Sunday, June 26, 2011

I am back! (from the world of novel)

Hi everyone! I'm sure you all are pleased to know that I finally return to this world of reality. After my continuous effort to finish the novel which has 4,686,171 words (of course i didnt count the words, it's written in the description), finally I managed to bid farewell to the world of novel and come back to this ... world.

As mentioned earlier, I realize that staying in the world of novel really makes me lose the 'human touch'. Basically, I'm too concentrate in reading till I actually purposely ignore others' messages or sms. And even to parents too, I'm usually too tired to talk to them while i was not reading. The only time I talk to them was during dinner time. And obviously, my style of reading is definitely a eyes-destruction move. I could really feel the strain of my eyes especially at night when I often continuously read for 7 hours non stop. Staring at laptop for 7 hours is okay, but keep on reading the small words in laptop no doubt gives a bigger pressure to my eyes. I think my eyes are probably .. spoilt.

Due to all these reasons, I've decided that I wouldn't start reading another long novel in this short while. It's too destructive to my eyes, health and social life. But i would have to admit that it was indeed a very very very very enjoyable activity to do. Can you imagine that I'd stopped playing any computer games for 3 days? What a miracle power!

Anyway, I'm back. It's time for me to read your blogs and reply the comments. haha.


mushroom said...

which novel is it?

Wei Han said...

it's chinese novel. haha