Friday, December 25, 2009

Internship Experience Overview

It is really very different with the normal study life. Now, I'm working! (as intern) Totally forget bout all those quizzes, tests, assignments and discussions. (And I hope I don't need to 'remember' them anymore)

In UTP, the time I wake up for everyday differs, usually 1 hour before the first class which varies everyday. But now, it's constant: either 7.30 am if i want to go early, or 7.50 am if I want to go a little bit later. Instead of walking straight to class at Block 1 or Block 2, now I have to squeeze in that tiny slow and crowded LRT to get to my workplace, not to mention the around 15 mins walk from my house to lrt station and from lrt station to my workplace.

And yes, I'm now working at KL, or I should say PJ. For some others who are still a little bit confused, I'm now working at Telekom Tower area which is in Kerinchi, Bangsar rather than KLCC. Working at KL definitely has more 'life' than Ipoh. However, the cost of living drastically increases. Generally, the food is at least 50% more expensive than the food in ipoh. Fine, with proper budget, this problem can be solved. The more serious problem is that 'shopping temptation'. With so many malls around, it's hard to save money and keep budget, seriously hard. But for me, I spent mostly on food, by trying different food restaurant franchise that I could not get in Ipoh, eg: subway, burger king, manhattan fish market, etc. But i admit, I will soon fall into the deadly trap of shopping spree. My friend told me, it's end of the year when all mega malls usually have big sales around christmas and new year period. Best chance to get myself new CNY shirts. :P

Many ppl asked me "how is ur intern?". Honestly, I dunno how to describe. "ok lor..", "fine".. is usually how i replied them. Seriously, it's just become like part of the life, normal.. But i decided not to disappoint my fellow blog readers.. I will try my best to describe rather than the "ok lor" and "fine" answer. Hmm.. this is how it goes:

My basic work time is from 8.30 til 5.30. But I never managed to leave office by 5.30 due to the unusual culture in Accenture (my company)  working environment. Everyone leaves office late and it seems like they have tons of endless tasks waiting to be completed. If i could leave the office at 6.30pm, that is considered 'early'. For busy days, like Mondays, I have to work until 9 or 10pm, more than 12 hours. Monday and Friday are my most busy period of the week due to the nature of my jobscope. What's my jobscope? Do workplan, update dependencies status... Cant understand? Ok fine... it's basically microsoft excel, power point and project. lol 

One big difference between internship (or working) and studying is for internship (or working), weekends I'm SUPER DUPER VERY FREE. So please do tell me if you want to 'date' me out. lol. Weekdays are usually busy, since I always came home late. After shower and dinner, I will choose one 'entertainment of the day' which is either play pc game or watch movie for 2 hours or less. Then it will be my time to sleep and the routine continues. 

Hmm.. dunno what else to say here. I know this post is plain text post... Lol. Only for those who are interested to know.. Blog never forces ppl to read. :P But if you read till this part, i guess you'd already finished reading the previous parts.. lol. I would like to upload pictures but i do not have one. I am planning to buy a cheap budgeted camera.. Then my blog will be more 'colourful' provided if i could actually upload the pictures (since i dun hav internet connection there). Hmm.. by the way, do you guys have any questions? 

Note: I wrote this post at the end of my 4th week of internship period.. 28 more weeks to go.. let's see if I have any change of opinions in the future

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Just got home. I think it would be fine for me to post this while waiting for my hair to dry. 

Ipoh doesnt change much. (It's just 2 weeks by the way, lol) Didn't manage to talk to mom as she was sleeping. Nothing to say with my dad like usual. and online till late late like always. 

Let's talk about KTM (dunno wat's that? i mean the train) 

I was taking KTM back home today. Few conclusions can be made:

  1. There is actually no difference between 2nd class and 3rd class, to me
  2. The train will never arrive ipoh from kl sentral (or another way round) in 3 hours
  3. Taking night train was cold~

first point: It is advisable just to buy third class ticket as it has a significantly lower price than the second class ticket. I dun really feel the difference, maybe the appearance looks uglier and maybe more dirty than second class, but those are none of my concerns. Saving RM10 for economy class (third class) is the best consumer decision, i think. 

second point: After experienced for few times, it's rarely occur to me that the train will be late for departure. But it is always late for arrival. Next time set my alarm to ring after 3 hours instead of 2.5 hours, so that i could sleep longer.

third point: bring jacket or sweater for ur body. Ur body would want it. Esp the time when you are seriously hungry. lol

A short post for today, shall update on my internship training experience next time. Hair is going to be dry anyway, gotta get ready to sleep. good night!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My room in KL

Well, to be exact, it's my room in PJ. I guess taman paramount is considered as part of Petaling Jaya d.

Actually, something quite hilarious happened today. It appears that the room that I wanted to rent last time is not the room I'm renting now. The story is like this: I went to the room, and amazingly i realized my 'room' was not cleared and cleaned. Well i dun expect him to clean it for me, but the room has soo many things, like a store room. I had already told him i'm coming for at least 3 times and yet the room was not cleared. It was so irritating and it pissed me off, oops, it's more to like pissing my mom off. So, while waiting for the room to be cleared, we went to search for other rooms.. And we searched around the area and saw soo many rooms to let, however mostly female only.. Ah~ that's the only moment i wish to be a female rather than a male. Never mind, at the end, we saw this room, (the room i'm stayin now) the owner is quite friendly and the house condition is quite good, well maintained.. And so we asked the price: RM300 (same with the previous one) but including utilies such as water and electricity while the previous one does not.

(to make ur eyes feel better, i purposely start a new paragraph.. lol) . So, with everything seems better, the weaknesses come: she said no water heater for shower.. and that's so sad! i really hate taking cold shower esp past few weeks, it was so cold.. And she said if i use computer, she is going to charge me rm20 for electricity! what?? computer consumes so much electricity mea? i didnt even know tat.. but i'm planning to on my laptop 24/7 to make the fee worthwhile.. jz kidding. And the major drawback is NO INTERNET~ gosh.. that's killing.. But at the end we take the room and decided to fly the old room aeroplane (tell me if u dun understand this part).

OK, with some negotiation, i paid rm330 for the new room as the room (rm300) + computer (rm20) and under special request: water heater (rm10). So, i took the room, and staying there right now. The new mission arises: HOW TO GET BACK MY DEPOSIT from the previous room owner.. lol.. The mission was a bit tough as me, my mom and my dad had no idea on how to talk to him as he is still clearing his stuff from my 'room'. But anyway, we managed to get back the deposit.. Dun ask me how, it;s kinda like magic... unexplainable.. probably he's kind.

Ok, one question probably is running in ur mind. If i cant online,how can I write this post? Give a few guesses. If you are thinking I'm using cyber cafe service, then you are RIGHT! In fact i'm paying RM2.5 for 1 hour here.. And now 43 mins have elapsed... 17 mins more and that's why i'm typing this post.. lol..

Another question is running ur mind maybe, "can I stay at ur room if i'm going KL and nid a place to stay?" For this, i'm not sure.. I havent asked the house owner yet.. Well, give her good impression first.. If i ask this ask that, probably she will jz reject this reject that. If i got a better impression after staying there for more a while, and when u wana come by, i will ask her if it is possible to let u all stay over or not..

I guess that's all for today.. miss you~ i mean you as in 'Internet'.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Semester break for 2 days

Finally, bid farewell to my lovely examination that lasts for 3 weeks. Yesterday was totally not in mood to study. And the paper today is totally weird.. But since it was over, let's forget bout it. 

What am I doing now? I'm still in UTP.. Waiting Wen Pin to go lunch together. Why not eat at home? 2 reasons: 1st, I havent finished packing; 2nd, I'm too sleepy to drive home. lol. 

Excluding today, I practically have 2 days of holiday: Thursday and Friday. And I will leave Ipoh on Saturday. Well, you could consider my Saturday, Sunday and Monday as part of my holiday too but those 3 days I'm going to use them to make a quick adaptation to the KL environment. 

What should I do these 2 days in Ipoh? I promised to meet my junior-friend long time ago. It will be on Thursday. And maybe i will have to pack whole day on Friday. I always wake up late at home and thus I lost my Thursday morning. Hmm.. what i have now is just Thursday evening. Anyone wants to meet me that time? lol.

To be honest, currently I'm still feeling numb towards the internship experience. I should feel a little bit more excited, i suppose. But probably, this 'long-lasting' examination makes me really numb to other things. What i desire now is sleep and game.. and perhaps some chatting.. huhu.. 


The really last picture after i had packed everything into my car.. One last picture before I closed the door and went home.. Goodbye my V4 room~

Wish every Utpians happy holiday and other interns, happy internship! Also hope my roommate gets a roommate better than me next sem. Gonna miss him a little bit. haha

Friday, November 20, 2009

Before-exam phobia

I'm having this sudden panic for this particular subject 'wireless technology' 45 mins later..  However, nothing i can do about it. Not that I don't want to continue studying, it's just the more I study, the more panic i become. 

Should have woke up a bit later. Then i wont have so much time now to worry. Probably go exam hall earlier. takutnya... I think it's Cheah Hui's (my coursemate) fault. She keeps telling me that this subject is very hard very scary. And yeah, she succeed in influencing me to feel the same like her.

Have been listening songs, reading blog posts and studying facebook for near an hour. 30 mins left to go.. What should I do now?

"i want nobody nobody but you".. the song i'm listening now.. too 'free' d~ lol.

Monday, November 16, 2009

'Tips' to study

It's midnight 2am now. But i'm not sleeping yet. Tomoro i have an exam paper. Oops.. sorry, i should say TODAY since it's adi over midnight. However, that's not the reason I'm not sleeping. Instead, I was actually playing game just now. Kinda amazed with myself. lol

I wouldnt say I'm very 'senior' in UTP now, but i'm definitely very 'experienced' in handling matters in UTP. After studying here for 6 semesters (3 years), i guess everyone should be able to manage and adapt to the 'culture' here. 

Let's hear a story of my past. In foundation year, when I was naive and innocent (now I'm still naive and innocent, :P) I study every day after the lecture.. Seems pretty amazing huh. And i brought 2 to 3 textbooks to class, and copied down the lecture notes even though softcopy is provided. "Copying notes makes you remember better", this was what i thought. I could burn midnight oil just for a little 5% quiz or even lesser percentage. Furthermore, i'm punctual in every class and never skip any classes. Lol, flashing back on those moments made me smile. I wonder why i would become so lazy now.

So, now, I do not bring any textbooks to class anymore since it is heavy and pretty much i dun need the books at all. Therefore, i might as well leave it in my room. I always carry an empty bag and a file to class. It's not exactly empty actually, it has my pencil case and umbrella.. and that's it. lol. Going to class, i'm still punctual, compared to others. But after a few punctual attempts, I realize there is some class, no matter you came in time, or 15 mins later, the class is going to start at 15 mins later anyway (due to other latecomers). That's the time when i learned, punctuality might not necessary (but i came late 5 to 10 mins only la, not 15 mins) I tend to skip class sometimes, just to go home. Sometimes is to meet friends, sometimes my siblings back home. Reasonable ponteng, isnt it? haha.. 

I didnt really care about quizzes now. Unless i scored pretty bad in previous quiz or i think i got a fairly low coursework marks. Another reason is the quizzes are mostly 'pop' quizzes. No energy to prepare for it every time. I'm very relax this semester and I've reached the peak of my laziness (at the moment). Getting very sien of studying and fortunately i'm going for internship next semester. Like now, playing games and blogging on the exam day? it never happened few years back. And honestly, I have 2 more chapters to study. lol 

Studies isnt everything, do you agree with me? I think so, only if i still have a relative high cgpa (result). If i  score badly, i guess i would regret and disagree with this statement. lol. Anyway, i guess it's time to study.. I dun want to lose an A for a subject that i could get A, that's so not worth it. 

What i want to conclude is... Study hard? No, of coz not. Study smart is the key. When you know how to study, or i should say when you know how to score A, there's no point to study hard anymore. Like me now, what for studying so hard while you could achieve the same thing with less effort. We talk about efficiency here.. Achieve the best thing with least effort. lol. It has its drawback though to 'study smart'. It makes people become so lazy.. And i think the effect is permanent! Once lazy, forever lazy~ 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good exam schedule

Most utpians are complaining about their exam timetable, including my roommate who has a packed schedule full of continuous papers that could cause death to somebody who has a weak heart. Fortunately, I'm not one of them. Instead, i have a quite good exam timetable.

Thursday    12 Nov  9:00 12:00  Embedded Systems                             Chancellor Hall
Monday       16 Nov  2:30 17:30  Distributed Computing                        Main Hall
Wednesday 18 Nov  9:00 12:00  Software Architecture & Pattern      Main Hall 
Thursday    20 Nov  9:00 12:00  Wireless Technology                           Main Hall 
Sunday        22 Nov  9:00 12:00  Investment and Portfolio Management Main Hall 
Wednesday 25 Nov  9:00 12:00  Software Testing and Reliability       Chancellor Hall 

Nice right? it has at least an one-day-gap between the subjects. Thanks to this schedule, I become so lazy.. lol 

The drawback is.. almost everyone finishes his/her exam one week earlier than me.  :(  It will sure be very irritating that time when everyone posts a "finished exam loo~, merdeka!, holiday!" that kind of shoutouts while i'm still having exam.. Think about it already made me sien.. Whatever~ I like my timetable more than the packed packed exam schedule, coz I'm a person with weak heart.. lol (dun und? read first paragraph again) 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My partner's sick

It' s so sad to see her gets sick. She is always healthy, but today she fell ill and get really unconscious. The symptoms seem like she is in coma. A bit worried for her. Wonder how much medical fee is needed to cure her. I think it's not a deadly disease, but i dun think i can use her for quite some time. Use her? lol

She is my car.  :P  Gonna send her to see doctor (mechanic) tomoro, and hopefully the medical fee wont be so blood sucking. 


car kena towed.. :'(  Really feel quite sad when the car kena towed away. I always wonder when it would happen to me. Feel kinda sorry to the car coz it seems it's my fault for it to have such fate. 

but nvm.. now it is back. 

so, :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

stuck in 62 slides

tis will be a very short post.

I'm stuck in this 62 slides-chapter 7. I've been delaying it since yesterday. And, now i've finished all other chapters, could not delay anymore.. :( 

i promise ya, it will be a short post. 

Monday, October 26, 2009


I had this fascinating dream just now:  I was murdered.

In that dream, i was a very innocent person getting hunted by a group of people. They didn't try to murder me by guns, instead by knives. I guess that's what makes the dream more exciting. 

If you do not wish to know the dream in details, skip this paragraph. I was in a party somewhere. Then there were these 2 ppl smiling very awkwardly. When i looked at them, they were staring at me. They were holding knives with their hands, but other people couldn't notice. Slowly, they were approaching me. I was afraid, i quickly ran to a more public places and call for the security guards. The security guards arrived shortly and ask what's the matter. And i told them what I had found, however the 2 ppl with evil smiles had disappeared. Then I tried to leave the place but on the way i saw more people smiling and holding knives. I quickly ran and ran and ran and suddenly i back to a house (supposingly my house). And back to my bedroom, i saw a person standing in front of the mirror, showing the evil smiles. At that moment, I gave up and i said, "just kill me". Then, i approached him, and he cut my neck with that sharp knife. Then, i woke up.

If you have skipped the paragraph above, read this: In the dream, few people tried to murder me. I tried very hard to escape but at the end i was tired of escaping and decided to let them kill. And in fact, they did kill me. (sigh, no sympathetic heart at all)

When I woke up, this is what I'm thinking. It must be a symbol indicating that the Distributed Computing lab test at 2 pm afterwards is going to kill me. I tried very hard to solve it but i couldn't. At the end i gave up and let the lab test kill me. I think that's what the nightmare tries to hint me. Let's see if this nightmare is more accurate than crystal ball or not. We shall see~ 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

On the journey back to UTP

it is a delightful day. What i did 'successfully' today was I successfully played a couple hours of games. Faced failure when trying to burn an .iso file. Wasted my one hour of precious time, should have used that one hour for gaming. Anyway, as usual, my first paragraph is usually crap that is not related to the title. 

So.... i was driving back to UTP from home. When i drove till Falim/Menglembu area, only then I realized i left my Wireless Tech textbook at home. It will be a test on this subject tomoro, but due to laziness, I am no willing to return home to get the book. Just leave it be.., reducing the things I have to study tonight. ;P

And on the way, a cloudy day suddenly turned to a ferocious storm. I mean 'suddenly' as in really 'suddenly'. It's like I have to turn my wiper on to its fastest wiping rate while originally it was off.  Then it was so exciting, what i could see was just the 2 red lights of the car in front. And gosh, they were driving so slow. =.=  

It is very tiring to drive under the stormy weather. I had to pay 50% more attention than before. I couldnt have 0.5 second break for my eyes to look at the other places. All the way, I'd been seeing just the two red lights of the car in front. Tiring and boring. 

There was one most exciting 'event' that I encountered just now.  Do you play CS ? (counter strike la, wat else?)  Do you experience that situation when suddenly you see a flashbang was thrown towards you? Yeah, i experienced that just now too. For my case, it was a 'hydro'bang instead of a flashbang. When this really cute heavy big monstrous vehicle splash this huge wave of 'tsunami' to my car, I was like "OH SHITTTttt!", then it gave me 1 second hydrobang blinding effect. Total PANIC during that 1 second of blindness. The only thing i could do was to wait the wiper wipe the 'hydrobang' out. TERRIFYING!

On the way too, i was worried that my car tires got something wrong, my engine may be filled by water and all sorts of worries. But luckily, when the sky suddenly turns brighter and the rain becomes less heavy. That's the time when my heart says "phew~". 

And yah, i reached UTP safely. And only then i regret, why didnt I buy KFC as my dinner when I was still in Ipoh just now.. duh~


Friday, October 23, 2009

Ice age

I lived in ice age last 3 days. It was kind of fun. Actually, i think the title 'ice age' is pretty lame.. (thanks to the person who suggests this term, ekj). 

Basically, this ice age means... in this period (3 days), i shut off my phones for a greater good. Do you realize people nowadays live in the world full of wireless signals? Honestly, the danger wireless networks bring to us are still uncertain. Wireless signals might be a factor of many new health problems. That's why, I'm here to promote and raise the issue and hope people realize the danger of hand phones with their radioactive radiation that could cause cancer and other mutation in our cells. So, please, everyone, follow me.. off the phones!

Those who read my facebook updates probably know i'm crapping.. Yeah~ yeah... the reason i  off my phones is because i forget to bring my charger back. Anyway, it was fun.. let me narrate what's different in my life without phones.

First, no telecommunication.. i dun nid to receive any updates from maxis and digi telling some nonsense.. And another one, people cant contact me if there's something urgent like cancellation of the class. And of coz, ppl couldn't sms me for the purpose of chatting.. But hardly ppl sms me to chat, usually I AM THE ONE who sms them. lol

Second, time'less'. I'm totally unaware of the time without phones.. That's the time when i regret not to wear any watch. So, imagine how many times i asked my friends this sentence "what's the time now?" during this period.

Third, alarm'less'. It's challenging though.. to wake up without alarms.. but i did it.. sometimes thanks to roommate. ;) 

Actually it isnt really bring any trouble to me.. but instead my friends around me are the one who suffer if i off my phones.. They couldnt contact me when they want to ask for favors (somewhat a good thing). They will contact my roommate or coursemate when they want to talk to me. (troublesome to my friends). My friends will have to lend me their phones or make the call for me when i need to contact someone. My roommate has to become my living alarm sometimes (thank you roommate!) And some minor disturbances to my friends (etc).

Many people asked me to borrow chargers or phones which i actually rejected them. Why mafan ppl when it's my own fault. I'm not desperately needed the phones also. I wouldnt want to ask for favor for such a small case. ;) 

Anyway, shutting off the phones are fun.. Try to do it.. It really wont affect you much.. because.. INTERNET STILL EXISTS! hahaha

Monday, October 19, 2009

I lied

I do feel a bit guilty for lying to a person.

Because this time, i'm not telling white lies and I'm not telling lies for the purpose of joking. The reason i lied is purely due to selfishness. 

Feel kinda bad actually. And the worst part is the lie is very vulnerable. lol. But never mind, actually he deserves that. He should receive some consequences of doing so. Don't blame me, 人不为己,天诛地灭。 I should not let my own sense of guilt and integrity to make myself suffer. I should forgive myself, i guess. 

Let's see how it progresses. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

bad yesterday

Yesterday was a bad day.. 

The beginning of the day was normal. But things get not so 'nice' after I lost one microchip of my group's circuit board. The circuit board has a lot of components, like LED, wire, resistor, etc.. but the most expensive component dropped off from the board. Really unlucky.. RM25 it is worth, according to the lecturer, or mayb more. =.=  My groupmates want to share the cost, but i wouldnt let them do so since it's not their fault anyway. My fault will be my own responsibility to handle. Anyway, say goodbye to the dear RM25. 

Unfortunate events continued when I started to have stomachache.. But it's not big deal, besides going to toilet for 5 times (not continuously). Probably the reason of having stomachache is due to the unfortunate event i'm going to tell after this.

I drank water from a particular container few times.. before i realized there's actually a spider inside the water container. duh.. The spider should be taught the 'ethics' of drinking water.  

Not only a bad day, yesterday was a bad night too. Two of my friends are actually facing love crisis which i dun think it can be optimistically deal with. Good luck to both of them. They made me feel like break-up season though..

Well, today is a better day, I hope and I think. Bad days are meant to make 'tomoro' better, aren't they? ;)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

1 week over: facial result

time flies, another one week leaves us.

Remember my skin treatment last week? If you cant remember or dunno about it, pls click here.

The lady who tried to beautify my face said it takes one week to recover my face after the treatment. And today it will be 8th day after the treatment.. So, what happened to my face now? I'll tell u in next post. Thanks for reading. 

Haha.. just kidding, wanna keep suspense. My face now quite cham. Instead of bcome beautiful it becomes uglier. When i go out, i also need to wear mask or cover my face. Sometimes when other people see me, they will faint. They thought they saw ghost.. sigh.. What to do?

Haha... another joke of the blog. Nah.. my face does significantly improve. Although it could not recover my previous 'marks' on my face, it does make my face fairer and smooth. Duno how to say, it just looks different.. Like a new face. lol. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Start a day with a sad mood

It was an ordinary day, nothing much different than any other days. 

It's just that I had a dream, in the dream, the bus left me, and I'm chasing the bus. The bus didn't wait for me and I kept chasing. Finally i saw the bus stopping for one of my friends, and she entered the bus and the bus left without waiting me Again~ I called my friend and asked her to stop the driver. duh... it is not related though.

The process of chasing the bus, somehow very indirectly made me relate to the novel I last read "the time traveller's wife" by Audrey. And thinking bout this, i couldnt sleep any longer. I woke up, and before i got down from the bed, i grabbed the book and read the climax of the story. I was wondering if i would cry again when read it, however, it seems my tears are a bit strong in defense. 

The result of doing this is i started my day with sad mood. That's it. Sendiri cari pasal. zzz

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Facial skin treatment

Dear all, I have a friend who is a guy went to facial skin treatment today. lol. Okay la.. Since you all are my loyal blog readers, let me be honest to you. I went to facial skin treatment today ;). It was not my original plan to do this skin treatment actually. My mom made appointment for me and asked me to go. I know how bad is my skin, and so, I went to this place called "Women's Zone".

"Women's Zone", I felt so reluctant to enter at first. I am a man eh! But still, with my damaged and yet thicker face, I entered the place. Jennifer was the one who 'took care' of me. I told her how nervous i was, as I was in Women's ZONE. lol.. Feeling so insecure to be surrounded by ladies. (3 ladies only) Anyway, i lie on the 'kind of operation chair' and wait for the 'operation' to be done.

There were several phases. The first and second phase, Jennifer and her assistant put some unknown thingy on my face and later wash them away. I guess it was some facial foam probably. The service includes a little bit of facial massage which is kinda comfortable and made me sleepy.

Nightmare started at 3rd phase! but 3rd phase wasn't the most scary one. It was steaming phase. They use a steamer which kinda works like a hair dryer that emit hot air. And the hot air was really hot, i guess as the name implies, it was steam. It was so uncomfortable at first that I thought my face was going to melt. Never had my face experienced this kind of temperature. This was my torture number 1. 

After 15 minutes of steaming, the REAL nightmare has come!!! The phase 4: pimples and blackhead removal. Those who had seen my face knew how many pimples and hidden black head i have in my face. And yeah, she was going to remove them all! IT WAS SOO SOOO SOOO PAINFUL! Do you think she was using her fingers to pinch the pimples and black head? NO! NOT AT ALL. My eyes were covered by some cloth at that time, therefore i couldnt really see what 'instrument' she was using. But it was like some kind of metal toothpick shape. Sharp edge and small surface area thingy, pinching my face.. One word to describe: Pain! Another word to describe: Anguish! Before she pinched them out, she used something that i felt like a knife to cut open the skin, so that she could pinch them easier later. Okay, i know i repeated many times, PAINNNN!!

After the nightmare over, of course my face had various and plenty of 'cuts' and 'bruises'. The phase 5 is to use some kind of tools which can sooth my skin and it is very comfortable because it's cold cold one. If you describe pimples removal is hell, then this phase is the heaven. 

Phase 6 and phase 7 is to put mask for 20 mins and apply gel and some facial washing foam on my face. And that's the end of the treatment..

When I left the room, and look into the mirror. WAH!! so pretty and smooth the skin! Dream la~ My face now looks even worse than my worst period (form 2). Too many bruises, whole face was red in colour. They told me, my face will be nice after a week, hopefully. She said how severe my skin was. I expect the treatment to last only half an hour, but it actually lasts more than 2 hours. lol.. kesian my skin.. I'm thinking should i attach a picture of me now here. Coz it's very ugly.. Shud i care about my 'reputation'?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Renting a room in KL

I'm going for internship training next semester la... So, gotta rent a room. Anyone can help out? hehe... Provide me free accommodation, i also won't mind. ;)

Single Room Requirements: 

  1. CHEAP!! around RM250 
  2. Easy to go KLCC (my intern place)
  3. Water heater! Hate to take cold shower.. 
  4. Washing machine? I dun want to wash my clothes by hands.. 
  5. Comfortable - not noisy, not criminal place, not a zoo of bugs, ... (Have to see the room first)

I dun mind sharing room though, but it has to fulfill the above requirements, and cheaper cost: around RM150. 

Roommate Requirements:

  1. Do not smoke
  2. Do not snore
  3. Do not 'boom' music
  4. Moral person (of coz i dun wan to be roommate with a criminal)

Anyone has any idea? Lol.. see if you are interested or ur friends are interested or you are very kind enough to let me stay in ur somebody's house. I can pay la.. if it fulfills the requirements above. hehe..

Moving in : 29 Nov 2009

Moving out: 7 July 2010

Emo night

It was an emo night yesterday. If blogspot could read what i was thinking before I sleep yesterday, i think it would already have a 10 pages long post. Anyway, i was narrating the emo night yesterday, so, currently I'm still not emo. lol.. (so far)

What happened yesterday? Actually, nothing. Just a common day which I had to study for my today's morning test. What triggered my emoness? I don't know also. Many small small problems gathered up and made me very fan. 

Sometimes, I think I treat people too good already. Made them take it for granted. I realized and I will be a bit cruel in treating friendship. I'm going to fully implement "the way you treat me will be the way I treat you" plan. So, if you suddenly notice that i start to treat you badly, then you should have done some self-realization on how you treat me. ;)

Sometimes, I think I had attached too much feelings on friendship, which is not necessary at all. Remember I always tell my friends who had some friendship problem, tell them not to care so much, it doesn't matter but I myself am doing the same. But never mind, Me, Wei Han is very good in treating myself nicely, i wouldn't torture myself just for other people. So, I would change myself for my own good. Sound like I'm turning evil.. lol. I was thinking bout this matter yesterday night whether I should remain the same or turn a bit evil for my own good. I guess i made the decision. ;)

Okay. For you, you and you who caused me to make such decision, you shall regret.. kakaka... 

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lone trip to KL

Ehm.. actually i'm not so sure on why i choose to go KL alone. Probably, I've not been travelling for quite sometime. Maybe, I just want to visit my cousin's house. Or perhaps, I want to see and try to get used to the environment of my 'future internship workplace'. 

I bought a train ticket from my friend, with RM1 discount. ;) (it's just tat i dun have enough change that time, and yeah.. i dun plan to return the money. kekeke) It was my first time taking train in Malaysia. (My first time of taking train was in Vietnam) Actually, it wasnt so comfortable. I was facing this difficulty of sleeping in the train. The reason is: i dunno the travelling route of the train. I had to keep an eye on every station to check if it's the right one to get down. So, i couldnt sleep, have to wake up everytime to check the station. 

Also, I almost went to KL station instead of KL central. How could I know that they are different? Luckily i asked the 'supplier' of the train ticket, else..  lol. It's fun to travel alone sometimes. It's an exploration. Figuring out how to go here and there, using LRT. Oh ya.. I ACCIDENTALLY stole a LRT card. sry ya. I jz followed the aunties ahead, they didnt give back the card, i aso follow lo.. After that i called the supplier of the train ticket, then only i confirmed that the lrt card has to be returned.. But.. it was too late.  haha.

I stayed over in my cousin's house. We went to Sunway Plaza? Mall? i didnt know what they call it. lol.. Jz went there blindly for dinner. We ate Japanese cuisine.. hehe.. Uncle belanja.. tat was why i ordered low cost food. (not so low cost, but it's almost the cheapest there). Ppl belanja, how could i order expensive expensive lea.. paiseh ma. 

My cousin's house was amazing.. Since almost all my blog readers aren't my relatives, so i didnt plan to describe it in details. Guess what I did in their house? Online and play comp games till 4am. lol.. I guess if i couldn't get to online , i would feel very uncomfortable, same symptoms as taking drugs. And, a bit pai seh for waking up at 12.30 noon at relative house. Though it's pretty common in my house. But.. paiseh la. 

I really came to enjoy my holiday there. I did nothing that is related to my internship thingy. lol. When i told my sis, she 'zha dou'. I enjoyed spending my time there.. It was a nice trip. Thanks to 7th uncle and his family for treating me so nicely. :)

Another 'gain' of this trip was on the train returning back Ipoh. I was so lucky to listen to a wise man talking about religions. Honestly, to those who didnt know that I'm a free thinker currently, it's time for u to know it now. :P And honestly again, for those who had told me bout religions and persuaded me or influenced me, u all did it badly (but i appreciate it) This wise man told me alot about religions. And it did influence me a bit. He didnt convince me to enter any religion but he convince me to have a religion, which is a time for me to think about it. I'm gonna analyze and recontruct my thoughts on what he said later.

Ok.. overall, the trip is not lonely.. Of coz there was time when i feel boring in the train, and that's the time i started to sms ppl. lol.. Didnt receive my sms? shame on u.  Jz kidding.. kakaka. 


Thursday, September 24, 2009


rotten, (adj) things that have decayed and cannot be eaten or used

rubbish, (noun) things that you throw away because you no longer want or need them

useless, (adj) not useful; not doing or achieving what is needed or wanted

Today I teach everyone 3 simple English words: rotten, rubbish and useless. The definitions are given above. How to make a sentence from these 3 words? Easy, see this perfect sentence below:

I'm rotten and become rubbish because I'm useless.

Nice sentence right?

That's all for today's lesson. Ah.. Let's have an extra word for today's lesson:

Definition from Oxford,

holiday, (noun) a period of time when you are not at work or school.  

Definition from me,

holiday, (noun) a period of time that makes you rotten and useless.

Thank you everyone, have a nice day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Degradation of my brain

I could only say, i bcome more stupid already. Normally this wouldnt happen to me. The story is like this:

I had a test just now, earlier today, my senior told me that the lecturer will allow open notes at the end of the test. Well, i kinda ignore it.. because.. i dun have notes in hardcopy. I made my own notes instead, and so, i brought them to test.

And yea, i almost forgot about the 'open note' thingy. I'm the first to finish the paper. It's hard, but not too hard. Some questions that i couldnt answer come from textbook. And the lecturer cheated me, he said he will only ask from lecture notes. Ok. got cheated, nvm. When i request to leave, the lecturer said, everyone can now open their lecture notes. swt.

Ok, so i stay, and bring out my notes. Look here and there, useless. WHy? coz i already memorized everything from my notes. For those questions that i am not sure, the answers are not lied within my notes. then...... Suddenly, i remember, I bought the textbook! SWT, and i didnt realize i could actually bring my textbook. SWT.

So, i was there, everyone busy looking their notes but i'm doing nothing. The lecturer asked me, why dun check ur answer with ur notes. I told him "nothing to check." zzz. Anyway, I submitted the paper while everyone still busy copying from their notes (and mayb books). sienz..

Only if i had brought my book, i could get 100 marks or mayb 95 above. But now, i could only wish for 80 above. sigh...

The normal me wouldnt do this kind of silly mistake. I think my brain really degrades d. And yes, that's the sentence. I become more stupid d.. swt 

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nice video to be shared.

Let's start with a little bit unrelated stuff first.. I made some modification to the blog again.

  1. Edit the 'my links' sidebar to 'interesting links'..
  2. Create new menu bar 'Wei Han's link' - easier accessibility 
  3. Change my songs into English songs only (not video) - to accommodate slow connection 

And yes, the reason of choosing the song 'I'm yours' as the default song is because of this video.. watch and enjoy~~

Friday, September 11, 2009

Layout changed.. again.. lol

Many people got frightened when they saw my previous layout.. They said scary wo. lol

Since I'm having good mood today, i decided to change the layout again. This time using a template.. things get so much easier.. Of coz gotta customize a little bit to suit my 'taste'. lol

Major Changes:

  1. Layout + Background (Direct copy & paste, no modification)
  2. Menu bar (Header links, Using some 'cheerful titles')
  3. FIR streaming video (it's gonna be irritating sometimes)
  4. My new Google profile (bye bye blogger profile, lol)
  5. The popular Chatbox ("I'm back~", said Cbox)
  6. My links (Links related to me and my frequently use links)

And yeah, this post is just used to catch ur attention.. hehe.. Content'less'. Hope you all like the layout.. (and hope your friends do not use the same layout as mine, else i'm going to change again)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A phone interview..

Finally, i received an interview invitation.. I had been waiting for quite  a long time. Why no one 'invited' me for interview? I had applied for at least 5 different companies. Well, rejected by one company from Singapore.. Cheh~ they 没眼光 (no taste) only :P . Who 稀罕(cares)? lol. Since they cant read this also, it's okay to 'chuin' (cocky) a bit.

And yes, finally received an email from Accenture, a multi-national company that involves in many fields. Tomoro afternoon I'll have a phone interview from them. It has been ages, at least 2 years+ since i get my last 'serious' interview. Totally have no idea on how to deal with it. lol. Any tips? Like what questions they will ask. Exclude the basic questions like self-intro, strength and weakness, purpose... Any other question they might ask?

Very lazy now. I'm supposed to read their company profile and do some research on the field.. However, lazy... sigh.. Tomoro le.. still got time. :P 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labtest :"I'm not killing you" (continued from previous post)

I just had the weirdest lab test ever..

firstly, the test is a group test.. First time since i entered UTP, i had a group test.

secondly, if u dunno how to do, u can ask the lecturer.

thirdly, to do the test correctly, basically u dun nid to refer to anything.

fourthly, everyone gets full mark.. ;)

conclusion, it can be called as a tutorial rather than a test. 

Yipee~ full marks. :P

Lab Test: "I'm going to kill u. wahahaha"

You are not watching any horrible series or thriller. It's true!

I'm waiting in the lab now. Purposely came early to practise (coz i dun hav the software in my laptop). However i realized i've nothing to practise. It's a lab test.. Probably test on programming. Not on C programming or Java programming, but assembly language.. crazy.. A bit regret taking this subject (embedded system) actually. But never mind, too late for any changes.

I'm silently waiting for the arrival of the lecturer, along with few other final year seniors who are taking the same subject. I admit. I am scared! lol. Anyway, this is an Open book test. Which means we can refer to any books. Two implications of it: 1. we don't need to study (memorize) so hard. 2. the test will be extremely difficult!

Anyway, I'm still waiting for the lecturer to come. Now it's 11 already. He should have come now. Back to the topic just now, instead of bringing piles of books, i brought my laptop. All my notes and reference reside in my laptop. (study IT one ma~ ^^) Actually I'm not so sure whether he allows us to "open laptop" or not. But if he forbids, I'm definitely going to argue with him. "Notebook (laptop) not book mea?" lol

I'm no longer waiting for him.. Coz he has arrived! Some coursemates askinghim bout the test. He replied calmly "i wil tell u wat to do" with an eerie tone.. Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you notice, I started my first sentence of almost all my paragraphs by "i'm waiting..." Just to tell u, it's called STYLE. Haha.. Just one crap before i have the test. Wish me good luck! (but i guess it will b too late when u read this)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Release of Opera 10

After waiting for such a long time, and yeah! finally Opera 10 is out.

I'm sure there are ppl who dunno what Opera is.. (i dun mean the opera of the 'phantom of the opera') Opera is an internet browser, same like internet explorer, mozilla, chrome, etc.. And it had just released its latest version, Opera 10..

First, what's so good bout Opera? 

  1. Nice appearance
  2. Speed dial
  3. More control on the browser
  4. Thumbnail tabs
  5. Built-in mailbox
  6. Download Manager
  7. Opera Turbo (new)
  8. In-line Grammar Checking

1. Nice appearance.. Dont u feel bored seeing the same layout of ur irritating Internet Explorer, dull Mozilla firefox and always-the-same Google Chrome. For Opera, it is so easy to customize the appearance.. (other browser might have the feature to change appearance, but Opera is the easiest). U can simply change the colour or totally changed the entire skin..  

2. Speed dial. Anyone of u using chrome or firefox? the 'recently use websites' feature is copied from Opera. Speed Dial is a bit different than 'recently use websites' feature (they didnt copy entirely ma) Speed dial allows you to set the url by urself. So that u could put ur favourite sites into it, make it very easy to access. (basically it's just a kind of bookmark that is nicer and faster). When u open Opera browser, usually it let u decide whether to 'resume to last viewed url', or 'homepage' or 'speed dial(blank page)'.  


The first picture, I'm using a skin called mironix and maroon colour style. The speed dial is 2x2, means 4 webpages (notice my blog is one of them, lol) can be accessed there. The second picture i'm using another Window skin and using system default colour. Using speed dial of 4x4, which is 16 webpages. there are 12 empty dials which i havent set the url.. The maximum dials can be set is 5x5.

3. More control on browser. As a normal user, usually we dun nid to know so much on its preference.. But sometimes it's good to adjust the browser based on ur needs. When u type opera:config.. It will show various options u can edit and change.. Including the speed, the maximum transactions, blablabla.. and many things that i didnt even know wat is it. The picture below shows part of the configuration u can make.. sooo much e..

4. Thumbnail tabs.. Just for ur information, u know who's the original creator of 'tabs'? Yeah. it's Opera. Tabs are common nowadays. (last time we used to open another window all the time). Opera has thumbnail tabs where when u point to that tab, it shows u a thumbnail of that page.. Also, it allows u to open tab in background so that it wont disturb what u are currently doing.

Just for fun, i drag the tabs to the left corner of the browser. When i point to the page, it shows a small thumbnail of the current page. In this case, it's a speed dial.

5. Built-in Mailbox..  This is something very special about Opera. It has a mail inbox within the browser. For my case, i use gmail to be its default mail. (unfortunately hotmail is not allowed). Whenever i open the browser, it will automatically load the mail in my gmail inbox.. Not only the mail, but its attachment as well. So basically, i dun nid to sign in to read my mail. Just check in the browser. However, this means it's not so secure as everyone who opens ur browser can read ur mail.. Bcareful of this. The mailbox can b used to read mail, as well as to compose mail. Very easy, when u click on hyperlinked email address, u no longer go to microsoft outlook, instead it will take u to this mailbox.

6. Download Manager.. It has its own download manager within Opera.. But it's not particularly fast. It also has the downloading torrent capability. But again, it's not very fast... But at least it provides u the pause and resume download capability.

7. Opera Turbo.  it's new in Opera 10 which believes to be able to run faster with a limited connection speed like UTP, or other uni's connection (almoz all uni's connection is quite bad right? i mean local U).. I dunno the details bout it.. Havent read it carefully coz lazy.. Something like compressing the media files and minimize the usage of the bandwidth to optimize the connection speed.. Something like that.

8. In-line spelling checking. This is not a particular new feature. In fact it seems to be copied from Mozila browser.. probably. It can check the words u type for spelling mistakes.. The misspelled word will be underlined by red doted line.  Not so sure if u can c it in the pic below. 

There are still many advantages of using Opera. I have yet to discover other features of Opera.  I was once IE and Mozilla user.. But once i started to try Opera browser, I'm addicted. I couldnt change to use other browsers. And started to get biased. Anyway, why not a try? U might become another me, addicted to it? lol. U can download the browser from this link, Why not try it and tell me how?


Opera homepage, aso a link i think.

One random picture of 'playing with the tabs and windows'

Friday, September 4, 2009

Layout edited..

Everyone gets sien by the previous nature layout right? At least I am.

Changed to this layout. Well.. i dunno the motive behind it. Just feel like doing so. Mood wasnt tat good tat time i guess. Silver colour is always my favourite. This layout gives a solemn and desperate feeling.. But dun worry, I'm not tat sad.. Just feel like putting this wallpaper.. No specific reason.  

I lost all the blog url le.. and i'm currently lazy to find out the url.. SO if u free enough, want me to read ur blog.. Simply comment ur url under this post le.. Chatbox? lazy to put it.. later le.. ;)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to reality..

Sometimes, I tend to hate holiday. Or i should say, hate going home. Coz it just seems like a fantasy. Stressless, Joy, Madness, Worry-free.. a heaven in a fantasy world. Of coz, that's not the reason i hate it. The feeling of coming back to reality is just so.... sad. 

I went home since Friday and came back to UTP on Monday night. Throughout these 4 days, the only thing i'd been doing was playing online game. Sigh.. online game is soooo addictive. Thought i would be 'old' enough to resist the temptationa and prevent the addiction.

Original Plan:

  1. Study for SAP test
  2. Study STR and do its assignment

Actual Implementation:

  1. Play
  2. PLay
  3. PlAy
  4. PLAY 

What had i achieved in this weekend + holiday? Nothing! Eh.. actually got something. lol. My character leveled from lvl 30 to lvl 39 now.. (Quite happy with it actually, ^^)

Sigh, now i had came back to UTP. It's time to go back to the daily routine. Studying, facebooking, blogging, reading ppl's blog, going to class, do assignment.. oh.. so sien.. I really start to hate 'going home' coz i couldnt control myself. Zzzz

By the way, nex monday is another holiday.. Wondering how much my character can level up.. (Haiz.., no cure le this person) 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's puasa today~~

Tuesday is the best weekday of all. The reason is because the first class for today (Tuesday) is 11am. Throughout my all 6 semesters in UTP, this is the first time i managed to get a 11am first class of the day. Based on past history, 70% of my classes started at 8am, 25% started at 9am and 5% started at 10am. But this sem, 11am! that's just soooooo happy! (i cant figure out which word is better).

Ok, let's get back to the topic. (My first paragraph is always a crap, sorry ya, my usual style) SO, I've decided to fast today. I guess you all should know that the uni i'm currently in now has a majority of muslims. Since national day is near, and it promotes the term "satu Malaysia". As a patriotic citizen, I've decided to join the majority to fast today. (today only). This is a good attitude that should be learned by all our nation citizens. This is how we achieve peace!  (kononnya) I hope you all can learn this patriotic spirit from me. lol

Okay, time to reveal the truth. Why am I fasting today? the main reason is lazy to find food. (TOLD ya i'm lazy) The second reason is I want to try fasting.. I've been wanting to try it since 2 years ago. And proudly, i could tell you all, i failed to fast everytime. Sigh... since u all are my loyal blog readers, i feel guilty to lie to you all. Okay, honestly tell u all, my second reason is a crap also.. :P

Puasa doesnt mean u dun eat anything at all throughout the day. You still eat something for breakfast right? So did I. Muslims woke up at 5 something am and ate their breakfast before 6am. The only difference between me and them was I ate my breakfast at 10.25 am. :P Well, I must admit I'm a person who respects and symphatizes others. I 'secretly' ate my breakfast in my room, locking the door, just to make sure i wouldnt tempt other muslims to break their fast. I think, it's hard to find such a generous person nowadays. I guess i should feel proud of it. (today eat wrong medicine, keep praising myself) Oh ya, there's one more difference between my way of fasting and theirs.. I still drink water but the dont. HAHA.


drinking milk.. (secretly) :P

u are probably thinking this in ur mind now: "cheh~, that's not fasting at all!" And i must comment something on ur this thinking! U are RIGHT! i'm not fasting at all! lol..

**i shall edit the title to "skipping lunch", haha.. but i wont. :P


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Losing my phone..

Oh. finally it was my turn..

I used to see ppl losing their phones and symphatise them for their loss. The same thing happened today, it's just tat this time i'm the main character.

Honestly, i didnt really know the exact reason i lost the phone. It was due to my carelessness for sure. And i'm certain that someone has taken it. Well, i guess put a little curse to tat person is not much a big sin. "I wish the person who took it intentionally and didnt return to me had his phones and laptops got stolen and house got visited by burglar, mali~mali~hom!"

Anyway, let's get back to the story. I'm not sure whether i had left it on the table, or the phone slipped off from my pocket.   Oh, by the way, i lost it in cyber cafe. lol. It was only approximately 8 mins after i left the and before i realized my phone is not with me. I tried to search for it, and asked ppl about it, but i couldnt find it. Sigh.. pity that phone, though the phone 'has not really developed relationship' with me. (it's not my phone, spare phone instead)

Losing the phone actually doesnt really matter, to me. However, losing the phone becoz of me does matter. Made me feel guilty. Luckily my family didnt seem to have 'huge' reaction over it. Or they didnt show it. It makes me less guilty. Ah yea, i know why this happen. Have u heard of 'karma'? If u did good deeds u will be repaid by good things; did bad things will be repaid by bad stuffs. This was what happened to me. WHO ASKED ME TO SKIP CLASS?? lol. i dun think this will happen if i didnt skip the class. Such an Expensive lesson. Sigh...

Anyway, i'm fine. I'm not very sad. U could say i'm not sad also. Good day everyone, and dun skip class la~ 

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sudden rush home..

Another short post today, probably another meaningless one..

Like the title says, i went home suddenly today despite i still having 2 hours class tomoro. The real reason of going home, i'm not so sure. See my siblings? meet my old fren? Perhaps..

Another advantage of studying in UTP, u can go home whenever u want.. lol.,Like today.

I predicted my mom will scold me for playing truant. However, unexpectedly, my mom didnt scold me or anything, and my dad too. Probably i told them the reason i skip tomoro's class is bcoz of my bro coming back tonight. :P which is partly true.. hehe

I've some 烦恼 these days.. gotta use this weekend to 思考. hopefully i could solve the problem.. wish me luck.. and happy weekend! Puasa coming... lol. all the best to Utpians, hope u all wont starve to death. :P 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

mixed feelings..

I feel happy..

I feel anxious..

I feel excited...

What's going to happen next?

Mayb nothing.. I dunno..


Monday, August 10, 2009

Everyone shouts "Hooray!" (a weird incident, isnt it?)

Today is a happy day. I had my first class after h1n1 holiday at 9.00 am. Despite my always punctual to class attitude, i decided to go late to class today. (to eat breakfast, hehe)

Well, the main part of the story started when i entered the class. I was late for 5 minutes. Therefore, when i reached the class room, i saw my coursemates were doing something. They all looked very happy and hardworking. Without much thoughts, i entered the room and was immediately greeted by my coursemate Cheah Hui, she said: "Hooray! today got quiz." I was very happy, i looked at the lecturer who later passed me a piece of quiz paper. The lecturer told me "this is the quiz today, Hooray!".

I took the paper from him and returned to my seat. Let's see... Starting from question 1 to question 4. I didnt know how to do any of these. "Hooray!", i shouted. I looked at other cheerful coursemates around me, they all shouted "Hooray!". Nevertheless, i tried to finish the quiz with my own crappy answers. My notes were just beside me in the file, but i didnt dare to take it out and read. Because the lecturer seemed like 'glaring' everyone, "Hooray again!".

Anyway, time flies during happy moment. 10 minutes passed and it was time to submit the quiz. I happily submitted the quiz paper to the lecturer with tears of joy. Clearly, everyone was touched with this joyous moment and all drop their tears of joy. After submitted the paper, i checked through the lecture notes and found out all my answers were wrong. "Hooray!" i shouted again. The lecturer also said "Hooray!". Suddenly the whole class also screamed "Hooray!!!".

NOTE: actually, no one was verbally shouting "Hooray!". It was just an implicit sound created by everyone's mind.

After the class ended, i 'bravely' asked the lecturer to 'cancel' this quiz. Well, polite enough, the lecturer ignored me. (expected response) Suddenly everyone started to ask the lecturer for more quizzes. It was a strange moment though, the lecturer seemed surprise by our 'eagerness to learn and take quizzes'. We all knew we did badly for this quiz, and hope to have more quizzes so that the percentage carried by this quiz wil be reduced. However, our lecturer didnt seem to respond, again, he ignored us.

It was the first class of the day and it made today a Hooray-Day! "Hooray!" i shout again. Let's hope i still can get an A for this subject. haha... Wat a sad day... sigh~

Saturday, August 8, 2009

About returning to the infected school.

I returned UTP today, which is a Saturday. This surprised many people though.. even myself. Most of my friends will only return UTP on Sunday. Probably afraid of getting infected, or simply just want to have another one day holiday. H1n1 holiday was great, but meaningless. Besides watching few dramas and read some novel plus playing some games, i've done nothing. Oh yeah, glad to say, i spent 2 hours to study for the whole 1 week holiday. 

Anyway, one of the reasons i returned UTP today is to do a screening check. Since UTP seems like highly in H1n1 risk, everyone has to do a screening check before entering hostel. Well, hopefully it can stop the infection from spreading. Well, i was heading to the Main Hall for screening immediately after i reached UTP. After filling up the form, I approached to the counter. Giving him my metrics card so that he could 'identify' me. After that one of the medical officers use a tool to get my temperature. He used tat tool aiming at my forehead, and 'beeep' ! A laser beam shot into my forehead and a hole was formed at my forehead. Ignoring the pain and the blood, I took my blade and immediately killed one of them. The other medical officers tried to use the 'laser gun' to shoot me again, but he failed.

okay.. i was crapping.. Let's go back to the real story, the medical officer used the tool to take my temperature. "beep", he looked at the reading, a weird look appeared on his face. He decided to try again, "beep", an even weirder look appear on this face. Then he whispered to another medical officer, and kindly asked me to go to the corner side of the hall which was labelled 'isolated area'. My immediate response is "HAA!?? kena ar?". I dunno whether the medical officers are evil or not, coz they looked very happy to see my response. They said "BELUM tentu lagi, rehat situ dulu". lol. Never mind, then i sat at the empty isolated area. 

I'm not sure how did i feel. I was the first one to enter the isolated zone. Should i feel glad? maybe. But i'm very healthy ya.. weird.. Something HAPPY happened, i saw 3 more ppl joined me in isolated area (oh? i'm evil?) . At least i'm not lonely, after getting quarantined for 3 minutes. The officer called my name and attempted to check my temperature again. First time in my life, so nervous of checking my own temperature. After the "beep" sound coming from the tool (equipment), his face isnt tat weird anymore. Then he said I'm safe. However, his evilness appeared again, he said "satu kali lagi", i guess he really wanted me to get H1N1. (just kidding). "beep", he said i'm okay can go back loo...

Back to my house, it's empty there.. Out of 11 housemates, only 1 returned. Empty UTP... sigh.. UTP reopens loo... still in holiday mood tim.. Zzz... 

Friday, August 7, 2009

lonely Tesco

Woke up around 12.30 pm, it made me delayed my lunch till 3pm. And yeah, i went to Tesco today. Well, it really isnt any special event, so let's make this more interesting. This will be my first time using photo blogging.. lol.


  1. lunch
  2. buy present

On the way to Tesco,  A 'L' driver driving kancil in front. Quite slow.. but i didnt bully him.

Reaching Tesco, gotta get a parking..

Eat KFC for lunch first.. It's quite empty.. Who eats KFC at 3pm by the way?

Yea yea.. the zinger is there.. but my wedges were still pending.. I waited so long for it. Sigh.. low efficiency. Anyway, i was eating alone. But i'm not the only loner. There are 3 more persons eating alone.. haha.

I chose my favourite Zinger burger.. Yay.. Why rm7.20 only? Coz the waiter said i'm a very nice person, so he gives me discount. Just kidding.. I didnt include the soft drink, since it's pretty bad for health. No point drinking it. So, it probably saves me around Rm1.80 like tat

After finished eating, i went to toilet. As u can can see, U could notice how clean the toilet is. It doesnt have any tissue papers around. The toilet bowl aso in its most complete form. Everything is flushed, there's clean water inside the toilet bowl. And the hose is put nicely. Everything is very tidy. (notice that i was just being sarcastic)

Then i went to these places to buy present.. Honestly i dunno wat to buy at first. No clue at all. Furthermore i was quite poor nowadays, Only hope to buy something in lower budget. For ur information, I bought things from all those places.

Finished buying loo~ GO back to my cute car.. hehehe

On my way home, there's this car who suddenly halt. Gave me a fright. SO i must capture its picture. lol. Got another irritating motorcylist tried to suicide. It's not his fault to attempt suicide. Just the way he is doing it was wrong. If he wanted to suicide, he shouldnt involve me in it by causing the accident. Well.. luckily i knew his plan, and i intelligently avoided. The motorcyclist obvioiusly had his suicide plan failed. Well, too bad for him. Anyway, he was too fast. And i couldnt take a picture of him. Too bad~ lol

Very boring while waiting for traffic light, so take a picture. :P
(must have at least one pic of me in the blog ma)
Take a picture of my hand and car steering before i parked my car. C that right side there, there was my mask.. but i didnt wear it la.. :P

So i reached home safely and happily.. Bought present and ate KFC. happy day indeed.

Thank for reading.. lol

Monday, August 3, 2009


今天, 想跟大家分享幸福的感觉。 虽然每个人所感受的幸福或许是不一样的,但我相信大家都有经历及感受过幸福吧。

对我而言,其实幸福很简单。幸福是一种心灵感受,让你不仅开心、兴奋,也带种平和、清静、满足的感觉。 你是否每天感到幸福? 没有吗? 再仔细想想。

对我而言,其实幸福很简单。幸福可在很多日常生活中许多琐屑的活动里获得。 或许你不觉得,但请你深入地想一下,你也许会认同。

对我而言,其实幸福很简单。当你入睡前,那抱住枕头的那一刻,你感到幸福吗? 我感到。就算那抱住枕头的那个人并不是我,我也会替他/她感到幸福。 世上有多少人无法睡在床铺上,更何况抱枕头,枕头对他们来说,简直是奢侈。而你我,每夜能抱着枕头睡,享受它给我们的舒适、温暖, 你能说你不幸福吗?

对我而言,其实幸福很简单。肚子饿了, 想吃点什么的。在你吃任何食物时,都该感到幸福。 比较下你现在吃的食物与穷人吃的食物,你就了解你有多幸福。有几种食物可以给我最高的幸福感,其中的是:芝士, 麦当劳, 爱心汤,糖水如红豆水等。需要进一步解释幸福吗? 不用了吧。

对我而言,其实幸福很简单。当你生病时,有人问候你、关心你; 当你生日时,有人祝贺你、为你庆祝;当你失落时,有人安慰你、支持你;当你快乐时,有人一起分享、为你高兴。 这些都让我觉得很幸福,他们都有个共同点,就是关怀。 无论什么时刻,当你能感到别人对你的关怀,让你知道其实你并不孤单,若这不是幸福,是什么?

幸福对你而言是什么呢? 当你能抱着枕头睡, 有足够的食物饮品,感到别人的关怀,你还奢求些什么呢? 所以,无论你多伤心难受、多痛恨不满、多羡慕嫉妒,提醒下自己,你还是幸福的



Thursday, July 30, 2009

UTP closing??

Recently i've heard so much rumours on utp is closing due to h1n1 stuff... Soo many... And sooo many people hope that to happen.. duh~~

Actually, when i first came utp, it appears to be a peaceful, healthy, uninfected place... Even, from time to time, people get quarantined when they got fever, or their roommates were in the fever.. I'm not surprised. Even one of my friend get quarantined for having fever but he recovered few days later.

Things get serious when our nearby neighbout, UiTM was closed due to H1n1... Well, it certainly makes so many ppl in UTP happy, including me. They happy because they hope UTP will 'do the same thing'. The reason i'm happy was different. It was because one of my lecturers is the part time lecturer from UiTM. It was quite pleasant that due to this incident, he cancelled one of our classes (without replacement).

Well, UTP still appears to be a harmony place except the rumours getting stronger and stronger. However, my confidence of "UTP is a harmony place" dropped when I see there are several places in UTP give students free masks. This action made the entire wearing masks community in UTP increases from 3% to 15%, and still increasing.. When u study in a place where everyone is wearing mask, somehow u cant feel that the place is free of infection, right?

Well, my worries came in continuously. I heard rumours like 58 ppl get quarantined, some said 66, another said 90.. well.. watever... And some said 4 suspected got h1n1, some said 5 and some said 6 confirmed cases.

If those rumours are proven true, i guess i've no choice but to see UTP closing its gate slowly, forcing us out and not allowing me to study.. I dun want a holiday! Oops... i got to modify a bit.. I dun want a holiday that we had to replace all the classes the other week.. This semester is a packed semester, please dun make it even more packed.

Let me do a short conclusion here. let's hope everyone is healthy and happy and the university wont close.. or even if it closes, we dun nid to replace our classes. lol.. Yay.. happy weekend everyone.. (i've no more classes)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Several mistakes done in this new semester

It's just the second day of the semester, i've already made some stupid mistakes out of carelessness or maybe stupidity. 

  1. Forget to bring my pillow back to my hostel!!!! swt swt.. I thought i gonna sleep without pillow this week.  Luckily, i managed to 'kutip' one pillow from UTP. Ignoring whether it was clean or not, I'm not going to make myself suffer by sleeping without pillow.  Anyway, I wrap my 'new found' pillow with my pillow case (hey, didnt bring pillow but brought pillow case. hebat me).
  2. Taking 7 subjects this sem (21 credit hours, 29 hours of class per week).  My malay coursemates said "wei han hebat sangat". lol. I think I'm "cari maut". Even after Cheah Hui (coursemate) kindly 'advised' me not to take 7 subjects, but i still insist. Lol.. 100% cari maut. I think i could cope though.. at least now i still 'BELIEVE' i can cope. (believe only)
  3.  Rejected to be a treasurer for a society. lol.. Made this decision because i am taking 7 subjects this sem. It's not easy to get into treasurer eh.. I've worked under the society for 2 years. Now was offered as treasurer, but i rejected it. Was this a stupid act? perhaps.

Today is just the second day of the sem.  Dunno why, feel quite moody currently. Perhaps, i have started to feel 'the stress of the future'. Anyway, i'm going to return home on Friday. Remind me to take my pillows. lol.   

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friends? can they be trusted?

Today, i'm going to give a lecture on friendship. Okay, first, what is friendship? How do you define friendship? Another keyword, what is friend? How do you categorize friends? ....

Ok.. tat was a lame introduction of the post. Forget bout it. This post is to share my thoughts to my friends on what friends (and friendship) mean to me. Many of us suffer frenship problem jz like one of my fren, ekj recently did. Well, u are not going to get bored hearing my thought. Coz my opinion towards frens arent ordinary one, in fact, it is quite negative. So u wont be seeing things like "i cant live without close frens", " frens are most important to me" or such. Let's begin. 

  1. What is friendship? Relationship between friends.
  2. What a friend means to u? Friend is a person who supports each other's daily life
  3. Is friend necessary? Yes, for a happier life
  4. Is friend important? Yes, for a happier life
  5. Will you die if you dont have friends? No.. We could survive, but life will be getting a bit harder
  6. Does friendship last forever? maybe.
  7. Will friend remain close to each other forever? Definitely Not.
  8. If a friend becomes distant to u, what will you feel? sad... for temporarily only

To me,  friend is just ppl around u who might share the same interest, have the same feelings, have the same stands, able to share feelings, or (in its bad form) able to get assistance or help. Some negative thinking ppl would say friends are just tools that manipulate each other to get what they want.  Wrong! (but the concept is right), i would say friends are kind people who have needs to help and support each other on their life journeys. There must be a 'purpose' for having a fren. To share feelings la, to kill time together, to support each other during hard times, to entertain each other by joking, to gain information by gossiping, ... Well, of coz there are evil intentions which would not be discussed here (eg: to manipulate u JUST to achieve something). With friends, you can live ur life happier (by sharing problem, receiving help or suggestion,  spending joyful moment together,  avoiding loneliness ...). Well, who says u couldnt survive without friends? your life can still be happy if u dun have the needs of having friends.

Let's talk about the lifespan of a friendship. Ever lasting friendship? lol.. if you still believe in fairy tales. Friendship can last forever, but not as close as before.   Honestly speaking, do u all really think ur best friend can continue being ur best friend forever? Let's challenge ur 'best friend thought' by asking urself these questions. 

  1. u can share ur secrets with ur best friend, spend time together, have some insider jokes with each other.. But, several years later, when he/she is not around (either transfer to distant working place, married, travelled) do u think two of u will still be able to share ur secrets, spend time together, have some insider jokes and do other best friends' activities?
  2. u can trust ur best friend very well. U tell him/her watever problem u are facing.. Ok, let's say.. u or him/her is involved in a crime (is an if-question), would u still believe him/her and tell him/her all ur problems like before. Can you still trust that person?
  3. u think ur best fren is very trustworthy. And in fact she is (at first). You think he/she will never betray u, so u dun keep any secret to ur best fren. Private information like ATM pin, company secret information, (be more imaginative) the location of tressure map and bla bla bla, u share them with ur best friend, believing he/she would not betray u. Yes, even ur best fren themselves thought they would not betray u. BUt, ppl would do everything when they are in desperation. Let's put this in something quite extreme. One day, ur best fren is kidnapped (captured), the evils forced him/her to betray u by intimidating on his/her life. DO u think he/she will still protect ur secret? Okay.. he/she very good fren, he/she could sacrifice for u.. BUt if the evils force them by intimidating them on their family lives, do u think they will still not betray u?
  4. Ok, another example. U one day very busy and very inconvenient to do something (eg: withdraw money). You have a very reliable fren. you give him/her ur atm pin number and card and u ask him/her to withdraw money. U probably think ur fren can b trusted, and he/she is not poor aso, wont steal my money, and even if he/she steals ur money, the amount is not tat much.. no harm. then ur fren help u withdraw money.. he/she never steals ur money coz he/she is really a trustable fren. After this 'challenge' u believe he/she is the most reliable fren u have. Ok.. several years passed, 'amazingly' u two still trust each other sooo much. And the practise of helping to withdraw money still goes on. Now, the 'desperation' comes, ur best fren's father owes ppl a lot of money and is in risk of danger. Your best fren 'well knows' u are a very stingy person. or maybe he/she knows u are going to use those money to get married or anything. They dun dare to ask to borrow from u, in desperation mode, they get ur atm card with excuse and withdraw ur money to help his/her family. When u realized it, even if he/she comes to apologize... will u forgive him/her? ok... u forgive him/her.. but will u still trust him/her tat much anymore?  

Actually there are still many things that can challenge ur trust to ur frens. U might say the examples i gave is too extreme.. But the concept is there... It's a direct comparison between ur best fren's desperation and the strength of ur frenship. If ur fren is not tat desperate, then frenship can last. If the strength of frenship is rather weak, simple inconvenience will make ur fren betray u. In other words, it depends on the level of desperation (the higher, the risk also higher) and the strength of frenship (the stronger, the risk lower)

So, lesson of the story, trust ur fren? yes.. pls.. Totally trust ur fren? No! Always reserve something, never tell them everything and every details.. A person is a friend when everything goes right, it could suddenly change from fren to stranger or enemy if 'something is not so right' due to many reasons.

Remember while u were in ur high school or form 5, or maybe form 6, feeling very sad when u have to part ways with ur best friends or close friends. Pls dun.. There is nothing to be sad about. Frankly, friends come and go. You will meet different friends in different stage of lives. Do u have any experience ur primary school best fren, becomes a normal fren or (abit better than) stranger kind of frens? Frens change according to situation. Primary school will have ur primary school frens, secondary school will have ur secondary school frens, university wll have ur uni frens, working place wil have ur working frens, society/organization will have its own frens, even after ur retirement u will have ur another 'set' of frens. Yes.. true, some frenship do able to survive in between those 'life stages'. But probably not as close as before. In fact... you might constantly changing ur 'best fren at the moment' based on ur current life stage. So, feeling sad over ur old frens? No nid, and not necessary. Everyone has to go his/her path.. No one walks along the same road together.  Friends.. come and go... they never stay forever with u.. The old ones left will be replaced by new ones (provided u are normal sociable person, but not introvert and closed minded ppl). U will get friends anywhere though u cant really judge if tat person is good fren, helpful fren, selfish fren or anything.. Even if u think tat person is a good fren, u cant guarantee he/she remains as a good fren in the future.. lol. it sounds so negative right? 

Actually, i wrote without following points.. but instead follow my own feelings to write. I'm not sure if i missed out something. i hope u get wat i mean. I will add it up if i realize i missed out something. Hehe.. cheer up. Friends arent tat bad. I must clarify.. what i said here is not that friends are very bad, very unreliable, very unpredictable, very dangerous.. Nononono.. just wan to tell u all, when something u think 'unexpected' happen like got betrayed by fren, fren bcome stranger or enemy, fren lost contact ...,  Just dun get too sad or down like the world has ended. Ppl are selfish. Self sacrificial frens are hard to find (if there's any). What i wan to convey here, is just be prepared for anything worst from ur frens.. Dun get too down or sad for frenship.. Remember, frens.. come and go.. 

Friday, July 17, 2009


Ya! i wan to customize my weblog a bit.. Any idea on how to decorate it? 


a- red yellow orange (fiery)

b- green blue (nature)

c- black white (dark, mystery)

d- combination of white and blue/green/yellow/red

e- combination of black and blue/green/yellow/red

Feel free to suggest me which to choose... 

ps: the poll widget macam cacat d.. mayb i'll try again nex time.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boredom kills

It's so boring... And it is bcoz of my own decision. Today is Thursday, few days left before I returned UTP. This short amount of holiday made me unable to do anything. 

1. i couldnt read my long long novel and i dun like to read short short novel.

2. i couldnt start watching a whole new series of dramas or animes, it'll get me addicted if i cant finish them before i return utp

3. i couldnt start a new game, same reason as number2

Maybe i should do like Shu Wei said, watch movie instead. But actually i am very lazy in choosing which movie to watch, some of them very lame one.. haha.. 

Another question, what should i eat for lunch? McD? lol.. i think it will probably be my lunch today. haha..   

let u have a glimpse at wat i'm going to eat later.. haha

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Few thoughts before my new semester starts..

Oh.. usually at this moment of time, i'm very moody. Not that I hate UTP, it's just i dun like having stress in studying especially after holiday.  Imagine those quizzes, assignments, projects, tests together pressure me to death, transforming me into a pancake (dun und? then u still need time to absorb WeiHan's style humour).

Nevertheless, I can't stop time. And i will remain as rubbish if i'm still in holiday. How many days left... Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. 4 days left only.. thinking bout tat will just make me upset. Sigh.. sienz... dun talk bout this topic.. making me moody only.

By the way, I just finished the Korean drama, boys over flower. Why would I watch it in the first place? Probably bcoz of my girl seniors and frens who keep screaming how nice it was in their msn/ g-talk. And i do agree with them, it was really not bad. Perhaps it has been a long time since i last watched any drama and series, not to mention a love drama. It certainly did touch me on some romantic scenes. Ah... I promise myself not to watch any love drama in this short while.. Made me wanting to fall in love only.. swt swt.

Back to the sienz topic, nex sem would be my second year second sem. It will be my 5th semester in UTP... time flies... It was already 2 years and half i'm studying in UTP. Still remember back then when it was 2007, I entered UTP in January. Now become 'kinda' senior d. Furthermore, the fact that i am going for internship training this end of year makes me feel even more 'senior'. I'm glad actually.. Fed up on studying, studying, studying, marks, marks, marks, and exams, exams and exams. I believe it would be an amazing experience to work and EARN money. haha.. I've never worked before. People say it's tiring. Before it's my turn to work, I gotta study very very hard for this coming semester. lol.. I mz not get very lousy result before Internship.. haha. Wei han Wei han, fighting! lol.. (copied from the korean drama i watch). 

the drama i watched.. actually the girl super cute.. lol.. but stupid.. haha. 

Sunday, July 12, 2009

result out

Result out yesterday, i checked it at 2.00 am plus. Haha.. I was so nervous tat time. I had opened the page, and the page has loaded but i don't dare to c my own result. Instead, i go commenting here and there in facebook and chat with Umates in google talk. 

However,  we need to face the reality anyway.  And I read the page.  (for the first time of 5 semesters, i revealed my result to everyone although i dunno why) 

And there u c, my first glance on the result slip is to check whether there is any 'B' character. And i didnt notice the presence of 'B's which made me a bit relieved. And then i further check whether there's an A-. And i found one, and i'm glad that it was the deadly subject i was expecting.. Still nervous, and further checking down for other A-.. Ohh no more.. final result: gpa is 3.96. Phew it was better than my worst expectation. I'm happy for it, though still feeling a bit disappointed for my grade has dropped. But yes, i'm sure i'm happy with it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


昨天临睡前静静地在床上聆听林志颖唱的〈快乐至上〉 这首歌。觉得挺有意思的。


快乐至上, 快乐才是最重要的。 就从今天起,跟悲伤说声再见吧!

不夜的星晨开始了我旅程 风在我右肩月亮在另外一边 黑夜白天我不想被困在里面

一个人悠哉得很哪 管不住的心想到哪就去哪 感觉乱有自尊好的坏的 有了爱就不怕陌生

天再高我的快乐至上呵嘿呀呵嘿呀 只要开心就好呵嘿呀呵嘿呀

风多大声藏不住我的情深 经过的城都有温暖我冰冷好人

天再高我的快乐至上呵嘿呀呵嘿呀 只要幸福就好呵嘿呀呵嘿呀

爱多大声有情人才懂分寸 翻山越领只是为了寻找心中最想的人

也许聪明的人少了一点天份 再苦再烦我活得认真

至少我会承认爱需要等一等 哭着笑着不过就是一种过程

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Penang Trip with USM frens

This trip was planned in sudden. I had fun in Penang for 4 days 4 nights, staying in U heights, at kean zhi's and his friends house. This trip was extraordinary, most activities involved going infinity. In fact, the first activity after i reached Penang and had dinner was cyber cafeing.. lol

I could say the trip was quite flexible, similar to my daily life practice - sleep late and wake up late. I was always the last to sleep and the last to wake up. I hope I didnt disturb the 'fallen' (the ppl who had already slept) but i think i did. sorry for tat. Actually, there isnt much to say about this trip as almost everyday we were just cybercafeing.. at least 5 hours per day. With Kean Zhi and Ze Hao, it makes computer gaming something very common and 'compulsory' lol. Anyway, there were times that I was alone while they were busy. Usually i would just read my chinese novel, 大唐双龙记, quite a long novel (but now i've finished it). 

Besides the ordinary cybercafeing, i had two outing activities which involved Kean Zhi, Ze Hao , Lee Ying (kz;s housemate) and my dear utp coursemate, Wen Pin. Thanks to him, who acted as the driver and the tour guide. Finally, my desire of visitng Kek Lok Shi was achieved. I had been wanting to go that temple since 2 years ago. Reason? lol. though i'm not a buddhist, i think i should at least do something to thank its favor. Favor? what favor? Actually it was like this, 3 years ago i went kek lok shi to 'pray' for my SPM result. And yea, my wish was answered and scored pretty well in SPM, therefore i wanted to return to the temple to at least say thank you. And so i did during the trip, after thanking them, my heart feels much comfortable. ;) "Yay! Mission accomplished!", i said to others.

 at the temple

After that, i accomplished my second mission, which was to try Domino's Pizza. I had never tried it before the trip. And its crust pizza was famous (or at least famous than Pizza Hut). It was nice, but could not fill stomach. Anyway, we took it as a hi-tea only. Then they took me a famous soya restaurant. There are plenty of soya products available. It was nice also, and those who havent tried should pay a visit there next time. 


the pizza and a group photo.

The second outing activity only involved Kean Zhi and Wen Pin (others are busy). Again, thank to Wen Pin, who drove us to Queensbay. We watched Transformer there, and honestly, it was nice and i think it was worth the price. We sat at the second row (we didnt book any tickets) and sadly it was not so comfy to watch. Luckily the movie was good until I had 'forgotten' the uncomfort. We had dinner in Sim Gary. This was my first time, (ipoh doesnt have) I didnt know we have to queue for that. Gave me a surprise! Luckily it didnt take too long until our turn. The food not bad also butthe price was a little bit bad. lol. 

Oh.. there was the third outing activity which involved Shi zhe (kz's housemate) as the driver, kean zhi, ze hao and lee ying. Well, nothing really happened that day. Kean Zhi housemates were planning to buy the water filter for drinking purpose. Me and Ze Hao were just 'outsiders' to this matter. But we crapped alot that day, mostly involve craps about the movie "drag me to hell". Favourite quote "I begged you, but you shame me!"lol. We Kept laughing that time.  

I slept very late all 4 nights, first day 2am, second day 3 am while third and 4th days around 5-6 am. However, the time I woke up for all 4 days were almost the same, in between 10am-12pm. It was quite enjoyable. But i felt sorry for bringing inconvenience to kean zhi's housemates. Hope they don't mind. :) 

ps: tq lee ying for the pics. :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Annual bday celebration (with the ipoh old gang)

U might not notice, but actually my posts are famous of its 'lateness'. Usually, i always delay writing the post until i got the mood. Like tonight, i have the mood to tell u all the story about our annual celebration of our birthdays. This year, it was the second time we had this bday celebration 'for ourselves' and i hope we could continue this 'tradtion' every year.

If you checked my previous posts in 2008, u might get to read the 1st annual bday celebration (my 19th bday). Actually, how we came out with this idea is based on few simple ideas. First, all of us Ipoh gang hardly have time to gather together. Second, everyone's birthday is all scattered around the year. Therefore, we decided to have this birthday celebration together. 

Actually, we were not desperate to have this birthday celebration. Well, we are not 10 years old young ppl who wish to have birthday party anymore. To me, this was just a good excuse to gather everyone together. Instead of going cyber cafe (our usual outing activities), or watch movie (sometimes our outing activity), we now have birthday celebration to keep us together. It somehow make us appreciate each other (at least to me la). Most importantly, we were all happy during the moment.

Let me start narrating the story of the bday celebration. For this year, we had our original 'members' which are talung, kah joon, ze hao, me, tet khiun, kean zhi and joon heng. But we also invited some guests... who we hope will become our permanent 'members' : guo han and xiao jen. The day was like this, early in the morning (11 am, i know it's not early d), we went to cyber cafe to play few hours until lunch hour. Then we menjemput (welcome) our invited guest xiao jen to eat lunch in Beacon Point. Anyone knows where this place is? it is located in ipoh garden east. We had seen this restaurant/cafe many times but we never tried the food there before. SO we tried the food, but we forgot to buy cake.. lol. We postponed the celebration a little while until we finished our lunch. Then only we buy the cake. But.... where are we going to have the celebration and eat the cake? We had already finished eating and left the restaurant/cafe.

The solution, which was I who suggested, was we celebrate it in Tesco Food court. lol.. And thus we celebrated our birthday in Tesco (last year in secret recipe Jusco). Because of we didnt have fire lighter (we are not smokers), our cake didnt have candles. We bought an ice cream cake! Tet khiun and I had longed to try ice cream cake for a long time. 

 the ice cream cake we bought

After that, we cut the cake... then only we realized we had not yet sung the birthday song. Well, since it was not the first time, so it was not so embarassing to do it. This is our bday song lyric:

Happy birthday to us,

happy birthday to us,

happy birthday to talung, kah joon, ze hao, wei han, tet khiun, kean zhi, joon heng, guo han, siao jen, (name orders by birthdate)

happy birthday to us!

Then we clapped for ourselves. Of course, in the process, we caught attentions from many people in Tesco.. haha..  Then we hurrily ate the cake and later bid farewell to kah joon who had to leave to fetch his sister and also siao jen.

(note: from here onwards, it sounds like a diary)

We continued to play comp games in cyber cafe until dinner time.. lol. Joon Heng didnt join us for dinner as he had to prepare for his 'trip' to KL the next day. We said goodbye to kean zhi after dinner and helped Talung push car. (lol his car battery dead). After that, it was already around 10pm. Me and tet khiun back to my house for shower while guo han and zehao back to his house.  We met again at 12am for supper in Mamak if i'm not mistaken.. then we spent overnight in zehao's house. 4 ppl but only 3 laptops, the person without laptop which was tet khiun went to slp. 3 of us played and played and continued playing untill........ 7.30 am while i couldnt stand anymore and fall into the drowzy world. Amazingly, i woke up at 10 something am and returned home to continue my sleep.. lol. The end.

Ps: i realized the annual bday celebration 2008 was not in blogspot but my old xanga blog. If u interested in bday celebration 2008, can go to this link: 


Picture taken in Tesco with nine of us and the ice cream cake. I was the darkest person there. thanks to OBS (see my previous post).