Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lessons learned from Titanic

Titanic is such a great movie... besides its story of romance and its historical value, there are so much messages in it. Reallly one of the greatest movie, I'm sure you will learn additional lessons whenever u repeat watching it. These are some of the messages i observed and remember:

  1. When Titanic leaves the port, those people who are aboard have no idea they are heading to the path of deaths while the people who couldn't go on board are envy of people who could. Can you tell who's fortunate and who's unfortunate now? Can we certain that the situation we are in are worse than the others whom you envy?
  2. Rose is the lady.. the lady of the family, of high class family where every lady is expected to behave like a lady. Be gentle, polite.. and restricted. The mens are talking bout business and money on the ship. The third class peoples are having fun in their own parties, beers, dances and songs.. Who lives a happier life?
  3. What the boss said could be wrong, and sometimes we had to insist on our stands. The boss asked to speed up the ship, and there it goes.. unable to make a halt or turn in time to avoid the iceberg. 
  4. The world has always consist of 2 kinds of people, the noble ones and the selfish ones. Most people are selfish, i admit i would do whatever i could to stay alive. The crews on the ship are admirable, including those who serve people, who gave ppl the life jackets, who coordinate the escape, who play the music.. they all died, with honour. Those who survived by doing improper actions are bound to deal with their guilt forever. Thus, make sure we did not do things that we were ashamed of, die honourably is better than live shamefully.
  5. Everyone is touched by the romance between rose and jack, and think of rose's mother and fiancée as the villain. From their point of views, if you are Rose's mother.. definiltey you would do the same. hope the daughter married to a financially strong man while saving the family situation, with element of sacrificing her daughter marriage. And if you are rose's fiancee, what the hell! ur fiancee is having an affair with another guy. And you actually didnt really do anything wrong that deserves that. (the act of violence comes up after Rose's been hanging out with Jack) I would have taken the gun and shoot the guy as well.. or perhaps the woman.. if i'm really in anger.
  6. Bribery exist in every kind of situation. Human nature of greed. But in times of desperate moments, even bribes would do no effect in those situations.  
  7. While clinging on the 'board' waiting for helps, jack keeps on encouraging and motivating Rose to stay strong, stay alive. Well, did Rose support Jack to keep strong and stay alive? More than half of his body is still in the water.. and he didnt complain bout being cold, and tired. what he did instead was to try his best to encourage and support rose while forcing her to make a promise to not give up. Jack sacrifices unconditionally.. and for Rose's part, do not always think of receiving.. think of the people who are giving actually need the exact same thing they are giving. 
That's all came out from my mind at the moment. I'm sure there are so much more hidden lessons in it, that i've mis-looked or forgotten. Feel free to share out what others messages you obtain from it, if not stated here.