Monday, January 31, 2011

Mountain Climbing (Walking)

This is an unexpected blog post as i originally would not have written this post.
Why did i write this post? this is because there's a special request from one of the "climbmates" that he wants to sleep 15 more minutes. lol. It is really difficult to wake up such early, i admit. But i had to. And since he has the courage to request for a delay, I granted him. haha

Okay, i had just given him a call that he had to wake up or else we will be climbing under a big hot sun. Anyway, i decided to skip class due to this healthy event. (actually my parents force me to, keep saying i didnt do exercise and stuffs...) I still feel a bit guilty though, for skipping class out of no reason. But, i don't think i will ever regret. If the lecturers are going to give pop quizzes on these 2 days, i had to say: they DISCRIMINATE chinese.

Okay, 10 more minutes, what should i write here? Okay la.. the more i write the more i feel sleepy. lol. *yawn*. Let's hope i can drive there safely. Bukit Kledang, here i come. Oh ya, good morning all!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The ‘Trip-ping’ Days

[Ps: Had written this post few days ago. Had some delay in posting this due to connection and some emotional problems.] 

Yeah yeah, this post is related to the trip I had recently. OMG it was so fun, and I missed it so much. (now back to uni d, duh~)
The main event for the trip was actually the genting trip on 20th Jan. However, after taking wern yet’s opinion on going to KL first ……okay let’s skip this part… I realized if I’m going to write this post in such detailed level, I think this post will be a novel instead of a blog post (freaking long). Okay, let me summarize the story. 

Wednesday – Hey I’m at KL!

I reached KL Central safe and sound around 12pm.  And guess what, I had a ‘returning home’ feeling rather than a ‘going for trip’ feeling. I’m too familiar with KL Central I guess, I always travelled there when I had my internship.  Without delayed, I quickly found my way to Pavilion to meet Tet Khiun.  I am always thankful to Tet Khiun as he always willing to let me stay at his room. And he skipped class for me! Touched… lol. Anyway, what we did was we ate our lunch in Manhattan Fishmarket. It was delicious and OILY! Everything was fried, really bad for health. After finishing the lunch, we quickly rushed to watch a movie (with an oily stomach). Guess what we watched? As a tourist, I watched “the tourist”! Well, many people said it sucks, but it appears to me a fairly nice movie to me. Elegant Angelina and unpredictable Johnny  with some humor and actions plus romance with twist in the story, not bad what.

For dinner, it was my pleasure to be able to invite 2 VIP:  Ta lung and Kah Joon to join our meal. Though the venue chosen for dinner was weird, in my opinion, but since the two VIPs kinda insist in eating that, nothing I could do. We had our dinner in KLCC, … food court. Such a meaningful dinner but having it in food court.. haiz. Haha. Anyway, we had nice dinner with many random conversation topics. And like Talung mentioned, he managed to save us RM20 plus for eating that meal (compared to eating at chilis, which I preferred) . It was a great night, thanks Talung and Kah Joon for coming.

After the dinner, it was gaming time with Tet Khiun again. It was kinda like a routine or tradition that we will play DoTA in cyber café whenever I go to his house. But we didn’t play much, coz I gotta wake up earlier on the next day for my genting trip! :D     

Thursday – so Genting!
And yeap! I was on my way to Genting that day. I woke up rather early and waited Wern Yet for about forty minutes. (as he was chatting with people in café? lol)  But, I didn't get impatient nor have any negative feelings, because I knew it was going to be a great day that day. By trial and error, I ended up at Chow Kit station (though I wanted to go directly to Titiwangsa station) and coincidently I met Wern Yet there. I recalled the unfriendly lady at the Genting bus ticket counter; I really hate to talk to her again. Like Wy said, everything was smooth, which I pretty agree. Although it was obvious that he didn’t like my idea of having nap in the afternoon (which I really need one), it was tolerable and perhaps the only uncomfortable part of the trip. 

Honestly, I thought it would be an awkward trip (with him and only him), since we weren’t going to play theme park or do any other activities. I was worried we would have been bored till the end. I couldn’t deny there are some boring moments, but it is less than what I had expected and I felt great. Something worth sharing was I kinda learn a bit on taking photographs, thanks to the patient and attentive guidance from Wy. Lol. But too bad, I still not really keen in photography after the lessons. Anyway, it is always good to acquire new skill and knowledge, thanks to him and I hope he did get more ‘seeable’ photos since most of the time, I was the one who took his picture with his camera.  

Some might wonder what exactly we did at Genting. We didn’t have much activity besides walking and talking. I’m surprised that how much we could chat; it was like we continuously talked for many many hours without running out of topic. It’s something that only possible among very close friends, to me. I’m glad that neither did he or me get emo on that trip, that would be disastrous! I’m very grateful that I had a very nice brother who walked all the way to find me just to pass me supper and pay for our dinner. Touched!  

Friday – KL again? UM
Although we slept quite early, we woke up around 10.30 am. I was awaken due to the natural ‘themepark’ alarm in genting. It’s fun to listen people’s scream of joy, though myself didn’t really enjoy those exciting themepark games. Anyway, we managed to meet up with another friend, 71 and had lunch together. It was sad to leave Genting, for its incomparable cool temperature and stressless holiday feel. Nevertheless, we have to leave and we reached KL around 2pm. 
I followed Wy back to his room in UM, which is quite down to earth. I couldn’t deny that our uni room is in better condition, but the UM room’s layout gives me a feeling of warm and care, I dunno why.  I get to meet Wy’s roommate, who seems like a very good person. I did mention to Wy that his roommate has a pair of innocent eyes. What I didn’t say was those eyes could be very dangerous or useful in cheating people. Haha. 
Then, we went to watch the Great Day in Mid Valley. And I really love Mid Valley. (maybe influenced by how small the First World Plaze is, comparatively). The movie was quite okay, though it kinda made me disappointed as I couldn’t really appreciate its sense of humour. Some parts are touching, made my eyes watery; although actually I don’t think it is very touching, just the background music somehow manage to twist my emotion and feelings. Overall, I think the movie is okay, but it could be better. 
Later, it is fortunate to have dinner together with Ta Lung and his (girl?) friends. He insisted that he was going for a ‘simple’ outing with the girl, but,.. hehe..  who knows right? Like someone said, she did look and act like a princess, and I tried very hard to ‘break the ice’ to reduce the awkwardness during the dinner. Nevertheless, it was still a pleasant dinner. 
I bid farewell to Wy after accompanying him in buying clothes for a while, and I rushed to meet my bro in Pavilion to watch the 3rd movie of the trip: Faster. And that was the time my handphone is completely KO, as in it couldn’t be switched on anymore due to low battery. Anyway, it was an okay movie with some twists at the end. Not an excellent movie, but not too bad either. 

Saturday – 1U, IKEA and The Curve
Saturday was a family day, I woke up quite early to follow my sis and her bf walk around the malls near Damansara areas. I admit I did cause some troubles and inconvenience to my siblings due to my malfunctioning hand phone. It is difficult to contact each other and it is very inconvenient to them. Feel guilty for it, and I promise I will always bring charger along in any trip next time. Anyway, the important highlight of the day was I finally managed to try the food in Italianis! The food was great as the price was not cheap. The set meal was not worth it, it is better to order something else from the menu instead of the 2-course set meal. And I’ve tried Lasagna! The best I had ever eaten (well, I dun eat much, so not much to compare with). However, suggestion is to share with friends, coz any single food you ordered will taste very bad if you have to finish all on your own. My sis’s greatly recommended Tiramisu cake was awesome too. It is mixed with a little bit of alcohol and it is huge.. (and pricey of course).
I couldn’t manage to buy any new year shirt in 1 Utama. However I did see some shirts that Wy wanted, lol, unfortunate for him. 1 Utama is just gigantic, it was like impossible to finish a full tour in the mall. However, the shops are repeating themselves, so it isn’t a very good place to shop, in my opinion. After that, we went to IKEA. And this was the first time I went to IKEA. I was amazed by how crowded the place is; it gives me a feeling that everyone in the world owns a house and wants to make changes to their houses. I’m not really keen in shopping there though, since I have no purpose to shop. I don’t own a house nor I need something fancy for my rooms. We left IKEA empty handed as my sis didn’t really need any furniture and we walked over to the Curve. This was my first time in the Curve too. And surprisingly, I managed to buy 2 clothes there! I thought I would never buy any more clothes since I’d spent some amount of money in genting buying a shirt that costs rm46.5. But I couldn’t resist myself from buying from Nichii in the Curve because they are just too cheap. Lol.  

For dinner, we ate Frankera, a Mexican restaurant that is of same style with Chilis. The food was quite good. 3 of us ordered burger, which was actually kinda silly. We should really choose some other food instead. However, I just couldn’t resist the burger temptation. Luckily, the burger was delicious! And very filling!  I joined my bro back in his hotel after the dinner. We watched some silly ghost movies in the room. And omg, the ghosts are really silly. Lol. Was that supposed to be a comedy instead of a horror movie?

Sunday – Holiday ends. T.T
Sunday was a bad day, as it was the last day of my holiday. Usually I would get quite emo that day, but surprisingly I was not. We had our lunch in Lot 10 with various of delicious well-known Chinese snacks that taste great (but cost double/triple compared to outside). Then we left KL and went home. I reached home (Ipoh) around 4pm and I haven’t packed anything to bring back to my uni. It took me an hour for me to quickly pack and roughly select the items I need to bring back to hostel. I was rushing, and I left my house on 5pm and reached UTP on 6pm. Some might wonder why would I leave home so early. Well, you might not believe it, my dad actually wanted me to go back UTP. He chased me out. T.T

I really enjoyed myself on this trip. It has been quite some time since I had such meaningful and happy moment. Sometimes, I just wish I could have that kind of life forever. But, if that’s the case, we won’t appreciate it anymore.  I guess, the rare things are the only things we appreciate. If something can be obtained too easily, it will be taken for granted. I felt quite sorry for my siblings though, giving them a lot of troubles and inconveniences. Will repay them in the future, when I’m richer. Hehehe.
Well, it ended up as a long post. Congratz, if u have read until this part! You tired reading; I also tired writing. Congratz to myself too, for writing till this part. Lol. Tried not to have such a long post next time. Will attach some pictures to make sure you don’t fall asleep when you see the lengthy text of the post. Considerate, ain’t I? lol



Keep it? End it?

Are you confident that you can keep?
Do you want to waste more time on both of us?
What if she is not the one?
Don't u think she deserves someone better?

Wouldn't it be a pity?
What if she is the one?
Where to find such nice person?
Why do u think u are not someone she deserves?

Would you ever be ready?
Would you ever be committed?
What if the fading feelings aren't temporary?
Do you think you really can change yourself?
Are you mature enough to handle this?
Will you regret doing this?
Will pushing yourself to ready work?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Just another 'Hooray' post.

Hooray! My holiday is ending. My body hates resting.
Hooray! My FYP progress is very slow. Wont give stress to other coursemates.
Hooray! My supervisor gonna scold me and give me low grade. Can let my friends chuin back me.
Hooray! Gonna start doing irritating projects/assignments soon. Time to show off my crapping ability.
Hooray! Gonna eat dirty, unhealthy and polluted food. The best thing is, it even tastes bad.
Hooray! Gonna get attacked by mosquitoes swarm in hostel. An opportunity to do good deeds.
Hooray! Gonna wake up early and go to class. I love waking up early.
Hooray!.. Hooray~ err.. what else? No more? I guess my life isnt as great as i expected.

There's something to be sad though.. I am going to grad soon! Hahahaha! Why am i laughing for such a depressing thing? I'm just weird. LOL