Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friends Forever

When it comes to "friends forever" these 2 words, there are only 6 friends in my mind. They are the friends that I truly confident that we could be friends forever, and probably close friends forever. They are my high school friends, in fact, I'd blogged about them few months/years ago too. (Click here to check out the post if you are interested).

Well, not to say that all my other friends, including you (who isnt one of them) couldn't be bff with me. It's just that I do not have much confidence on it happening. Any kind of relationship requires constant nurture for it to work, so does friendship. For 6 of them, I think our friendship with them is going to last forever.

It's quite a random post actually. I've spent some time with few of them recently, and it kinda struck me to write this post. Too bad hjh and kz weren't here; it would be great if they were here. We could have done our annual mass bday celebration if they were in Ipoh. Anyway, I did enjoy hanging out, wasting time or even pillow talking with them, especially in my boring-est holiday ever. What can I say? It's been all these years where most of us walk a very different path from each other. And see what happens now, we are still close friends! some of us are even closer than before. We know that each of us has our own gang in campus or societies, but we are still remain intact. This is something that we should be glad with.

It's not that we are the most caring friends  ever; it's not that we have greatest characteristics and personalities; it's not that we are totally selfless in treating each other. No no no, sometimes we don't bother to care about others when we are truly busy; sometimes we dislike some characteristics of one of us; sometimes we are very selfish in protecting our self interests. But still, I love them, they are still my best gang of friends. Why?

The answer is simple. It's the pleasure it gives when we hang out or have activities together. There's not much of a passive feeling like sadness, stressed, nervous, anxious, despair... etc. There's just simply joy when we hang out. Thank god that each of us has quite a sense of humor (in quite a different way) that could make us smile or even laugh out loud. A simple joke, a random crap, a sudden action/reaction or a shared experience can just easily make our days happier. I'm a typical hedonist, someone who seeks happiness as the main goal of my life. What else could I expect from my friends apart from happiness? They have all given me all I need from friends!

Another reason that I like this gang of friend very much is I can pretty much be myself in the gang. And I don't need to 'think too much' on their behaviour or reactions. They have known what kind of person I am since long time ago and I know what type of person they are. Although we do change a little bit overtime to adapt to the cruel social world, but the inner self, the basis of us remain unchanged when we face each other. We could be more mature compared to last time but we are still crappy; we could be more serious than last time but we are still very playable. And I don't really need to be careful of what I said and what i did. I don't need to filter each and every word and sentence i say to make sure it wont cause problems to myself. I don't need to suspect and have doubt over the honestly and sincerity of their words. I don't need to worry that I got backstabbed by them. I don't need to rethink a few more times if their words carry some hidden meanings. I don't need to do all those. I just need to be myself and that's it.

Yes, there are misunderstanding, disapproval and conflicts between us. However, there is also tolerance, forgiveness and intimacy among us. we will be BFF (Best Friends Forever), won't we?  ;)

At Kopitiam Parade
In the car

and Joon Heng, we still miss you

and of coz kean zhi who forfeits his holiday for some meaningless 'internship' program. fast fast return ipoh~


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