Saturday, April 30, 2011

Batch Dinner

It's a good thing that we are having a batch dinner. It's at 8pm later. And i've totally no idea on what to wear. Decorating stuffs is never my expertise. And of course, decorating myself is not something I good with. It is always a hassle for me to make a decision on what should i wear, how should i style my hair and stuffs... coz i'm really bad at it... and lazy at it. haha... I believe that if a person is nice in nature, he/she will always appear to be very good looking regardless. So, from the statement above, we can conclude that i will always look nice right? haha. Just joking. In fact, I do believe make-up or the effort of trying to groom one's appearance does make a lot of difference, but too bad, i'm just not good at it.

Anyway, let's ignore that issue right now. I didn't plan to go to the batch dinner initially. I never like to go to these occasion bcoz of few reasons: 1. money concern; 2. attire concern; 3. time concern; I actually rejected the invitation to go to this dinner several times. But at the end, i changed my mind and decided to attend this dinner because... well... this is my last semester as a student. And for the last-time sake, why not? Sadly, a lot of my close batchmates aren't attending. So, i actually take this dinner as a course dinner instead of a batch dinner. Let's hope that we would have lots of fun tonight.

Okay, what and how should i wear? the theme is black white red. And looking at my closet, i know that i only have very limited 'dinner attire' clothing. Totally no idea. Wear a black shirt plus jeans? that's the only thing i have in mind. If i'm just going to have a black shirt accompanied with a formal slack, it will look like i'm going for an interview. People are going to wear coat maybe, but i dun have one. I don't intend to be the most high profile and eye catching person there, so i dont plan to wear something outside the box. This is a tough decision, perhaps i should just wear a white singlet.. It somehow fits the theme. hahaha.. Anyway, i intend to take a lot pictures today.. Should i learn and practice how to do some posing now? haha.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Her death

She is dead~
I knew she is dying soon, but i didnt know her death comes so fast. :'(
She is someone i always see and touch.
She is my addiction.
She is part of my life.
But she is now death.....

(Disco rhythm sets in...)
(I heard Rihanna's voice...)

"She's been a crazy dicta
Disco diva.. and you wonder
Who's that chick?
Who's that chick?" - David Guetta (who cares about him?) feat Rihanna

Who's she?
She's my lovely Asus laptop.
We'd been together for 4 years, and she left me without saying goodbye. (well, probably I tortured her till death) Doctor said, Nerve system injury is the root cause of her death (motherboard spoilt). It is difficult to rescue and it is very costly to undergo this operation too.

Anyway, I don't feel very sad, coz i know her lifespan is soon over.  But still, the 4 years relationship doesn't lapse away that easily.

LUCKILY... i managed to immortalize her by writing her a poem. Oops, this is not sonnet 18. I mean i immortalize her by retrieving back her memory. With her memory, I could clone her whenever I want! So she is not dead! She is just living in another form.

Her new life form - Hard Disk with casing + USB Cable
My mom found a surgeon who could do organ transplant. Hence, she asked for my permission to donate her organs. Looking at her dead body. I agreed. Let's hope her body parts could benefit someone out there. It's already good enough if her memory stays forever with me.

Her dead body

  ... only if we could store humans' memories like computers', then we wouldn't be so sad over somebody's death. :(  Anyway, RIP my laptop. (though i will summon you whenever i need you)

Ps: I gotta explain a  little bit for those who dun quite understand the meaning or intention of the Rihanna's song part, just in case. I never like my readers to be confused on something. Well, ermm.. it was just crap! haha. Recently i am in love with Rihanna's who's that chick, hence i'm just trying to fit the song into this post. As simple as that~

Monday, April 25, 2011

E-mail from Shell

Just a few minutes ago, I received an email from Shell ( i mean the company, not really the shell) regarding to my job application:

"Dear Wei Han,

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a career with Shell and attending an interview. We are pleased to advise you to try again next year ..."

OMG. I failed! 

Eh.. wait...

OMG. I passed the first interview! Despite the introduction of the mail seems to be telling me that I failed the interview. Instead of this "... We are pleased to advise you to try again next year.",
the email wrote "... We are pleased to advise you that we would like to invite you to attend a Shell Recruitment Day". Hooray! Although very high possibility i will fail the second stage interview, but yay.. at least I passed the first interview. 

I knew i did quite well on the first interview, but what made me worries was my coursemate who did the interview 3 days earlier than me received invitation to second stage interview 2 weeks earlier than me. I thought i was out already somehow. Anyway, it is good to know that they realize i am a potential good candidate. haha. Else it's their loss.. Hohoho.. I hope writing this post won't cause me any bad consequences like: Next day, they sent me a email saying it was a mistake, and i was actually being rejected and so on due to this post...

I still don't know when will be the second stage interview. I hope i have more time to prepare. let's wait for a call from Shell personnel. :D


Hey you! Yeah, you!  Welcome to the green world!

As everyone awares, I am a person who deeply loves the nature. (sound from nowhere: "stop lying!") And thus, i changed my blog layout to this greenish layout. Hope everyone is comfortable with it. :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Saturday~ It's Saturday~

10am waking up in the morning
Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs
Gotta have my drink, gotta have my cheese
... (if you dunno what am i talking about, go watch Rebecca's Friday in youtube)

That's basically how my morning goes. After have my cheese as my breakfast, i back to my laptop upstairs and do my case study. Duh.. this is so not Saturday. Anyway, like Rebecca Black suggested, "It’s Saturday, Saturday, Gotta get Outing on Saturday", i feel like going out for some activities. And here I check the cinema for any nice movies, and there is none. So, i give a call to my buddy TK, and invited him for a cyber cafe gaming session. Of course, he gladly agreed.

However, like any other days at home, i gotta settle my lunch myself. As an emo and lonely young nice looking kind hearted humble and smart guy (oops, i praised myself too much? but i'm just telling the truth!), i had a little bit of trouble trying to decide which place i should have my lunch. Again as an emo and lonely young nice looking kind hearted humble and smart guy, I decided to have my lunch in McD! Why McD? First, it is delicious; second, mcd is supposed to give a happy mode to me. Like i said, i was emo, lonely, young, nice looking, kind hearted, humble and smart at that time.... oh well, i mean, i was emo and lonely back then, that's why i chose to have my lunch in mcd where i believe it would cheer me up a little.

After i parked my car at mcd drivethrough (near highway), to my surprise, there are 3 other almost identical cars parking at that place. Now i totally accept the fact that the colour of my car is too common. here are the pictures:

They are actually 4 different cars; have a guess which is my car?

Answer: the last picture (bottom right side)

So, I entered McD and decided to order McChicken set. Not because it is super delicious, but it is the cheapest among the set. What to do? poor ma~ While waiting for my food to arrive, I suddenly asked the cashier/counter lady to smile. but why? Coz i wanted to take a picture of her. It's impossible for her to reject my request due to my charm and charisma.. choke* Even i couldnt stand what i'm saying. Let's just forget bout what i said.

I knew i successfully made her day, by asking her to smile and taking her pic

So, after she smiles at me (my camera), i'm so disappointed. Because... she didnt give me a discount. It seems I'm not as charming as i expected. Nevertheless, I took my food and take a lonely seat and eat lonely.. What a sad story right? But never mind. I have a companion: my camera. And this is the time I camwhored in public. And.. I was quite embarassed actually. :P But what to do? emo and lonely ma~ They gotta be more considerate towards the desire of emo and lonely ppl.

The picture there ----> shows how happy i was while eating fries. And yeah, the smile was very fake. Because i actually wasnt very happy while eating fries. But what to do, facing camera, i had to show my cheerful smiles anyhow. :/

<----And what are you staring? I'm eating my fries!

It's hard to believe i couldnt finish my lunch. My appetite these days really become so bad. And I mentioned in fb right? now my weight is less than 50 kg. Omg.. Lowest record in these 4-5 years.

Anyway, i finish the fries, because i love it. The burger left 20% unfinished and the drink left 80% unfinished. Guilty of not finishing the food? No, not at all, they arent healthy anyway. Good excuse right? haha

 So later then, i went to tk's house. He was having his lunch that time, therefore leaving me idle. While being very free, I borrowed his laptop and blogged on my previous post, using his laptop at his house. And after he finished his lunch, it was game time! Cyber cafe is always our favourite place for outing. That's the place we show our friendship, bonding, interactiveness, closeness... ah~ i'm just crapping. That's the place where we play dota, kill some noob players and get killed by some pro players. And WTH, we won every game we played. Are we just too pro? lol.

We still can take picture while the game is on. geng lea? haha. no la, the game hasn't started.
 After winning for so many times, we were both frustrated. We started to question why we are so good in playing this game. It is unfair to the other players that we are so good. haha. Being snobbish here. Anyway, we enjoyed the game and we left cyber cafe around 6pm.

It has been long time since i attach pictures into my post. Well, I'm actually using Bong's blogging style where almost each post has lots of pictures. But of course, mine is better coz i'm more humourous in writing. LOL! He is going to criticize and insult me if he saw this. Anyway, i know the post is a bit long than expected. And therefore, here's the end of it. It's my saturday my saturday~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Resurrection Day

I was quite happy today. I finally finished my FYP final presentation.. Yay!


In fact, Yay! once is just not enough.. so Yay yay yay! yay yay yay yay... yay yay!


I was very happy when i finished the presentation. Coz i knew i did quite well, at least my presentation was better than what i expected. It was really great, compared to the pre-edx presentation. The same content, same presentation, different outcomes. Sometimes things are just turned out to be very different when they are evaluated by different people. I really like to acknowledge my supervisor, i think he did help me alot, directly or indirectly. I should really thank him.. perhaps i should buy something for him.

With FYP going to an end, although i still have couple of projects due this friday and next week, it doesnt matter. They aren't deadly. Exams are coming soon. I'm a little bit afraid, unlike the 'me' before. This sem i am hyper duper lazy, and.. the study week is short and exam schedule is tight. It's going to be a challenge to get an A. But, let's see the coursework marks first. It surely gives a little bit of confidence boost if the coursework marks are good enough (though i don't think so)

Though my day was quite happy in general, i am a little bit down now. And the 'down' time is always the time i write my blog, same to this post. Anyway, it's just a minor sadness. I was graduating soon. And, sometimes i kinda miss the people here. Not going to get used to office politics so easily, although i think i would master it in the future, after a few failures and obstacles of course. Uni friends are selfish.. but still good. They are purpose-oriented but still good. I would definitely miss them. But, friends are just friends.. Ever heard of the saying "there is an 'end' in the word 'friEND'?" There's definitely an end between each friend, just a matter of how early or how late it will be ended. If I lose contact with a friend, he/she doesn't try to contact me, and i don't feel like trying to contact them, so be it. That indicates that the frenship has ended, somehow.

But with virtual world of Internet, gtalk and of course facebook, i doubt i would lose any friends in this matter.  But fading friendship is unavoidable, and i'm definitely ready for that. Nevertheless, if you attempt to keep in touch with me, i wont disappoint you. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Love Story

"Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess It's a love story baby just say yes" -Taylor Swift

Nice song right? Okay now, you can totally ignore the song above. What i want to blog today is not about love story by Taylor Swift, but a love story from one of my best friends. 

I'm not sure if i had disclosed to you all on this before. I love love story (to avoid confusion, the first 'love' is a verb; second 'love' is a noun).  I like love stories, and that's the reason i read love novels sometimes. It's not common for a guy to read love stories right? I kinda enjoy it although I know that the Reality isn't going to be as ideal as shown in some of the love stories. 

Anyway, i'm getting out of topic.  Like i said, i enjoy watching, listening, seeing, reading, experiencing love stories, (although mys own love story doesn't really end well due to my own personal problem) and now today, i just knew one of my best friends had successfully bid farewell to his 'single' status. It is interesting, enjoyable and even exciting to know the news and some of the details of the love story. Happy love story always makes me happy, not to mention it is from my best friend. I'm really glad to know about the news. Congratz to them! and I wish them 'White-hair till old'! (Dun say i didnt wish you all ya)

It's undeniable that i'm really happy for him. Success love story is inspiring and delightful. However, apart from the rational side of me, as an emotional being, i feel a bit down too. You know the scenarios when your buddy have a partner, he/she tends to spend less time around with you due to the commitment that he/she has to fulfill to his/her partner right? In other words, when your friends have gf/bf, they will start to neglect you and your gang of friends. They literally fly to their beloved's side and never see their shadows anymore. Lucky to me, most of my coupled good friends from secondary school do not have such 见色忘友 attitude. However, for him, I'm quite sure he is the kind of person who will definitely put more emphasis to his gf. I'm not blaming him. It's normal and necessary to keep a relationship alive. I dun think girls like their bfs to place their friends in higher priority.  Anyway, the reason i feel a little bit down is because i have a kinda like 'losing a friend' feeling. But it's okay, i'm just going to get along with it. People have to move on, don't we?  

Nevertheless, that's the irrational part of me. As a friend, i am truly happy for him and his gf. Things are going to be great. Love does make people happy, like Wang Fei sang:

因为爱情 不会轻易悲伤

I'm delighted to see my friend happy.  And i will always support them in their new relationship. All the best!  :D

Ps: Anyone wants to tell me his/her love stories? I'm always interested to listen. ;)

Friday, April 15, 2011

One pleasant morning

There is this one pleasant morning,

When you have enough sleep and good dreams (Dreaming of becoming billionaire)

When you can see the sun smiles at you (Please do not look at it too long as it will hurt your eyes)

When you can listen to birds singing (It doesn't mean they sing well)

When you can have a table of dim sums for breakfast ( And become bankrupt because of that)

When you can greet everyone with a friendly tone (Good morning handsome! or Good morning pretty!)

When you can dance freely with joy at the road (And laughed by the public)

When you can pick up money or perhaps an Iphone on the road (and throw it away because it's fake)

When you can be flirted by many Leng Lui (They have great taste)

When you can realize you become better looking compared to yesterday ( Due to a not-so-clear mirror)

When you can share your happiness with everyone ( And they ask you to shut up)

When you feel the morning is extremely pleasant.... (...

[Alarm Clock Ringing]

Eh it's afternoon already
Shouldn't have slept so late yesterday.
By the way, I did have a good dream of having a pleasant morning.


p/s: Long time never write crappy post loo~ What a fun thing to do!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


In terms of human relationship, labeling is one of the most scary thing. Based on Wilford's Dictionary, labeling means put a strong and permanent impression on somebody. In other words, when a person labels somebody, it means that somebody has given a very strong and permanent impression/image to that person.


  1. If you label someone as a cunning person, you will always be careful with that person regardless how nice or sincere he/she treats u.
  2. If you label someone as an evil person, whatever actions he/she takes will be perceived as out of bad intention.
  3. If you label someone as an irritating person, whatever he/she does will annoy you.
  4. If you label someone as person beyond cure, you just have to give up on him/her...... and nothing else can be done besides giving up.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Interviews Here And There

I'm graduating soon!
These days, i have been ignoring all my projects.
What's on my mind is: interview interview interview~~
I love TEC very much, and these 2 days, I had been attended to 4 interviews. The fifth one would be Petronas Structured Interview~ I somehow feel that I do not need to prepare anything for it, I basically have all the answers for the interview questions standby in my mind. haha.
It's hard to know where would I be in the future? IT industry? or Oil and Gas.. or shall i jump to do something different like HR or Finance? We shall see... ^^

Ps: Recently emo a lot too. I am trying hard to hurt myself less. Worst comes worst... I will do THAT, i hope i don't need to do THAT though. Anyway, cheers today for not being emo!