Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Game: Squeeze the Hell Out of Ya

Today, without realizing, I participated an awesome game, called Squeeze the Hell Out of Ya. Let me slightly explain the details about this game:

Game: Squeeze the Hell Out of Ya

Game Conditions: LRT stopped working.

Game Preparation: Each participant is required to stand at the origin station for 30 minutes, doing nothing.

Game Procedure:
  1. When the LRT finally arrived, try your best to squeeze and crush other passengers inside the LRT. Consider yourself LOSE if you couldn’t manage to squeeze in.
  2. Once you squeezed in to the LRT, try to get into a combat mode posture. The LRT will stop around 3-10 minutes at every other LRT stations, at that time, try to survive being squeezed and crushed by other participants. Because the squeezing process might take a long time, do advise you to slowly enjoy the process of being crushed.  If you broke ur bones during the process, consider yourself LOSE.
  3. Survive your way until you reach the destination. Fight for oxygen with other participants. Consider yourself LOSE if you fainted due to insufficient oxygen. (Warning: not suitable for participants with asthma)
  4. Upon reaching destination, try to bombard your way out of the station. Remember to be grateful and prepare your winning speech that thank people who supported you all the way during your game. You may cry, but make sure you bring your own tissue to wipe out the tears.”

So, I joined this game with a lot of expectations. Firstly, I stood for 30 minutes, slowly absorbing the vitamin D given from the sunlight. Then, the LRT finally came, and I succeed to squeeze and crush the other passengers in it. The sense of achievement was so great. Then in each and every station, I was being squeezed and crushed by others. It’s like a good training to my body, it helps to withstand pressure and perhaps serves as a basis to future Yoga practice. Finally, fighting for oxygen was good to lung activity, because it tries to help you to breathe in with less air, so that when there is insufficient oxygen in the future, you can survive. I found that all the activities of this game was quite helpful... until there’s some unexpected complication happened at Damai Station.  

Origin, Complications and Destination

As you can see, my origin station was Wangsa Maju while my destination is KLCC. While I was having fun playing the game, the excitement was gone when I reached Damai Station. This is because the game got ‘fatal error’! Originally, the game should end at KLCC station. But due to the fatal error, the game was aborted at Damai Station. In the LRT, we heard from PR system saying that Damai will be the last station. The train will reverse back to Wangsa Maju instead of proceeding to KLCC. Shocked by the news, I rushed out from the train (by bombarding my way out) and I met some of my similarly unfortunate friends who are also the participants of the game. Since it was just 2 stations away from KLCC, we decided to take taxi/bus/walk to KLCC station.

However, the reality is cruel. There were many unsatisfied participants were trying to get taxi already. Since I’m generally a very very gentleman person, so I don’t fight with the other participants, I generously let them get into the taxis. So, we waited for bus, and finally we saw a bus that will go to KLCC. Excited, Happy, Relieved mood…….. was gone when the bus didn’t even stop for us (it was way too full). We wanted to walk, but it was separated by a highly dangerous highway. So, the game turned into disaster; we have no other ways but to wait for the game to be fixed (back and wait for LRT).

Surprisingly, the game was fixed, and the LRT was back to its normal service. However, there are too many people lining up ahead. Most of us admit that we adi LOSE in the game, as we couldn’t manage to squeeze in the train. Every train can at most squeeze in one person at each gate only.  So, being a brilliant person, we backtracked to the previous LRT station, which is Dato Keramat station and try our luck there to squeeze in the LRT. And guess what, we succeeded! We crushed some people’s bones in the lrt and managed to get in. We managed to bombard our way out to KLCC too!

As a result for this story, we were late to the office since we were like stuck at the game for 2 hours. And we concluded that this wonderful game should run more testing before it is released out to the participants. More Alpha and Beta testings are required. I hope the RapidKL people will take my advice. 


HeXagon said...

Hahaha! I like this post - Well said! All hail the squeezing game!

mushroom said...

sometimes LRT problem occurs, later, u'll get used to it haha. i like the way u tell the story :P but why u choose to stay too far from KLCC? last time i stayed in Dato Keramat, not very far from klcc, and rental's quite ok

Jack said...

If I ever work in KL, I will drive and avoid using public transport during peak hour. Stuck in traffic jam is much better than getting "molested", smelling others' body odour and at high risk of losing your wallet to pickpocket.