fren. Private information like ATM pin, company secret information, (be more imaginative) the location of tressure map and bla bla bla, u share them with ur best friend, believing he/she would not betray u. Yes, even ur best fren themselves thought they would not betray u. BUt, ppl would do everything when they are in desperation. Let's put this in something quite extreme. One day, ur best fren is kidnapped (captured), the evils forced him/her to betray u by intimidating on his/her life. DO u think he/she will still protect ur secret? Okay.. he/she very good fren, he/she could sacrifice for u.. BUt if the evils force them by intimidating them on their family lives, do u think they will still not betray u?
  4. Ok, another example. U one day very busy and very inconvenient to do something (eg: withdraw money). You have a very reliable fren. you give him/her ur atm pin number and card and u ask him/her to withdraw money. U probably think ur fren can b trusted, and he/she is not poor aso, wont steal my money, and even if he/she steals ur money, the amount is not tat much.. no harm. then ur fren help u withdraw money.. he/she never steals ur money coz he/she is really a trustable fren. After this 'challenge' u believe he/she is the most reliable fren u have. Ok.. several years passed, 'amazingly' u two still trust each other sooo much. And the practise of helping to withdraw money still goes on. Now, the 'desperation' comes, ur best fren's father owes ppl a lot of money and is in risk of danger. Your best fren 'well knows' u are a very stingy person. or maybe he/she knows u are going to use those money to get married or anything. They dun dare to ask to borrow from u, in desperation mode, they get ur atm card with excuse and withdraw ur money to help his/her family. When u realized it, even if he/she comes to apologize... will u forgive him/her? ok... u forgive him/her.. but will u still trust him/her tat much anymore?  

Actually there are still many things that can challenge ur trust to ur frens. U might say the examples i gave is too extreme.. But the concept is there... It's a direct comparison between ur best fren's desperation and the strength of ur frenship. If ur fren is not tat desperate, then frenship can last. If the strength of frenship is rather weak, simple inconvenience will make ur fren betray u. In other words, it depends on the level of desperation (the higher, the risk also higher) and the strength of frenship (the stronger, the risk lower)

So, lesson of the story, trust ur fren? yes.. pls.. Totally trust ur fren? No! Always reserve something, never tell them everything and every details.. A person is a friend when everything goes right, it could suddenly change from fren to stranger or enemy if 'something is not so right' due to many reasons.

Remember while u were in ur high school or form 5, or maybe form 6, feeling very sad when u have to part ways with ur best friends or close friends. Pls dun.. There is nothing to be sad about. Frankly, friends come and go. You will meet different friends in different stage of lives. Do u have any experience ur primary school best fren, becomes a normal fren or (abit better than) stranger kind of frens? Frens change according to situation. Primary school will have ur primary school frens, secondary school will have ur secondary school frens, university wll have ur uni frens, working place wil have ur working frens, society/organization will have its own frens, even after ur retirement u will have ur another 'set' of frens. Yes.. true, some frenship do able to survive in between those 'life stages'. But probably not as close as before. In fact... you might constantly changing ur 'best fren at the moment' based on ur current life stage. So, feeling sad over ur old frens? No nid, and not necessary. Everyone has to go his/her path.. No one walks along the same road together.  Friends.. come and go... they never stay forever with u.. The old ones left will be replaced by new ones (provided u are normal sociable person, but not introvert and closed minded ppl). U will get friends anywhere though u cant really judge if tat person is good fren, helpful fren, selfish fren or anything.. Even if u think tat person is a good fren, u cant guarantee he/she remains as a good fren in the future.. lol. it sounds so negative right? 

Actually, i wrote without following points.. but instead follow my own feelings to write. I'm not sure if i missed out something. i hope u get wat i mean. I will add it up if i realize i missed out something. Hehe.. cheer up. Friends arent tat bad. I must clarify.. what i said here is not that friends are very bad, very unreliable, very unpredictable, very dangerous.. Nononono.. just wan to tell u all, when something u think 'unexpected' happen like got betrayed by fren, fren bcome stranger or enemy, fren lost contact ...,  Just dun get too sad or down like the world has ended. Ppl are selfish. Self sacrificial frens are hard to find (if there's any). What i wan to convey here, is just be prepared for anything worst from ur frens.. Dun get too down or sad for frenship.. Remember, frens.. come and go.. 

Friday, July 17, 2009


Ya! i wan to customize my weblog a bit.. Any idea on how to decorate it? 


a- red yellow orange (fiery)

b- green blue (nature)

c- black white (dark, mystery)

d- combination of white and blue/green/yellow/red

e- combination of black and blue/green/yellow/red

Feel free to suggest me which to choose... 

ps: the poll widget macam cacat d.. mayb i'll try again nex time.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boredom kills

It's so boring... And it is bcoz of my own decision. Today is Thursday, few days left before I returned UTP. This short amount of holiday made me unable to do anything. 

1. i couldnt read my long long novel and i dun like to read short short novel.

2. i couldnt start watching a whole new series of dramas or animes, it'll get me addicted if i cant finish them before i return utp

3. i couldnt start a new game, same reason as number2

Maybe i should do like Shu Wei said, watch movie instead. But actually i am very lazy in choosing which movie to watch, some of them very lame one.. haha.. 

Another question, what should i eat for lunch? McD? lol.. i think it will probably be my lunch today. haha..   

let u have a glimpse at wat i'm going to eat later.. haha

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Few thoughts before my new semester starts..

Oh.. usually at this moment of time, i'm very moody. Not that I hate UTP, it's just i dun like having stress in studying especially after holiday.  Imagine those quizzes, assignments, projects, tests together pressure me to death, transforming me into a pancake (dun und? then u still need time to absorb WeiHan's style humour).

Nevertheless, I can't stop time. And i will remain as rubbish if i'm still in holiday. How many days left... Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. 4 days left only.. thinking bout tat will just make me upset. Sigh.. sienz... dun talk bout this topic.. making me moody only.

By the way, I just finished the Korean drama, boys over flower. Why would I watch it in the first place? Probably bcoz of my girl seniors and frens who keep screaming how nice it was in their msn/ g-talk. And i do agree with them, it was really not bad. Perhaps it has been a long time since i last watched any drama and series, not to mention a love drama. It certainly did touch me on some romantic scenes. Ah... I promise myself not to watch any love drama in this short while.. Made me wanting to fall in love only.. swt swt.

Back to the sienz topic, nex sem would be my second year second sem. It will be my 5th semester in UTP... time flies... It was already 2 years and half i'm studying in UTP. Still remember back then when it was 2007, I entered UTP in January. Now become 'kinda' senior d. Furthermore, the fact that i am going for internship training this end of year makes me feel even more 'senior'. I'm glad actually.. Fed up on studying, studying, studying, marks, marks, marks, and exams, exams and exams. I believe it would be an amazing experience to work and EARN money. haha.. I've never worked before. People say it's tiring. Before it's my turn to work, I gotta study very very hard for this coming semester. lol.. I mz not get very lousy result before Internship.. haha. Wei han Wei han, fighting! lol.. (copied from the korean drama i watch). 

the drama i watched.. actually the girl super cute.. lol.. but stupid.. haha. 

Sunday, July 12, 2009

result out

Result out yesterday, i checked it at 2.00 am plus. Haha.. I was so nervous tat time. I had opened the page, and the page has loaded but i don't dare to c my own result. Instead, i go commenting here and there in facebook and chat with Umates in google talk. 

However,  we need to face the reality anyway.  And I read the page.  (for the first time of 5 semesters, i revealed my result to everyone although i dunno why) 

And there u c, my first glance on the result slip is to check whether there is any 'B' character. And i didnt notice the presence of 'B's which made me a bit relieved. And then i further check whether there's an A-. And i found one, and i'm glad that it was the deadly subject i was expecting.. Still nervous, and further checking down for other A-.. Ohh no more.. final result: gpa is 3.96. Phew it was better than my worst expectation. I'm happy for it, though still feeling a bit disappointed for my grade has dropped. But yes, i'm sure i'm happy with it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


昨天临睡前静静地在床上聆听林志颖唱的〈快乐至上〉 这首歌。觉得挺有意思的。


快乐至上, 快乐才是最重要的。 就从今天起,跟悲伤说声再见吧!

不夜的星晨开始了我旅程 风在我右肩月亮在另外一边 黑夜白天我不想被困在里面

一个人悠哉得很哪 管不住的心想到哪就去哪 感觉乱有自尊好的坏的 有了爱就不怕陌生

天再高我的快乐至上呵嘿呀呵嘿呀 只要开心就好呵嘿呀呵嘿呀

风多大声藏不住我的情深 经过的城都有温暖我冰冷好人

天再高我的快乐至上呵嘿呀呵嘿呀 只要幸福就好呵嘿呀呵嘿呀

爱多大声有情人才懂分寸 翻山越领只是为了寻找心中最想的人

也许聪明的人少了一点天份 再苦再烦我活得认真

至少我会承认爱需要等一等 哭着笑着不过就是一种过程

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Penang Trip with USM frens

This trip was planned in sudden. I had fun in Penang for 4 days 4 nights, staying in U heights, at kean zhi's and his friends house. This trip was extraordinary, most activities involved going infinity. In fact, the first activity after i reached Penang and had dinner was cyber cafeing.. lol

I could say the trip was quite flexible, similar to my daily life practice - sleep late and wake up late. I was always the last to sleep and the last to wake up. I hope I didnt disturb the 'fallen' (the ppl who had already slept) but i think i did. sorry for tat. Actually, there isnt much to say about this trip as almost everyday we were just cybercafeing.. at least 5 hours per day. With Kean Zhi and Ze Hao, it makes computer gaming something very common and 'compulsory' lol. Anyway, there were times that I was alone while they were busy. Usually i would just read my chinese novel, 大唐双龙记, quite a long novel (but now i've finished it). 

Besides the ordinary cybercafeing, i had two outing activities which involved Kean Zhi, Ze Hao , Lee Ying (kz;s housemate) and my dear utp coursemate, Wen Pin. Thanks to him, who acted as the driver and the tour guide. Finally, my desire of visitng Kek Lok Shi was achieved. I had been wanting to go that temple since 2 years ago. Reason? lol. though i'm not a buddhist, i think i should at least do something to thank its favor. Favor? what favor? Actually it was like this, 3 years ago i went kek lok shi to 'pray' for my SPM result. And yea, my wish was answered and scored pretty well in SPM, therefore i wanted to return to the temple to at least say thank you. And so i did during the trip, after thanking them, my heart feels much comfortable. ;) "Yay! Mission accomplished!", i said to others.

 at the temple

After that, i accomplished my second mission, which was to try Domino's Pizza. I had never tried it before the trip. And its crust pizza was famous (or at least famous than Pizza Hut). It was nice, but could not fill stomach. Anyway, we took it as a hi-tea only. Then they took me a famous soya restaurant. There are plenty of soya products available. It was nice also, and those who havent tried should pay a visit there next time. 


the pizza and a group photo.

The second outing activity only involved Kean Zhi and Wen Pin (others are busy). Again, thank to Wen Pin, who drove us to Queensbay. We watched Transformer there, and honestly, it was nice and i think it was worth the price. We sat at the second row (we didnt book any tickets) and sadly it was not so comfy to watch. Luckily the movie was good until I had 'forgotten' the uncomfort. We had dinner in Sim Gary. This was my first time, (ipoh doesnt have) I didnt know we have to queue for that. Gave me a surprise! Luckily it didnt take too long until our turn. The food not bad also butthe price was a little bit bad. lol. 

Oh.. there was the third outing activity which involved Shi zhe (kz's housemate) as the driver, kean zhi, ze hao and lee ying. Well, nothing really happened that day. Kean Zhi housemates were planning to buy the water filter for drinking purpose. Me and Ze Hao were just 'outsiders' to this matter. But we crapped alot that day, mostly involve craps about the movie "drag me to hell". Favourite quote "I begged you, but you shame me!"lol. We Kept laughing that time.  

I slept very late all 4 nights, first day 2am, second day 3 am while third and 4th days around 5-6 am. However, the time I woke up for all 4 days were almost the same, in between 10am-12pm. It was quite enjoyable. But i felt sorry for bringing inconvenience to kean zhi's housemates. Hope they don't mind. :) 

ps: tq lee ying for the pics. :)