Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Breach of Contract

Seriously, sometimes I kinda hate my sponsor. So for the smarter people next time, please fail your interview and tests so that you never experience my situation.

Want to work?
No offer yet.

Want to work at other place?
Need release letter.

Want to get release letter?
Wait 6 months or break bond.

Wait 6 months?
Other job offers run away.

Want to break bond?
Cannot! What the hell!


AJ said...

what u meant by other job offer run away??so how with shell??can do intern there first??

Wei Han said...

dunno yet.
Shell hasnt found out this latest news.
will discuss with them tmr, i think.

AJ said...

oo,they still duno gok...wah,risky leh.......

mushroom said...

break the bond, you will have to pay 100% rite? the other thing is that shell doesn't have permanent contract for local but petronas does. wait for a while, borrow ur parent $ then later you'll have a lot of $$$. don't be like me, struggling with job now huhu :(