Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cameron Trip with family

Frankly, i do not intend to write this post. Too lazy to blog currently. "Then why still write this post?", you might ask. Well, I do not know. Kill time i guess. 

This trip is a temporary escape from workplace, which I desperately need it. With CNY blazing hot season, it is fantastic to cool down myself in Cameron Highland, thanks Mom for organizing it. I took a day leave for myself to prepare for the trip. I can see all my colleagues were having red eyes seeing me taking leave. I know.. They are JEALOUS! lol

Cameron Highland (to me), it doesnt seem to be affected by the global warming issue. It was still quite cool to me. To my surprise, I managed to witness snow there!! Wasnt that unbelievable!!?? Of course it is unbelievable, coz i'm lying what. hahaha.. (i gotta admit, my crapping skills level seem to decrease, sigh..) 

I wish i could show you the cool temperature tru this pic, but i couldnt

Nothing to talk about though, it is just an ordinary family trip which we spend time together with family. Something proud saying is: I did not send any message tru my hp during the trip! According to this, you could see that i really purely spend my time with my family without external interference from the outside world. It is something embarrassing also: I did not receive any message from my friends during the trip.. lol. i guess no one is missing me though.. I've been treating ppl too cruelly. Balasan, we call it.  

We stay at Heritage hotel, to my surprise, it actually costs rm258 per room per night. Wow. i did not expect that, coz it doesnt seem to have the quality comparative to that price.  It isnt bad, just not that good.  

the hotel, 4 stars i guess

For dinner, we met an unwelcoming restaurant owner. The food ma-ma-dei only, but sadly the price isnt ma-ma-dei.  Gonna post their restaurant name for that unworthy treat.  I hope i wont make them bankrupt, it was not my original intention though. ( i just want them to have bad businesss. wahhahakaakka~ just kidding, i am kind.. :P )


this is the shop, try not to make it 'zap lap'

Worth to notice, there was traffic jams in the Cameron highlands.. So, remember to buy biscuits and sweets when you go to Cameron.. And maybe some poker cards to kill time during the jam. Another suggestion is to bring Tarot cards, can menilik nasib while driving, so cool.. 

some irritating gem. oops, i mean jam.

Okay la, enough crap for now. goodbye~ 

just to include a pic with myself. no special purpose. :P