Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Say hi to Penang

Sunday monday tuesday... Wow. It has been 3 days I'm staying in sister's house at Penang. I followed my parents and bro to visit sis on Sunday but while they were going back home on Monday, I'm staying here in penang for a few more days to kill some time and disrupt some boring routine I have at home. 

Frankly, my plan was to go home today (Wednesday) but I decided to stay a few more days in Penang. Why? I plainly enjoy the moment here, the new atmosphere and environment, different people to interact and well, the travelling mood. This is much better than the boring routine I have at home: play computer games from day till night. However, there is just one little disadvantage with my changed plan: money! Travelling costs money definitely! and the main problem is.. i dun mind spending those money. In other words, I'm not having much of a 'save money' mode when I am travelling. (I guess i gotta tie my stomach after i've finished travelling)

Nothing much i did actually. Besides having family time with my beloved parents and siblings on Sunday and part of the Monday, I did manage to meet up with my high school friends and uni-mates. Having great time together, eating great meals on lunch and dinner (and spent damn much money on them) and of course, spending valuable time at cyber cafe for DoTA again... :-/ In case you dunno, travelling to KL and Penang just for the purpose of playing DoTA with friends at cyber cafe is not an uncommon thing to me. And yeah, we did pawn a lot of players and getting pawned quite a few times too. 

And yeah, another activity that i'd done here is going for Facial Treatment. And omg! It hurts!!! And yeah, my face is now full of scars, really in a no-face-to-c-ppl condition. Therefore, I think, you wouldn't see any more pictures of me taken since yesterday, lol. Not going to take ugly picture of myself.(unless i photoshopped it) :P The facial mistress's words do make me realize the importance of taking care of my face. But too bad, I don't have that much money to buy her products. Perhaps after i start working, i should consider investing a lil bit bit of money and effort in taking care of my appearance. 

Well, i kinda look forward to today's lunch. My sister told me this awesome dim sum buffet that we are going to go for today's lunch. You may check the details here: It's kinda cheap for a buffet price and it's buffet of dim sum. yummy! I swear I'm definitely going to eat the dim sums in such way that the money I paid for it is going to be worthy! (going to do some cost benefit analysis tomoro, in calculating how many dim sums should i take to offset the costs)

Doesnt feel like uploading any pictures here. Wait till i go home la. Have a nice day, my dear readers! :D


KahJoon_AJ said...

wah!went to penang to do facial ar??!!!hahaha....I wanna see ur face now!!!!!!!:P

Xjion89 said...

btw, dun eat too much kuay teow ooooo~~~~hehehehehe~~~