Sunday, October 2, 2011


Just came back from 2 weeks of training... It feels weird.

I'm quite happy that I finally get to reunite with my laptop (i didn't bring it along to the training). And be able to do things that I like (games, novel, drama...)

But I'm quite sad that I gotta go back to work and live my rotten life when I'm not at work.

There are some changes with my thoughts after I came back from the training. I can't describe it clearly, but i don't think it is a good change. Things are like getting distant to me... many things aren't as important as I perceived before... Hmm.. it's hard to describe this feeling. Coz it's very abstract.

2 weeks in training made me forget my usual routine. I cant even remember what items that I usually bring to work. I'm a bit lost when I return to my KL home. I lost track with my tasks at work... I'm so blur.

Actually, things didn't change much here, but awkwardly, I feel I'm older now.


AJ said...

welcome back!but where did u go for the training??no wonder u disappear from my sight too seldom online d this few day,the internet here suck!:( haha

mushroom said...

welcome back old man :)

Shwu Fei said...

Don worry..I am older than you... :-p
Life have to be like that only you will feel the different, right?