Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reflecting Thoughts 24/5/11

Totally wasted my 'today', I guess I'd been playing pc game for like 80% of the day. My plan to read novels and watch movies/series was ruined. Partly due to my 'borrowed' netbook; the size of the netbook really demotivated me from reading ebook and watch movies. This really triggers my desire to buy new laptop even more. I want a new laptop!!! But... Patient patient Wei Han!

KL 'Trip"

Just came back from KL yesterday, had two job interviews which I didn't really perform quite well. But I doubt if I could do better given the circumstances. Whatever la, I'd tried (maybe not my best though) but it certainly wouldn't make me regret for it. If the job is meant for me, then it will never run away. (One of the best ways to make one feels better is to pass the responsibility to fate or god, haha)

Overall, the KL trip can be considered un-smooth. Things were not so fluent in a way. The heavy rain, the delayed traffic, the bad seat in the train, the awkwardness with a friend, the emoness of a friend, the not-so-well interview sessions, the trouble i gave to my uncle, the 'leftover' towel, the sold out movie tickets, etc... Frankly, that was one of the reasons for me to return home earlier. I actually wanted to stay till monday or if possible wednesday at first. But i didn't because I'm afraid things are going to get worse somehow. Yeah, I had gotten superstitious. -.- Anyhow, I did enjoy the trip, at least 70% of it was fun.

Back Home

Back in Ipoh, things are... usual. I'm doing the same routine almost everyday, play game here and there. And sweat, i couldn't find myself a movie-mate for Pirates of Caribbean 4. Those who I invited were all busy/unavailable/watched already/poor?? Poor was one of the stupidest excuses given. Btw, anyone wants to invite me for the movie? I pay the movie ticket for you! (I'm sure this will attract many people, but sadly, i was just KIDDING!) Nah, KL trip had made me too poor to treat people movie. Now think about it, perhaps being poor wasn't a very stupid excuse after all. haha.

Phone call

Unintentionally had a long phone call with my fren. 53 minutes! I was shocked; coz it feels like 15-20 minutes like tat only. Erm... time flies faster probably because it was a pleasant conversation? Anyway, if I knew he was on postpaid earlier, I would have ended the call sooner (although we did try to end the phone call couple of times but it ended up with another question/topic). I suppose he has to give some explanations when the phone bill comes. Sorry for that. Shouldn't make assumption that Digi Campus was the package he is using. Assume? Ass-u-me? lol.

Sleep Late Habit

It was so difficult to get rid of this habit. There's a new spark in energy when it is midnight. This is going to spoil my 'face recovery' mission. Haha. Is it fate that I am going to have a scarred, rough and ugly face? Anyway, let's think positively. Take it as a skill, the ability to stay up late. It should be quite important/useful.

Emo on Friendship Problem

Didn't intend to share about this at first. An incident in KL made me rather emo on friendship issue. Some friends are just not worth being treated nice. Having close friends might not be a good thing - something that I just realized not long ago. One quiz for you:

In this world, who is the one you can rely the most? (not Gods or Devils pls)

Give you a few seconds to think about the answer.




Okay, time's up. If your answer was someone else, then probably you are still going to hurt yourself more in the future. The answer for the question above is: YOU and only YOU! You only can depend and rely on yourself! Friends are nice... sometimes. Problem arises when friends suddenly become not so nice and... it hurts. However, if you aren't treating them very nice, you wont feel bad if they are not being nice to you. Therefore, don't be too nice to your friends. Not worth the effort!

This theory/principle is something that I always aware of but I couldn't do it. But, this time, I finally have the determination to 'be cruel to others' in order to 'be nice to myself'. Not to worry much, as mentioned in previous post, if you can make me retain my cheerful mood, I wouldn't be cruel to you. BUT... if you are still trying to irritate me while I'm emo, then please.....



Wei Han said...

i guess i had become a little bit more vulgar =.=

KahJoon_AJ said...


Superbearman89 said...

The absolute answer to your question: parents. I don't have to think. =)

mushroom said...

because ur friend is important to u, that's why u expected much, and easy to get disappointed when ur friend doesnt meet ur expectation. everyone has at least one person who is important to him. and the "emo on friendship" issue is normal, don't be upset. cheer up ^^

sarah said...

wow, first time seeing you using "fuck off"!!! somehow, this is the real violence you is it?? hahaha