Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hey, let's find a day to meet up.

"Hey, long time no c, find one day yum cha lo"
"Where are you now? I'm there too, maybe one day we can meet up"
"Perhaps someday we can watch movie together"
"Let's try to meet up and have lunch one day.."

I think I'd said that countless times. However, it's just 'saying' but there's no actual implementation of the 'saying'. Perhaps it has become one of the favourite line in a typical conversation. Or maybe those words are free to use, so i've been using it so many times without restriction.

Anyway, i did meet up with some close friends this weekend; and i really did enjoy hanging out with them. Hope our friendship wouldn't fade so easily.

By the way, let me say something that is out of the topic. As i mentioned in facebook, i had a weird dream yesterday night. lol. It was.... I also dunno how to describe. In that dream, I am actually receiving advices from non-existent dream friends on... which brand of condom is better to use. LOL. I dunno why i had such dream... It's just a short scene though, and that's the start and the end of the dream. Sorry to disappoint you if you do expect more plots from the dream. haha


AJ said...

maybe is the time for some sex??hahaha