Saturday, June 9, 2012

Inspiring Conversation with my boss

Once upon a time, okay well, i actually remember the time, it was december 2011, my 38-years-old boss and I were having an outstation duty around Pahang. And since I was quite a fresh employee that time, we carpooled in his car.

SUDDENLY, we came across a theme park. There was a big dinosaur trying to eat us. I urged my boss to drive faster.. Luckily, the dinosaur didn't see us. Phew.. we managed to escape from dinosaur. Thank god!
Okay.. needless to say, that was a crap, now back to the real story below:

SUDDENLY, we came across a secluded land (area) with a lot of trees nearby which looks kinda creepy. And so the conversation between my boss and I began:
Me   :  Hey.. (pointing to that area) what's that place?
Boss :  (shaking his head) Dunno. Probably just a parking place.
Me   :  Actually, I know what's that place. (with a mysterious tone, my close friends would know how it sounds like)
Boss : You know? (surprised tone) What's that place? 
Me   : Once upon a time, there were 7 pretty ladies stayed there. 
Boss : Oh really?
Me   : However, they were witches and they performed ritual every night to summon the spirits of the tree.

(Before my boss spoke out any word, I resumed..)

Me   : They performed countless times of the ritual, but the summoning wasn't successful. So, they gave up and killed themselves. The End. (giving out a sad sigh)

(pause for a while)

Boss:  Very inspiring story~

LOL! Out of so many responses that I was expecting, "Very inspiring story~" was totally something out of my expectation. Hey, where can you get such a nice boss that you could even crap to? I'm jz lucky!

ps: the mysterious tone i mentioned above also known as the crappy tone, whenever i use that tone, my friends will know exactly that my next sentence will definitely be a crap.