Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey.. I'm not rich, okay?

You probably know that I'm 'working' at the moment. And people (Especially UTPians) would expect me to be rich.. and keep demanding me to treat them meals/movies or something. I just want to tell those people "Hey, I'm not rich, okay?"

With a tiny little bit of allowance from internship does make me wealthier IF i'm not staying in KL. lol. Please, the food here is double the price of Ipoh's. And another problem is.. there are too many temptations here! The food franchise, the movies in 3d, and shopping items in various grand megamalls, it's quite challenging to keep my wallet filled. 

Another incident made me poorer. My mobile phone was stolen! Thanks to a pickpocketer who was so unfortunate enough to steal my ugly phone. I dun think anyone would buy my ugly phone even if he wants to sell it. But that's still a little bit sad, as that phone followed me for 4 years plus. Anyway, it causes some damage to my wallet and of course my bank account. To minimized the damage, i bought a new phone which is quite cheap. 

It's a Malaysia branded phone! CSL brand. Haha.. U might not believe it, or you perhaps are actually looking down on it, but so far, it works well with me. I kinda like it. :)

Ahh.. feel like cursing the person who stole my phone. But i think i should be kinder.. since my curse wouldnt work anyway, i should forgive the person. Maybe just wish he broke his hands or something like tat. Ooops.. I just mentioned that i should not curse him, didnt I? lol.

Lazy to write anymore and upload pic.. I shall just attach a pic of my phone.. from its website. Just to make my post more interesting (not a full-text post)

The right one. Its name is called Blueberry-I. And yes, it is an imitation of black berry with much cheaper price! and reduced functionality.