Friday, June 24, 2011

Reading Spree

Although playing computer games, watching dramas/animes and online chatting are all my hobbies, reading novel is actually the one that makes me most addicted.

My mom used to say I have great concentration in reading. That's why I can read in a decent speed. It is definitely an advantage but sometimes it could be a weakness too. Yesterday night, I started reading (ebook) from 9pm till 4am. When I finally decided to stop reading, I can really feel the tiredness of my eyes. It seems like I kinda over tortured my eyes for reading purpose. :/ (and i broke my sleep early spree because of this)

Well, there's another bad thing. When I am reading, I kinda ignore everyone else. From yesterday onwards, I kinda seldom reply sms, seldom reply msn/gtalk/fb message, never read blog comments, seldom check facebook, never talk to parents, ... to the extent that I made one of my friends got emo. Oops.

I enjoy playing computer games; almost everyday I will play games due to addiction. But there's only one way to stop me from playing or getting addicted to computer games: read novel! Thanks sis for the great recommendation of the superb long chinese novel. I love long long novel!  Anyway, for those who I ignore recently, sorry ya, I will back to normal after I finished the novel. (but it still needs some time, because it has 236 chapters)


Xjion89 said...

i hv tis bad habit too~if read, muz finish asap. if i stop half way, it will take 4ever to finish~/haaha