Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to reality..

Sometimes, I tend to hate holiday. Or i should say, hate going home. Coz it just seems like a fantasy. Stressless, Joy, Madness, Worry-free.. a heaven in a fantasy world. Of coz, that's not the reason i hate it. The feeling of coming back to reality is just so.... sad. 

I went home since Friday and came back to UTP on Monday night. Throughout these 4 days, the only thing i'd been doing was playing online game. Sigh.. online game is soooo addictive. Thought i would be 'old' enough to resist the temptationa and prevent the addiction.

Original Plan:

  1. Study for SAP test
  2. Study STR and do its assignment

Actual Implementation:

  1. Play
  2. PLay
  3. PlAy
  4. PLAY 

What had i achieved in this weekend + holiday? Nothing! Eh.. actually got something. lol. My character leveled from lvl 30 to lvl 39 now.. (Quite happy with it actually, ^^)

Sigh, now i had came back to UTP. It's time to go back to the daily routine. Studying, facebooking, blogging, reading ppl's blog, going to class, do assignment.. oh.. so sien.. I really start to hate 'going home' coz i couldnt control myself. Zzzz

By the way, nex monday is another holiday.. Wondering how much my character can level up.. (Haiz.., no cure le this person) 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's puasa today~~

Tuesday is the best weekday of all. The reason is because the first class for today (Tuesday) is 11am. Throughout my all 6 semesters in UTP, this is the first time i managed to get a 11am first class of the day. Based on past history, 70% of my classes started at 8am, 25% started at 9am and 5% started at 10am. But this sem, 11am! that's just soooooo happy! (i cant figure out which word is better).

Ok, let's get back to the topic. (My first paragraph is always a crap, sorry ya, my usual style) SO, I've decided to fast today. I guess you all should know that the uni i'm currently in now has a majority of muslims. Since national day is near, and it promotes the term "satu Malaysia". As a patriotic citizen, I've decided to join the majority to fast today. (today only). This is a good attitude that should be learned by all our nation citizens. This is how we achieve peace!  (kononnya) I hope you all can learn this patriotic spirit from me. lol

Okay, time to reveal the truth. Why am I fasting today? the main reason is lazy to find food. (TOLD ya i'm lazy) The second reason is I want to try fasting.. I've been wanting to try it since 2 years ago. And proudly, i could tell you all, i failed to fast everytime. Sigh... since u all are my loyal blog readers, i feel guilty to lie to you all. Okay, honestly tell u all, my second reason is a crap also.. :P

Puasa doesnt mean u dun eat anything at all throughout the day. You still eat something for breakfast right? So did I. Muslims woke up at 5 something am and ate their breakfast before 6am. The only difference between me and them was I ate my breakfast at 10.25 am. :P Well, I must admit I'm a person who respects and symphatizes others. I 'secretly' ate my breakfast in my room, locking the door, just to make sure i wouldnt tempt other muslims to break their fast. I think, it's hard to find such a generous person nowadays. I guess i should feel proud of it. (today eat wrong medicine, keep praising myself) Oh ya, there's one more difference between my way of fasting and theirs.. I still drink water but the dont. HAHA.


drinking milk.. (secretly) :P

u are probably thinking this in ur mind now: "cheh~, that's not fasting at all!" And i must comment something on ur this thinking! U are RIGHT! i'm not fasting at all! lol..

**i shall edit the title to "skipping lunch", haha.. but i wont. :P


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Losing my phone..

Oh. finally it was my turn..

I used to see ppl losing their phones and symphatise them for their loss. The same thing happened today, it's just tat this time i'm the main character.

Honestly, i didnt really know the exact reason i lost the phone. It was due to my carelessness for sure. And i'm certain that someone has taken it. Well, i guess put a little curse to tat person is not much a big sin. "I wish the person who took it intentionally and didnt return to me had his phones and laptops got stolen and house got visited by burglar, mali~mali~hom!"

Anyway, let's get back to the story. I'm not sure whether i had left it on the table, or the phone slipped off from my pocket.   Oh, by the way, i lost it in cyber cafe. lol. It was only approximately 8 mins after i left the and before i realized my phone is not with me. I tried to search for it, and asked ppl about it, but i couldnt find it. Sigh.. pity that phone, though the phone 'has not really developed relationship' with me. (it's not my phone, spare phone instead)

Losing the phone actually doesnt really matter, to me. However, losing the phone becoz of me does matter. Made me feel guilty. Luckily my family didnt seem to have 'huge' reaction over it. Or they didnt show it. It makes me less guilty. Ah yea, i know why this happen. Have u heard of 'karma'? If u did good deeds u will be repaid by good things; did bad things will be repaid by bad stuffs. This was what happened to me. WHO ASKED ME TO SKIP CLASS?? lol. i dun think this will happen if i didnt skip the class. Such an Expensive lesson. Sigh...

Anyway, i'm fine. I'm not very sad. U could say i'm not sad also. Good day everyone, and dun skip class la~ 

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sudden rush home..

Another short post today, probably another meaningless one..

Like the title says, i went home suddenly today despite i still having 2 hours class tomoro. The real reason of going home, i'm not so sure. See my siblings? meet my old fren? Perhaps..

Another advantage of studying in UTP, u can go home whenever u want.. lol.,Like today.

I predicted my mom will scold me for playing truant. However, unexpectedly, my mom didnt scold me or anything, and my dad too. Probably i told them the reason i skip tomoro's class is bcoz of my bro coming back tonight. :P which is partly true.. hehe

I've some 烦恼 these days.. gotta use this weekend to 思考. hopefully i could solve the problem.. wish me luck.. and happy weekend! Puasa coming... lol. all the best to Utpians, hope u all wont starve to death. :P 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

mixed feelings..

I feel happy..

I feel anxious..

I feel excited...

What's going to happen next?

Mayb nothing.. I dunno..


Monday, August 10, 2009

Everyone shouts "Hooray!" (a weird incident, isnt it?)

Today is a happy day. I had my first class after h1n1 holiday at 9.00 am. Despite my always punctual to class attitude, i decided to go late to class today. (to eat breakfast, hehe)

Well, the main part of the story started when i entered the class. I was late for 5 minutes. Therefore, when i reached the class room, i saw my coursemates were doing something. They all looked very happy and hardworking. Without much thoughts, i entered the room and was immediately greeted by my coursemate Cheah Hui, she said: "Hooray! today got quiz." I was very happy, i looked at the lecturer who later passed me a piece of quiz paper. The lecturer told me "this is the quiz today, Hooray!".

I took the paper from him and returned to my seat. Let's see... Starting from question 1 to question 4. I didnt know how to do any of these. "Hooray!", i shouted. I looked at other cheerful coursemates around me, they all shouted "Hooray!". Nevertheless, i tried to finish the quiz with my own crappy answers. My notes were just beside me in the file, but i didnt dare to take it out and read. Because the lecturer seemed like 'glaring' everyone, "Hooray again!".

Anyway, time flies during happy moment. 10 minutes passed and it was time to submit the quiz. I happily submitted the quiz paper to the lecturer with tears of joy. Clearly, everyone was touched with this joyous moment and all drop their tears of joy. After submitted the paper, i checked through the lecture notes and found out all my answers were wrong. "Hooray!" i shouted again. The lecturer also said "Hooray!". Suddenly the whole class also screamed "Hooray!!!".

NOTE: actually, no one was verbally shouting "Hooray!". It was just an implicit sound created by everyone's mind.

After the class ended, i 'bravely' asked the lecturer to 'cancel' this quiz. Well, polite enough, the lecturer ignored me. (expected response) Suddenly everyone started to ask the lecturer for more quizzes. It was a strange moment though, the lecturer seemed surprise by our 'eagerness to learn and take quizzes'. We all knew we did badly for this quiz, and hope to have more quizzes so that the percentage carried by this quiz wil be reduced. However, our lecturer didnt seem to respond, again, he ignored us.

It was the first class of the day and it made today a Hooray-Day! "Hooray!" i shout again. Let's hope i still can get an A for this subject. haha... Wat a sad day... sigh~

Saturday, August 8, 2009

About returning to the infected school.

I returned UTP today, which is a Saturday. This surprised many people though.. even myself. Most of my friends will only return UTP on Sunday. Probably afraid of getting infected, or simply just want to have another one day holiday. H1n1 holiday was great, but meaningless. Besides watching few dramas and read some novel plus playing some games, i've done nothing. Oh yeah, glad to say, i spent 2 hours to study for the whole 1 week holiday. 

Anyway, one of the reasons i returned UTP today is to do a screening check. Since UTP seems like highly in H1n1 risk, everyone has to do a screening check before entering hostel. Well, hopefully it can stop the infection from spreading. Well, i was heading to the Main Hall for screening immediately after i reached UTP. After filling up the form, I approached to the counter. Giving him my metrics card so that he could 'identify' me. After that one of the medical officers use a tool to get my temperature. He used tat tool aiming at my forehead, and 'beeep' ! A laser beam shot into my forehead and a hole was formed at my forehead. Ignoring the pain and the blood, I took my blade and immediately killed one of them. The other medical officers tried to use the 'laser gun' to shoot me again, but he failed.

okay.. i was crapping.. Let's go back to the real story, the medical officer used the tool to take my temperature. "beep", he looked at the reading, a weird look appeared on his face. He decided to try again, "beep", an even weirder look appear on this face. Then he whispered to another medical officer, and kindly asked me to go to the corner side of the hall which was labelled 'isolated area'. My immediate response is "HAA!?? kena ar?". I dunno whether the medical officers are evil or not, coz they looked very happy to see my response. They said "BELUM tentu lagi, rehat situ dulu". lol. Never mind, then i sat at the empty isolated area. 

I'm not sure how did i feel. I was the first one to enter the isolated zone. Should i feel glad? maybe. But i'm very healthy ya.. weird.. Something HAPPY happened, i saw 3 more ppl joined me in isolated area (oh? i'm evil?) . At least i'm not lonely, after getting quarantined for 3 minutes. The officer called my name and attempted to check my temperature again. First time in my life, so nervous of checking my own temperature. After the "beep" sound coming from the tool (equipment), his face isnt tat weird anymore. Then he said I'm safe. However, his evilness appeared again, he said "satu kali lagi", i guess he really wanted me to get H1N1. (just kidding). "beep", he said i'm okay can go back loo...

Back to my house, it's empty there.. Out of 11 housemates, only 1 returned. Empty UTP... sigh.. UTP reopens loo... still in holiday mood tim.. Zzz... 

Friday, August 7, 2009

lonely Tesco

Woke up around 12.30 pm, it made me delayed my lunch till 3pm. And yeah, i went to Tesco today. Well, it really isnt any special event, so let's make this more interesting. This will be my first time using photo blogging.. lol.


  1. lunch
  2. buy present

On the way to Tesco,  A 'L' driver driving kancil in front. Quite slow.. but i didnt bully him.

Reaching Tesco, gotta get a parking..

Eat KFC for lunch first.. It's quite empty.. Who eats KFC at 3pm by the way?

Yea yea.. the zinger is there.. but my wedges were still pending.. I waited so long for it. Sigh.. low efficiency. Anyway, i was eating alone. But i'm not the only loner. There are 3 more persons eating alone.. haha.

I chose my favourite Zinger burger.. Yay.. Why rm7.20 only? Coz the waiter said i'm a very nice person, so he gives me discount. Just kidding.. I didnt include the soft drink, since it's pretty bad for health. No point drinking it. So, it probably saves me around Rm1.80 like tat

After finished eating, i went to toilet. As u can can see, U could notice how clean the toilet is. It doesnt have any tissue papers around. The toilet bowl aso in its most complete form. Everything is flushed, there's clean water inside the toilet bowl. And the hose is put nicely. Everything is very tidy. (notice that i was just being sarcastic)

Then i went to these places to buy present.. Honestly i dunno wat to buy at first. No clue at all. Furthermore i was quite poor nowadays, Only hope to buy something in lower budget. For ur information, I bought things from all those places.

Finished buying loo~ GO back to my cute car.. hehehe

On my way home, there's this car who suddenly halt. Gave me a fright. SO i must capture its picture. lol. Got another irritating motorcylist tried to suicide. It's not his fault to attempt suicide. Just the way he is doing it was wrong. If he wanted to suicide, he shouldnt involve me in it by causing the accident. Well.. luckily i knew his plan, and i intelligently avoided. The motorcyclist obvioiusly had his suicide plan failed. Well, too bad for him. Anyway, he was too fast. And i couldnt take a picture of him. Too bad~ lol

Very boring while waiting for traffic light, so take a picture. :P
(must have at least one pic of me in the blog ma)
Take a picture of my hand and car steering before i parked my car. C that right side there, there was my mask.. but i didnt wear it la.. :P

So i reached home safely and happily.. Bought present and ate KFC. happy day indeed.

Thank for reading.. lol

Monday, August 3, 2009


今天, 想跟大家分享幸福的感觉。 虽然每个人所感受的幸福或许是不一样的,但我相信大家都有经历及感受过幸福吧。

对我而言,其实幸福很简单。幸福是一种心灵感受,让你不仅开心、兴奋,也带种平和、清静、满足的感觉。 你是否每天感到幸福? 没有吗? 再仔细想想。

对我而言,其实幸福很简单。幸福可在很多日常生活中许多琐屑的活动里获得。 或许你不觉得,但请你深入地想一下,你也许会认同。

对我而言,其实幸福很简单。当你入睡前,那抱住枕头的那一刻,你感到幸福吗? 我感到。就算那抱住枕头的那个人并不是我,我也会替他/她感到幸福。 世上有多少人无法睡在床铺上,更何况抱枕头,枕头对他们来说,简直是奢侈。而你我,每夜能抱着枕头睡,享受它给我们的舒适、温暖, 你能说你不幸福吗?

对我而言,其实幸福很简单。肚子饿了, 想吃点什么的。在你吃任何食物时,都该感到幸福。 比较下你现在吃的食物与穷人吃的食物,你就了解你有多幸福。有几种食物可以给我最高的幸福感,其中的是:芝士, 麦当劳, 爱心汤,糖水如红豆水等。需要进一步解释幸福吗? 不用了吧。

对我而言,其实幸福很简单。当你生病时,有人问候你、关心你; 当你生日时,有人祝贺你、为你庆祝;当你失落时,有人安慰你、支持你;当你快乐时,有人一起分享、为你高兴。 这些都让我觉得很幸福,他们都有个共同点,就是关怀。 无论什么时刻,当你能感到别人对你的关怀,让你知道其实你并不孤单,若这不是幸福,是什么?

幸福对你而言是什么呢? 当你能抱着枕头睡, 有足够的食物饮品,感到别人的关怀,你还奢求些什么呢? 所以,无论你多伤心难受、多痛恨不满、多羡慕嫉妒,提醒下自己,你还是幸福的