Monday, October 26, 2009


I had this fascinating dream just now:  I was murdered.

In that dream, i was a very innocent person getting hunted by a group of people. They didn't try to murder me by guns, instead by knives. I guess that's what makes the dream more exciting. 

If you do not wish to know the dream in details, skip this paragraph. I was in a party somewhere. Then there were these 2 ppl smiling very awkwardly. When i looked at them, they were staring at me. They were holding knives with their hands, but other people couldn't notice. Slowly, they were approaching me. I was afraid, i quickly ran to a more public places and call for the security guards. The security guards arrived shortly and ask what's the matter. And i told them what I had found, however the 2 ppl with evil smiles had disappeared. Then I tried to leave the place but on the way i saw more people smiling and holding knives. I quickly ran and ran and ran and suddenly i back to a house (supposingly my house). And back to my bedroom, i saw a person standing in front of the mirror, showing the evil smiles. At that moment, I gave up and i said, "just kill me". Then, i approached him, and he cut my neck with that sharp knife. Then, i woke up.

If you have skipped the paragraph above, read this: In the dream, few people tried to murder me. I tried very hard to escape but at the end i was tired of escaping and decided to let them kill. And in fact, they did kill me. (sigh, no sympathetic heart at all)

When I woke up, this is what I'm thinking. It must be a symbol indicating that the Distributed Computing lab test at 2 pm afterwards is going to kill me. I tried very hard to solve it but i couldn't. At the end i gave up and let the lab test kill me. I think that's what the nightmare tries to hint me. Let's see if this nightmare is more accurate than crystal ball or not. We shall see~ 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

On the journey back to UTP

it is a delightful day. What i did 'successfully' today was I successfully played a couple hours of games. Faced failure when trying to burn an .iso file. Wasted my one hour of precious time, should have used that one hour for gaming. Anyway, as usual, my first paragraph is usually crap that is not related to the title. 

So.... i was driving back to UTP from home. When i drove till Falim/Menglembu area, only then I realized i left my Wireless Tech textbook at home. It will be a test on this subject tomoro, but due to laziness, I am no willing to return home to get the book. Just leave it be.., reducing the things I have to study tonight. ;P

And on the way, a cloudy day suddenly turned to a ferocious storm. I mean 'suddenly' as in really 'suddenly'. It's like I have to turn my wiper on to its fastest wiping rate while originally it was off.  Then it was so exciting, what i could see was just the 2 red lights of the car in front. And gosh, they were driving so slow. =.=  

It is very tiring to drive under the stormy weather. I had to pay 50% more attention than before. I couldnt have 0.5 second break for my eyes to look at the other places. All the way, I'd been seeing just the two red lights of the car in front. Tiring and boring. 

There was one most exciting 'event' that I encountered just now.  Do you play CS ? (counter strike la, wat else?)  Do you experience that situation when suddenly you see a flashbang was thrown towards you? Yeah, i experienced that just now too. For my case, it was a 'hydro'bang instead of a flashbang. When this really cute heavy big monstrous vehicle splash this huge wave of 'tsunami' to my car, I was like "OH SHITTTttt!", then it gave me 1 second hydrobang blinding effect. Total PANIC during that 1 second of blindness. The only thing i could do was to wait the wiper wipe the 'hydrobang' out. TERRIFYING!

On the way too, i was worried that my car tires got something wrong, my engine may be filled by water and all sorts of worries. But luckily, when the sky suddenly turns brighter and the rain becomes less heavy. That's the time when my heart says "phew~". 

And yah, i reached UTP safely. And only then i regret, why didnt I buy KFC as my dinner when I was still in Ipoh just now.. duh~


Friday, October 23, 2009

Ice age

I lived in ice age last 3 days. It was kind of fun. Actually, i think the title 'ice age' is pretty lame.. (thanks to the person who suggests this term, ekj). 

Basically, this ice age means... in this period (3 days), i shut off my phones for a greater good. Do you realize people nowadays live in the world full of wireless signals? Honestly, the danger wireless networks bring to us are still uncertain. Wireless signals might be a factor of many new health problems. That's why, I'm here to promote and raise the issue and hope people realize the danger of hand phones with their radioactive radiation that could cause cancer and other mutation in our cells. So, please, everyone, follow me.. off the phones!

Those who read my facebook updates probably know i'm crapping.. Yeah~ yeah... the reason i  off my phones is because i forget to bring my charger back. Anyway, it was fun.. let me narrate what's different in my life without phones.

First, no telecommunication.. i dun nid to receive any updates from maxis and digi telling some nonsense.. And another one, people cant contact me if there's something urgent like cancellation of the class. And of coz, ppl couldn't sms me for the purpose of chatting.. But hardly ppl sms me to chat, usually I AM THE ONE who sms them. lol

Second, time'less'. I'm totally unaware of the time without phones.. That's the time when i regret not to wear any watch. So, imagine how many times i asked my friends this sentence "what's the time now?" during this period.

Third, alarm'less'. It's challenging though.. to wake up without alarms.. but i did it.. sometimes thanks to roommate. ;) 

Actually it isnt really bring any trouble to me.. but instead my friends around me are the one who suffer if i off my phones.. They couldnt contact me when they want to ask for favors (somewhat a good thing). They will contact my roommate or coursemate when they want to talk to me. (troublesome to my friends). My friends will have to lend me their phones or make the call for me when i need to contact someone. My roommate has to become my living alarm sometimes (thank you roommate!) And some minor disturbances to my friends (etc).

Many people asked me to borrow chargers or phones which i actually rejected them. Why mafan ppl when it's my own fault. I'm not desperately needed the phones also. I wouldnt want to ask for favor for such a small case. ;) 

Anyway, shutting off the phones are fun.. Try to do it.. It really wont affect you much.. because.. INTERNET STILL EXISTS! hahaha

Monday, October 19, 2009

I lied

I do feel a bit guilty for lying to a person.

Because this time, i'm not telling white lies and I'm not telling lies for the purpose of joking. The reason i lied is purely due to selfishness. 

Feel kinda bad actually. And the worst part is the lie is very vulnerable. lol. But never mind, actually he deserves that. He should receive some consequences of doing so. Don't blame me, 人不为己,天诛地灭。 I should not let my own sense of guilt and integrity to make myself suffer. I should forgive myself, i guess. 

Let's see how it progresses. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

bad yesterday

Yesterday was a bad day.. 

The beginning of the day was normal. But things get not so 'nice' after I lost one microchip of my group's circuit board. The circuit board has a lot of components, like LED, wire, resistor, etc.. but the most expensive component dropped off from the board. Really unlucky.. RM25 it is worth, according to the lecturer, or mayb more. =.=  My groupmates want to share the cost, but i wouldnt let them do so since it's not their fault anyway. My fault will be my own responsibility to handle. Anyway, say goodbye to the dear RM25. 

Unfortunate events continued when I started to have stomachache.. But it's not big deal, besides going to toilet for 5 times (not continuously). Probably the reason of having stomachache is due to the unfortunate event i'm going to tell after this.

I drank water from a particular container few times.. before i realized there's actually a spider inside the water container. duh.. The spider should be taught the 'ethics' of drinking water.  

Not only a bad day, yesterday was a bad night too. Two of my friends are actually facing love crisis which i dun think it can be optimistically deal with. Good luck to both of them. They made me feel like break-up season though..

Well, today is a better day, I hope and I think. Bad days are meant to make 'tomoro' better, aren't they? ;)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

1 week over: facial result

time flies, another one week leaves us.

Remember my skin treatment last week? If you cant remember or dunno about it, pls click here.

The lady who tried to beautify my face said it takes one week to recover my face after the treatment. And today it will be 8th day after the treatment.. So, what happened to my face now? I'll tell u in next post. Thanks for reading. 

Haha.. just kidding, wanna keep suspense. My face now quite cham. Instead of bcome beautiful it becomes uglier. When i go out, i also need to wear mask or cover my face. Sometimes when other people see me, they will faint. They thought they saw ghost.. sigh.. What to do?

Haha... another joke of the blog. Nah.. my face does significantly improve. Although it could not recover my previous 'marks' on my face, it does make my face fairer and smooth. Duno how to say, it just looks different.. Like a new face. lol. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Start a day with a sad mood

It was an ordinary day, nothing much different than any other days. 

It's just that I had a dream, in the dream, the bus left me, and I'm chasing the bus. The bus didn't wait for me and I kept chasing. Finally i saw the bus stopping for one of my friends, and she entered the bus and the bus left without waiting me Again~ I called my friend and asked her to stop the driver. duh... it is not related though.

The process of chasing the bus, somehow very indirectly made me relate to the novel I last read "the time traveller's wife" by Audrey. And thinking bout this, i couldnt sleep any longer. I woke up, and before i got down from the bed, i grabbed the book and read the climax of the story. I was wondering if i would cry again when read it, however, it seems my tears are a bit strong in defense. 

The result of doing this is i started my day with sad mood. That's it. Sendiri cari pasal. zzz

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Facial skin treatment

Dear all, I have a friend who is a guy went to facial skin treatment today. lol. Okay la.. Since you all are my loyal blog readers, let me be honest to you. I went to facial skin treatment today ;). It was not my original plan to do this skin treatment actually. My mom made appointment for me and asked me to go. I know how bad is my skin, and so, I went to this place called "Women's Zone".

"Women's Zone", I felt so reluctant to enter at first. I am a man eh! But still, with my damaged and yet thicker face, I entered the place. Jennifer was the one who 'took care' of me. I told her how nervous i was, as I was in Women's ZONE. lol.. Feeling so insecure to be surrounded by ladies. (3 ladies only) Anyway, i lie on the 'kind of operation chair' and wait for the 'operation' to be done.

There were several phases. The first and second phase, Jennifer and her assistant put some unknown thingy on my face and later wash them away. I guess it was some facial foam probably. The service includes a little bit of facial massage which is kinda comfortable and made me sleepy.

Nightmare started at 3rd phase! but 3rd phase wasn't the most scary one. It was steaming phase. They use a steamer which kinda works like a hair dryer that emit hot air. And the hot air was really hot, i guess as the name implies, it was steam. It was so uncomfortable at first that I thought my face was going to melt. Never had my face experienced this kind of temperature. This was my torture number 1. 

After 15 minutes of steaming, the REAL nightmare has come!!! The phase 4: pimples and blackhead removal. Those who had seen my face knew how many pimples and hidden black head i have in my face. And yeah, she was going to remove them all! IT WAS SOO SOOO SOOO PAINFUL! Do you think she was using her fingers to pinch the pimples and black head? NO! NOT AT ALL. My eyes were covered by some cloth at that time, therefore i couldnt really see what 'instrument' she was using. But it was like some kind of metal toothpick shape. Sharp edge and small surface area thingy, pinching my face.. One word to describe: Pain! Another word to describe: Anguish! Before she pinched them out, she used something that i felt like a knife to cut open the skin, so that she could pinch them easier later. Okay, i know i repeated many times, PAINNNN!!

After the nightmare over, of course my face had various and plenty of 'cuts' and 'bruises'. The phase 5 is to use some kind of tools which can sooth my skin and it is very comfortable because it's cold cold one. If you describe pimples removal is hell, then this phase is the heaven. 

Phase 6 and phase 7 is to put mask for 20 mins and apply gel and some facial washing foam on my face. And that's the end of the treatment..

When I left the room, and look into the mirror. WAH!! so pretty and smooth the skin! Dream la~ My face now looks even worse than my worst period (form 2). Too many bruises, whole face was red in colour. They told me, my face will be nice after a week, hopefully. She said how severe my skin was. I expect the treatment to last only half an hour, but it actually lasts more than 2 hours. lol.. kesian my skin.. I'm thinking should i attach a picture of me now here. Coz it's very ugly.. Shud i care about my 'reputation'?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Renting a room in KL

I'm going for internship training next semester la... So, gotta rent a room. Anyone can help out? hehe... Provide me free accommodation, i also won't mind. ;)

Single Room Requirements: 

  1. CHEAP!! around RM250 
  2. Easy to go KLCC (my intern place)
  3. Water heater! Hate to take cold shower.. 
  4. Washing machine? I dun want to wash my clothes by hands.. 
  5. Comfortable - not noisy, not criminal place, not a zoo of bugs, ... (Have to see the room first)

I dun mind sharing room though, but it has to fulfill the above requirements, and cheaper cost: around RM150. 

Roommate Requirements:

  1. Do not smoke
  2. Do not snore
  3. Do not 'boom' music
  4. Moral person (of coz i dun wan to be roommate with a criminal)

Anyone has any idea? Lol.. see if you are interested or ur friends are interested or you are very kind enough to let me stay in ur somebody's house. I can pay la.. if it fulfills the requirements above. hehe..

Moving in : 29 Nov 2009

Moving out: 7 July 2010

Emo night

It was an emo night yesterday. If blogspot could read what i was thinking before I sleep yesterday, i think it would already have a 10 pages long post. Anyway, i was narrating the emo night yesterday, so, currently I'm still not emo. lol.. (so far)

What happened yesterday? Actually, nothing. Just a common day which I had to study for my today's morning test. What triggered my emoness? I don't know also. Many small small problems gathered up and made me very fan. 

Sometimes, I think I treat people too good already. Made them take it for granted. I realized and I will be a bit cruel in treating friendship. I'm going to fully implement "the way you treat me will be the way I treat you" plan. So, if you suddenly notice that i start to treat you badly, then you should have done some self-realization on how you treat me. ;)

Sometimes, I think I had attached too much feelings on friendship, which is not necessary at all. Remember I always tell my friends who had some friendship problem, tell them not to care so much, it doesn't matter but I myself am doing the same. But never mind, Me, Wei Han is very good in treating myself nicely, i wouldn't torture myself just for other people. So, I would change myself for my own good. Sound like I'm turning evil.. lol. I was thinking bout this matter yesterday night whether I should remain the same or turn a bit evil for my own good. I guess i made the decision. ;)

Okay. For you, you and you who caused me to make such decision, you shall regret.. kakaka...