Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Layout (and new laptop on the way!)

Tada! A new layout again. Say goodbye to the colourful greenish layout last time; we are going for something darker this time. No specific reason for choosing this template. In fact, I believe I am going to change the layout again... pretty soon. haha.

And yes! Finally ordered a laptop! I really miss the moment when I really own my personal laptop last time. Too bad, my previous lappie was dead, suddenly and miserably. But like the old saying goes, new things wouldn't come if old things aren't gone. It's time to welcome my new laptop... SO looking forward to see my new laptop... which is going to arrive in 3 days perhaps? Stay tuned... (if you even bother to find out)


AJ said...

what brand u ordered??dell ar??sony??or acer??or my asus?!OR MAC?!!!!!!!!!

mushroom said...

nice layout, it looks so professional :)