Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stunningly Light, Powerfully Beautiful

I finally got my new laptop! It costs me (my dad to be exact) for RM2899 although the market price is around RM3000-RM3100. Let me briefly explain to you the reason of its pricing by listing out the features.

  1. i5-480M Processor, 2.66GHz - i5 is considered to be quite sufficient for normal usage. 
  2. 4gb DDR3 RAM - Nothing much special. Laptop nowadays usually has 4gb ram which is quite sufficient for smooth usage.
  3. geforce 310M Graphic Card - Not a very powerful graphic card. It is actually quite embarrassing to say that this is a good graphic card. Perhaps it is just enough to play games that is released recently in medium or low resolution. Laptops of price range RM2k usually have better graphic cards than this.
  4. USB 3.0 - Only the newer laptop and expensive-er laptop has this feature. We can't deny that in the future, USB 3.0 is going to be something very common.  
  5. Weight of 1.66kg - Perhaps this is the most expensive feature of the laptop. Light and mobility. It is one of the slimmest laptop available (1.9cm) and it provides a long battery life (6-9 hours).

As I mentioned earlier, it's not exaggerating to say that low weight is the most expensive feature of the laptop. For those who are not so pro in computing world, it is the limiting factor of all the other features. In fact, usually the low weight laptop (netbook) has very limited processing power. In other words, usually the laptops have slower speed because of factors such as cooling, power reservation and others. But for this laptop, to be both "stunningly LIGHT and POWERFULLY beautiful", it's not an easy task. Same to the graphic cards, the more powerful graphic cards usually are bigger and take more space and require better cooling systems. Therefore, the graphic card of this laptop can't be too powerful. Anyway, this laptop has actually 2 graphic cards, Intel HD for weak graphic usage but consume less energy while NVDIA GEForce for higher graphic requirement but no power reservation. It is a pretty cool feature to have switchable graphic cards though.

Before i bought this laptop, I actually have a little dilemma in choosing between this laptop and another better performance laptop which costs even cheaper (RM100 cheaper). The other laptop has i7 processor which is super duper cool and GEForce 540m which is a graphic card much better than mine. The only weakness is that laptop is bulky and does not support USB 3.0. Well, it is very tempting to buy that one due to its cool feature. i7 processor wei! and 540m graphic card! Two great features in such reasonable price. But the reason i chose to purchase this laptop instead is because: firstly, according to experts, i7 wouldn't give much difference to i5 processors in terms of speed. The difference wouldn't be too obvious to the eyes of the users. In other words, we can't really feel the fastness of i7 processors over i5 processors. Secondly, we all know laptop isnt going to be great for gaming. So, i decided to take this laptop with lower graphic capability to enjoy the benefit of light weight. For gaming purpose, maybe desktop in the future? let's just see how in the future.

Okay, the long awaiting part of the post: pictures! enjoy~

Isnt it slim?

Quite cool, isnt it? :D

The Front

When I said slim, i meant it!

Last Picture of the Post


Superbearman89 said...

super cool ~~~

Talung said...

ok wo...not as diulian as i thought

Xjion89 said...

waaaa, so canggih~~
mine is still core 2 duo >< ~~
after i bought, a few months later, i core came out~~ so sad...hahahha~