Thursday, August 11, 2011


Sometimes i really jealous with someone else.. especially when they are better than me.

Why is someone smarter than me?
Why is someone healthier than me?
Why is someone better looking than me?
Why is someone more hardworking than me?
Why is someone luckier than me?
Why is someone kinder than me?
Why is someone have better achievement than me?
Why is someone ...

I understand everyone has his/her own strength and weakness. Some people got look but no brain. Some people got brain but short life. Some people got luck but worthless.
But still, i will admire people who are better than me in certain aspects, and i hate to be inferior when compared to them. Only if I'm SUPER well rounded.. Haha. i guess i'm just too greedy.

On second thought, if i'm super intelligent, very healthy, have the best look, very lucky, have very positive characteristics, and have superb achievement.... I suppose, the world wouldn't be as interesting as it is. BUT... I dun mind! LOL


AJ said...

haha,I got the good look(beh paiseh),then I mah no brain :(

Jack said...

Jealousy can be motivation for self-improvement or self-destructive; choice is yours.