Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lesbians and Guilt

On the way back to my room after I had my lunch, i saw two lesbians holding hands. This is not the first time I saw it, and I think it is disgusting. The picture of them holding hands together was just awful. I'm not discriminating their sexual orientation, it's just that I hope they can try not to reveal it so openly. It doesn't matter what they want to do in their house or what, but displaying it so publicly just makes me sick. Especially both girls are tom-boy types with spiky hairs and baggy attire. How should i describe? It's like seeing two girls pretend to be like guys and have a gay relationship, covering both transsexual and gay relationship. Seeing that sight easily spoil my great mood for the day.

We were at the same elevator with some of their friends. And once the lift reached my floor level, i couldn't wait to get out of that lift. However, one of their friends was blocking the way, which in my opinion is kinda stupid. Coz she was like standing at the middle of the elevator gate and she doesn't have even a slight intention to give way. However, before I started to growl "excuse me", one of the lesbians tries to indicate her friend to give way, and so she did give way (though it was more like me squeezing through a tiny space gap in between to get out). After getting out of the lift, on the way heading back to my house, I was thinking these few questions:

Why did I disapprove them so much? are they being lesbians something very wrong?
Why did I hate them? and they didn't even try to slightly offend me.
Why did I so care about them being tomboy and les? It's none of my business. Plus, they have their own choices.
What if they are good people? Even if they are les, they certainly can be very nice people as well.
What if I misunderstand them? If they aren't lesbians? What gives me rights to comment them this way?

So, it turns back to the same question. Why did I hate them? They have not offended me, nor do I think lesbians are sinful since everyone has their own right to choose their path(i'm free thinker). Even if they are lesbians, they can be good people as well. And why should I hate any kind of good people in that case? If they aren't lesbians but just close friends who hold hands all the time, the comments I gave just now must be hurtful. And  merely because of my initial judgment and wrong perception, it just made me disapprove the two girls so much! It makes me feel Guilty! very guilty. I understand the power of humans' perception, it can simply leads us to a wrong or bad conclusion. In this case, I'm lucky that I 'realized' that I'm being biased to them. But... in our lives, how many times would we 'realize' that we are being unfair to the others due to our own perceptions. All the while, we only blame, criticize and disapprove others but never question our own thinking. I think I learned a vital lesson here: never rely on our initial judgment and biased perception. I hope I can remember this incident and apply it in many other situations in the future. Yeah, I'm just HOPING, coz we all know that, it is not EASY to apply this in our lives. I hope you all learn something from here too.


AJ said...

good to have those 'realize' :)
I do think that it is their right to choose,and not necessary to be bad if they choose to love same sex...

Xjion89 said...

yup, just stay open mind~
it is afterall their choice~

Superbearman89 said...

Will you leave your friends if they are gay or lesbian? think about that. i'm open minded, but please don't french kiss in front of me. =.="

Mr Lonely said...

yeah... freedom of becoming who they want lo~

AJ said...

@superbearman: hahahaha!they wont french kiss in front of u,but will french kiss u directly!!muahaha!but u are right,most important is how u treat ur friend who came out to u,will u just leave them beccoz of that prob?!I wont....

ivan21510smile said...

curious on what is your comment about guy holding hand on each other, disgusting too?

Wei Han said...

@bearman, i wont. sexual orientation has no direct impact towards a friendship, except the case where that particular friendship turns into romance.

@ivan, yeah. i would get sick of seeing that sight. but i'm not going to criticize it or discriminate it. it's their choice, though i hope they can try not to reveal that to the public so openly.