Saturday, March 31, 2012

Split Personality

I recently notice I have split personality.

Sometimes i like something very much, then sometimes i dislike something.. very random.

For example,

Case 1:
Friday 10am, I dislike a person.
Then afternoon 3pm, I like a person very much.
Then at night, I think that person is a bit annoying.
Midnight, I miss that person...

Case 2:
Morning: I'm very excited on the outing on friday.
Afternoon: I dont think i want to go to the outing.
Night: I should have just slept.. don't waste time.
Midnight: So looking forward to the outing..

Case 3:
That item looks decent... first glance
That item is ugly.. not worth the price at all.. after a while.
Waste of my time, should have left it earlier.
Left: Actually that item quite nice one, should have purchased it.

Is it just me? or everyone has this split 'mind' as well.. (i suppose case 3 is quite common)