Thursday, September 30, 2010

Psychological Test

Answer the questions using ur instinct, dun think too much.
1. During dinner, there's a table of food, what's the first food comes into your mind?

2. When you are going to sleep, an unknown number calls, will you pick up the phone?

3. You awake at the midnight, and you hear sound of a little girl crying outside your room, you open the door and what do you think you will see?.

Please answer the questions above before you read the bottom.

1. If the first food comes into your mind is western food, means you like western food.
    If the first food comes into your mind is chinese food, means you like chinese food.
    If the first food comes into your mind is malay/indian food, means you like malay/indian food.

2. If you pick up the phone, means you are willing to pick up the phone.
    If you dont pick up the phone, means you are not willing to pick up the phone.

3. If you see a ghost, means you believe in ghost.
    If you see a normal little girl crying, means you believe in normal little girl crying.
    If you see nothing, it DOESNT mean you believe in nothing.

I hope this psychological test helps you all understand yourself better. LOL!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a little emo for unknown reason.

I am feeling a little emo for unknown reason. Usually, I would guess that the emoness is related to academic. But i feel there's more than that. Something else is bothering me, but i do not know what the something is. This is annoying. z.z

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Luck Huh?

I thought i become stupid after internship. Not only stupid, but lazier too. Basically the equation of studies is like this:

Academic Performance = Smart * Hard Work (Effort spent on studying)

In other words, to achieve the same result, smart people don't need to study that hard while not-that-smart people have to study harder. And now, refer to the first paragraph, i have not only bcome stupid'er but also lazier. Hmmm.. based on the equation, my academic performance should be dropped like shit. BUT, amazingly, it didn't. Good luck huh?

Perhaps i'm not that stupid as i thought. My intelligence somehow remains after all those rotten days. Quite unlikely, but possible. Or maybe I'm not that lazy as i thought. But that's impossible, i know how lazy i am. Or the last possiblity is due to pure luck?

Honestly, for the first test, I scored quite well, better than i expected. If you count the average, out of three tests i actually score an average mark of 9.8/10. Frankly, i was a bit amazed by myself. And i admit that i didnt study very hard. So what? i am still smart or i'm just lucky?

I knew being arrogant will later has its consequences. And after i got an A for my internship, I don't really have much worries (except for the annoying project). Should I continue rotting myself? Well, i know the answer in rational wise, moral wise, society wise and common sense wise, the answer is no. But..  

Back to issue, i think it is really just lucky.. I can foresee some A- this semester. It's time to drop my cgpa, or like some fellows said, "it's time to balance up your cgpa"  Balance up? Balance down will be more appropriate.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog Name Changed

Obvious, isn't it?  I just changed my blog name.
Doesn't it sound more adult?  I'm already 21... Dunno why, feel a bit sad when i typed that sentence. haha.
Oh yeah, i will also add label to every blogpost now. So you can kind of guess what kind of content it is about.

Btw, happy mooncake festival! :-)

by Wei Han

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Resident Evil Dream

This awesome dream happened last night. In the beginning of the dream (at least i thought it was the beginning), I was in this room. Many green waste and bad odour. Well, i was in a dream (which i dunno at that moment), i totally dunno why was i there and what i were doing there. I saw a few of my friends or colleagues (i knew i know them, but they arent anyone in the real world), they are cleaning up the place. I dun exactly know what activities they are doing. Then, there is this warning or reminder to tell us something like final reminder thingy.

I felt sick, it's hard to explain, a bit hard to breathe and wanted to cough and vomit or so. So, i wanted to get some fresh air. I opened the door to the exit, which i wondered why was it so hard to open. Then i went out, and i saw my colleagues all yelled at me. but i couldnt hear them... And suddenly, i mean really suddenly, i know what all these are about. We are infected with virus, we are supposed to stay at the room to self 'cleaning', yeah, i mean suicide so that the virus will not get spreaded to outside world.

I wanted to get back to the room, but it was too late, the door couldnt be opened anymore. And cruel indeed, i saw my friends in the room were all burned alive. I was not really sad at the moment, though i could somehow heard their scream of pain. I felt guilty, coz literally, i spread the virus to the outside world. I continue coughed a while, and have the feeling of nausea. I gotta tell someone else, and i looked like a zombie. I went to the main gate and trying to search for someone that i could tell what had happened. But they are just general public, and i do not know them, so i fainted a while on the ground.

I woke up due to the strong flashes, i opened my eyes and found many reporters taking picture in front. and there are a huge crowd staring at me with police or so. Yeah, yeah, i know i look like a zombie but i was not yet a zombie. Anyway, i found the company's CEO or what among the crowd. She definitely looks like a resident evil character. Anyway, i was still inside the building and the crowd was outside the building separated by the main gate. The CEO came forward and talked to me (she knows me, we are friends, i guess). Then i told her what happened, about the experiement failure, and the virus spread and what she should do. And i feel like dying.

She nodded her head and back away.. After i achived my mission, which is telling the last words, i stop struggling and lie down and died. And here's the part i woke up from dream. Awesome dream right? Luckily i didnt continue dreaming seeing how i bcome zombie and bite ppl and transform other ppl to zombies and continue bite ppl's scene. that will be a geli, even though the zombie is myself.

This story actually brings me some meaning. In some of the cases, we made mistakes accidentally but not intentionally. It's who to be blamed if things happen like that? Hmm.. i certainly blame myself for causing the virus spread. but.. by blaming myself, how does it help the situation? it doesnt. And since it already happens, what can i do to prevent the virus spread? nothing. hmmm~ 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Due Date.

alert: this post is very not interesting. bcoz i'm actually writing wat i'm thinking, jz to release stress maybe. i didnt try to use words and sentences that could sound entertaining nor interesting to the readers. so, i dun recommend u to read, but if u insist reading it, i couldnt do anything.

Yesterday night (Thursday 10pm), one of my groupmate told me (after i asked her things related to the project) that we had to submit a progress report on coming Monday. I really 'love' the lecturer, she didnt even tell us this, and she posted this up in elearning when we were off to raya holiday. And ppl with conscious minds know that people wont go to elearning during holiday except those insane ppl. (what? u are one of them? sorry, but... no excuse, u are indeed insane if u go elearning during holiday) 

Okay, so what now? we had done NOTHING for the project. So how are we going to submit a PROGRESS report while we had no progress at all? hmm.. worried, and a bit panic and alot lot of stress. I'm telling my groupmates, they dun nid to sleep on sunday night. We have to rush the report by hook or by crook, maybe creating some false progress or craps, i dunno! but we have to fix this! However, i know, last minute work is always bad, and cant score. So, i'm feeling sad. Sad + stressed are deadly!

Now is saturday early morning (3am), and why didnt i start doing it on friday? reason? i couldnt access elearning. and now i could access elearning (at 1am), and i dun want to do. reason? no mood. what does that mean? no cure! stressed but want to start doing it... and the only way to solve the 'stress' is to start doing it. but i'm not doing it, so i continue feel stressed. i shud slp, right? but i dun feel like sleeping? stupid? yeah. i wanted to delay.. to later.. and later and later.. this sem i always delaying work. why? i dunno. bad? yes. fix it? no. zzzz

ok, whatever, jz to type the first thing came into my mind. this post is special. i didnt think what i'm going to write. i'm writign what i am thinking at the moment. so, it could be a bit confusing, u know la, brain processes thing quite fast and complicated. anyway, that's all for this post. wasted ur time reading it? i think so.  let me now add an alert in the beginning of the post to warn u all not to read this post.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Those Birthday Cards

Do you keep the birthday cards people gave you? I am, at least for a period of time. I was asked by my mom to clean up those birthday cards. On my first thought, i was planning to continue keeping them. However, i understand those cards cannot be kept forever, one day i'm going to get rid of them anyway. Thus, i decided to throw some of them.

Of course, there are cards more 'valuable' than the others. Those cards with 'forwarded messages' were thrown without mercy. For some closer ones, they might deserve to be kept longer. I was reading through all those cards before i decide whether to get rid of them. And HERE COMES THE MAIN POINT OF THE BLOGPOST:

Reading back those cards, it makes me recall many blissful events and friendship. I even got amazed by how close we were last time. Those memory are just so worth remembering. Seeing the closeness we had last time, comparing to the strange and distant friendship we are having now, I am puzzled how could this happen. Nevertheless, I am not sad about it, i understand most relationship fades after sometime. I am glad that at least we had that memory with us and i am grateful that you participated in part of my life.

I never doubt the influence power of friendship. i proudly admit everyone of you helps shaping me to what i am now. (lol, as if i am giving a speech after earning a great achievement). Be good or bad, I thank you all for building my character and continue building it. I know i might be different from how i was last time, i might be more snobbish, more annoying, more impolite maybe? Anyway, i just want to say although i might give up or let go of some fading friendship, but i wont reject any friendship. (i know no 'but' after 'although', it just sounds right) If you feel that our friendship is fading or faded, and you want to rescue it, please inform me, we can do it together!

Of course, saying things is easier than doing them.  I'm not going to guarantee all 'rescue' operations are going to succeed but, at least we try! So, just give me a call (not recommended, i dun really like being called, fyi),  sms, or a message through facebook/msn will do. As long as I am not busy, i will entertain you. :)

Above paragraph may lead to one question from others: "Why not you take initiative to send message or call others instead?" Answers for this question may lead to another long blogpost, but anyway i will answer a little bit here. Yes, i did take initiative sometimes. Some of them turn into a great conversation but some of them just become awkward. It's hard to explain. Besides, there is another one more reason, a critical one: recently i get a little bit anti-social. Lazy to talk to people, lazy to meet new people, lazy to mix with others .... i dunno why, maybe that's what happen after you have a gf? haha. that's just a joke. (though it possibly makes sense, lol) Think about it, after knowing her, i almost never sms anyone else besides her. Power of love?? LoL

Getting a little bit out of topic, anyway, feel free to contact me if you think we should have a rescue operation on our friendship. My phone number is 012-389826312. (if you notice, the number has more than 10 digits. this means.. i am giving a fake number! Please la, I'm not that friendly till reveal my numbers to everyone. Later, too many people want to meet me, then i will have less time to do our 'rescue operation'. lol... before u puke, let me explain that this self-boasting characteristic are something i learned from colleagues during my internship.) Anyway, if you notice, it is getting more and more out of topic, with more and more craps. Just for your information, the word 'anyway' is a very powerful word to divert us back to the main point. So, anyway, i think i'd conveyed all messages i wanted to deliver. All sentences after this sentence are craps.. But if you insist reading it, you can proceed reading it. Dont say i didnt remind u ya.