Friday, June 10, 2011

Sleeping Early

Blog less recently.. Most probably due to sleeping early these days. As some of you know that I am more 'emotional' at night and thus love to blog at midnight. Good news is I finally managed to build up a better sleeping habit (slp before 1.30 am) and it has been working for consecutively 6 days at the moment!

I don't think you guys miss my posts either. So, there's no much urge for me to blog. Anyway, I was thinking about some emo issue that probably would lead me to the emo path later. But since i'm going to sleep soon, i'm not going to blog about it tonight. Maybe tomoro?

Oh yeah, result out. And my result dropped a little bit although that's my worst GPA ever. It slightly drops my cgpa a bit. Thank god that it was the result of the final semester. If it wasnt, i might want to suicide or... perhaps it is better to kill the lecturer who gave me that sucky grade. Nevertheless, it was my last semester, and it didnt really make my cgpa look bad, and well, i secured a job already; I shall forgive the lecturer for simply setting the questions. (There is no way that i could get such result if he taught well and set his questions well and maybe marked the question properly) Calm.. Just forget bout that sucky lecturer, mentioning him would just trigger my anger. It is certainly ugly to have that grade in my transcript, but well.. Malaysian Studies? who cares!


mushroom said...

lucky i haven't slept yet, so i'll become the first reader and commenter hehe
i guess the lecturer u mentioned is prof m**** hahaha.
so which company are you going to serve? petronas? yesterday i received a released letter from petronas, i'm free.
when will you start working? i'll start working in pj next week.
good night and wish you all the best :D