Saturday, August 11, 2012

Car Accident

I had an accident last week. The good news is: I'm alive uninjured! hooray~ The bad news is: my car is going to hibernate for quite a while.

Anyway, long story short, this is how it happens:

It was raining (not heavy) and I was driving on the highway. The road is certainly wet but otherwise, my vision is clear, the sky is bright and the sun is still smiling. (like this  --> :D ) As any normal human being would be, I drove my car in 110km/h, a very lawful driver, strictly following the speed limit. (a role model to others). Then when my speed is slightly over 110km/h, i decided to slow down, so i slightly braked my car.

... It's weird that after I stepped on the brake pedal, my car actually skidded a bit. I was confused and couldn't understand why it happened. Panic stepped in. And what people do when they are in panic? Yes, I stepped on my brake pedal harder. And guess what happened? My car made an S turn, followed by an O turn. My car was actually spinning and I totally lost control of my car. Fortunately, there wasn't any car behind me, as they probably couldn't avoid hitting me (drive fast in highway) while i was spinning (taking up both lanes). So, luckily there wasnt any car, else you might be now visiting me in the hospital, or worse, mourning me in front of my grave.(hmmm.. wonder how you will react if my skeleton suddenly climbed out from the ground... eh, why am i thinking that?)

Before knowing the real reason of that accident, I actually thought i was being cursed. Well, it was impossible that my car just skidded like that, it never happened before. It was just a normal road. Perhaps i did too much sins and that was the karma, a misfortune to fall upon me.

Then after that I know the real reason, it was my tires. the treads of the tires were completely faded, it was bald! And we all know that the tires wont go bald in just few days, it indicates that i'd been driving in a great risk for several weeks or months! I totally changed my previous thought after that; instead of being cursed, i think that i was being blessed. I'm still alive driving a car with treadless tires for such a long period! What a miracle.

Anyway, this post wasnt so much on the story.. or consequences.. or what i did or what i should do to prevent this... it is about my feelings after the accident. And here it goes:
I wasnt really afraid that i was going to die when my car totally lost control. To be honest, i was puzzled, i totally did not understand why my car would lose control. I've been busy thinking bout the possibilities or reasons to explain why it happened during the spinning moment. And after it happened, and when i was safe, then only i realized how dangerous the situation was.

Life wasn't predictable. It can be just that close to death. And i;m glad that i escaped it. Imagine if this accident didnt happen, i'm certain that something similar will happen in the near future, as i totally unaware that my tires had gone spoilt. The situation could be so much worse than what im facing now. So, i think i'm really being blessed and im thankful for that.

If you had just escaped death, somehow your thoughts will slightly change. You would forget those minor silly things that bugged and annoyed you for years. And started to appreciate things. Well, this is how i feel at the moment. There really are many unimportant things that we should not bother, and many other important things that we should place as our priorities. Perhaps u would just take it for granted when you read this, but once u faced it, u will understand what i was trying to convey.

Anyway, last piece of advice, check your tires. I was told to check my tires, but i actually didnt foresee this to happen to me. What i checked was the sufficiency of air inside the tires, i totally didn't expect the treads of my tires to went off completely. I think i didn't notice it even when i was pumping air into my tires. Things can be very minor that u never think it would happen to you. But just for safety purpose, check it once a while. Emmm..  Just in case, you might as well check it right now immediately after reading this post. :-) Have a happy life ahead!