Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm back to blogging. In fact, I just spent some time yesterday just to catch up and read others' blog.

Since the Sarawak Trip, I didn't go to my blogsite until yesterday. I think my blog left untouched for around 2 weeks plus already. You might find the actual reason of me not blogging funny and ridiculous; as a matter of fact, the reason I didn't blog was because I forgot the existence of my blog. LOL

Until yesterday where I randomly saw the blog update post from my friend in facebook, then only I realized I actually do have a blog. I suppose this is the aftereffect of the trip and the indulgence of noveling. Reading novel is addictive!!!

Anyway, I don't think i would be very active in blogging these few days as I haven't finished my novel. Writing this post was just to prove my existence and indicate that I finally remember that I have a blog. haha. Frankly, nowadays, every moment I was outside home, I am just thinking and looking forward to continue reading my novel. Therefore, reading novel is the only thing I do other than eating lunch and dinner (we always eat outside instead of home-cook) Because of this, you must forgive me for not replying or maybe sometimes replying in a tortoise speed. I love novel! Woohoo~