Monday, April 20, 2009


Once again I was stucked in this busy mode.. Well... it is always like this when I go back home and did little progress on everything. Let's see the schedule:

  • Internet Programming Project -  due 24 April (friday)
  • Human Computer Interaction Project - due  29 April (Wed)
  • Health Safety and Environment assignment 3 - due 27 April (Monday)
  • Network Security assignment 2 - due next week unknown date. (27 april to 30 april)
  • Artificial Intelligence project - due 27 April (Monday)
  • Software Engineering project - due unknown date.
  • Management Accounting test 2 - tomoro (21 April)
  • Sofware Engineering test 2  - 24 April (Friday)
  • Internet Programming test 2 - unknown (before 30 april)
  • Human Computer Interaction test 2 - unknown (before 30 april)
  • Network Security test 2 - unknown (before 30 april)

After listed down all these, i feel like jumping down from 20 storeys building.. Just feel, i wont actually do it. ;)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mental development

(this is the story mentioned in the previous post (my bday) on how I gain an extra bonus mark for my AI test)

Hello readers,

You are lucky to read this post. Why? Everyday every person in this world is thinking of something. Sometimes you might wonder what's running in that person's mind. Although it might not be a secret, but it's unlikely that the person would share with others what he/she is thinking. However, in this post, I'm going to share you this story of exactly what I'm thinking for a particular problem. 

You might think it's immature, you might think that we share the same thinking or you could disagree on what I did; but anyway, I'm very glad that I made that decision and it certainly develops my mental and moral. OK, let's cut off the introduction, the story is like this:

"I took a course called Artificial Intelligence and I had taken the first test of this subject. When the test paper was returned, I saw my mark, it's 49/50, considered quite good. Well, normally, the story should end like this. But complication occurs, my coursemate told me, actually the lecturer gave 2 marks to a question which supposed to carry only 1 mark, which means everyone automatically gets a bonus mark. However, for me, because the lecturer counts the mark by minus'ing' the deducted marks of the wrong answers from the total marks. And thus, I got one mark reduced and scored a 49/50. I could claim that the lecturer miscalculated the marks so that i could get a 50/50 (a nice honour, isnt it?). However, if i do so, the lecturer will find out that she actually gave an extra mark to everyone (it's impossible for a paper that has its marks deducted get full marks.). And if she is 'bad' enough or fair enough, she will 'take' back the extra mark given."

Okay... dilemma occured. There was some sort of fighting inside my mind. Selfishness and greed was my problem. This is what I think, "Everyone gets 1 extra mark but why am I not getting it?" One of my coursemates who scored a 48 (coz his paper is deducted 2 marks) went to the lecturer and after that his mark was changed to 49. Another two characters came into play, they are jealousy and fairness. "A person who scored 1 mark less than me gets the same mark as me. Isnt it pretty unfair?" 

Well, that was the evil side of the thought. Let's see the good side. "49/50 isnt that bad, it's not that I would fail the test because of this 1 mark", just ignore it.  "If i go to claim this mark, and when the lecturer noticed that she gave an extra mark and she wants to 'take' back the mark, then I will be the 'bad guy' who caused everyone else to lose 1 mark".

Decision making: If because of this 1 mark, I will make all other people lose mark, then I will be too selfish. Anyway, it's just 1 mark. So, i decided to keep this silent. Nothing happened, I scored 49 and others who scored 49(actually scored 48), scored 30(actually scored 29) and so on...

After making this decision, although this is the right decision, i think, despite some of my coursemates encourage me to claim that mark. I don't feel really happy for the decision I made. Coz somehow I feel myself "rugi" already. lol... It's like I am not being treated as it should be. Well, just feel very uncomforable in my heart. The temptation and desire of 'wanting that mark' is so high. I guess I usually wont let myself rugi like this in other cases. That's why I was feeling so uneasy for this little 1 mark.  I know this decision is the first step towards overcoming selfishness and greed. If I gave up on this small matter by claiming the mark, I'm sure later on, in the future, every decision I made will be purely based on self-interest. That's why, no matter how hard I feel, I keep to the decision I made. (always feel a bit uncomfortable when ppl mentioned bout the mark)

Supposingly, this shud b the end of the story. However, there's another thing happen on the day of my birthday which was around 2 weeks later after the test paper was returned. That was a good news and it put an end to my misery feeling of unsatisfaction and proved that my decision was right. 

"On last friday, the lecturer realized that she had given an extra mark to everyone. And she said fine, she would just give us the bonus mark. Then I asked her if I could claim the mark, and she said ok."

Although I'm not completely get over with the selfishness thingy, coz eventually i still go and claim the mark, but (i know after although no but, but i still want to use it, :P) if claiming the mark won't affect the others, why shouldnt I go and claim the mark? right? agree with me? lol. mark is still mark, cannot give it up easily.. lol

Okay... in conclusion, the lesson of the story is to do the right thing, not to do the thing that gives you the most 'short-term' benefit. Everything starts with the first step. Now I have taken the first step, whenever something similar happen, I will do the same thing. If something even more serious than this, it will be time for taking the second step. BUt most importantly, when u have taken the first step, it wont be hard to take the following steps.. Sorry for this immature thinking of mine, hope you all learn something from me. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

birthday this year?

This year birthday is as delightful as usual. I guess my brain mental level up again. This is because compared to last year, I have totally different thoughts and realization. 

let's not talk about the thoughts i had first, let me tell you about what happened in my bday this year though it's not as physically exciting like last year.

2weeks before bday

We went to Ipoh PC fair.. and my siblings and my dad bought me an external hard disk.. Honestly, i didnt expect that. I was planning to buy it with my own money. (hey i'm not rich) then they paid it for me. Who would be so stupid not to accept it? Of coz, without much thinking i accept it la!

Bday eve (as if it's like any other festival, lol)

Like last year, i've been receiving a lot of early wishes tru sms. I'm very happy to read them actually. (for more details see my previous post). One of my utp frens disclosed to me today, saying that they planned to have celebration for me at first. But I've a meeting that night. Thus, not having it. I really happy with their intention. :) Like i said to many ppl, it's already enough to c the sincerity. If organizing this celebration is going to trouble so many ppl to plan and prepare and come.. it's just not worth it. I dun wan my bday to trouble others... It makes my bday bcome like a disaster instead of festival. Something worth mentioned was the tong sui made by my biao mei. I am always impressed by the tong sui she made. I guess I'm pretty vulnerable by self-made food (means not from purchase one). Easily touched by it. But honestly, biao mei, it is very sweet. But i ate all of them! hehe.. but i didnt drink all of them la.. The amount of liquid in that tong sui was enough for me wholeday. it was a big container eh... Ok.. now i regret of mentioning it. It will seem so unfair not to mention the others.. sorry ya, 'others'. I really appreciate ur present and wishes, but i just dun feel like write it all down here. I dun intend to write an appreciation post.   


Actually the real day is very normal. Just like the other normal days. Except the part of the flooding facebook's bday comments i received that day. I totally didnt expect that. Perhaps all knew i dropped out frenster d. haha.. At the actual day of my birthday, which was yesterday, (oh i'm 20 years and 1 day old d, lol). Besides this,  I got an extra bonus mark for my Artificial Intelligence test. It means a lot to me. I will write it in another post. But frankly, based on wainam's expression, which was the only audience of this story, the story seems boring. lol. 


Oh.. i didn't celebrate my birthday at all. I haven't eaten any birthday cake yet. lol.. Dun pity me. It's okay. What i did on my birthday was to attend classes, driving back Ipoh, eating lunch with junior, playing games and eating dinner with tet khiun, online at home, watching "how i met your mother season 3" and that's all. Oh ya, and wondering how other people know my birthday. It was really something interesting to find out. Some of them, dun hav frenster and facebook and yet wish me birthday. ANd honestly, they dun seem those kind of frens who capable of knowing or remembering my birthday. haha. 


Hmm.. Honestly, I'm feeling happier on birthday this year than last year. Although no celebration or party was done for me and i dun receive much presents compared to last year, I think this time is better. Haha.. In my opinion, i think i really grow up d lo.. Entering age of 20, I dun mind the celebration stuffs and presents at all. Like I said, organizing a celebration or party is just as troublesome as organizing a big event. I personally hate joining events and thus I understand how inconvenient it is to have a birthday party. And I'm not young anymore; I'm not still studying in Foundation where everyone is eager to throw party. In fact, they have celebrated my bday twice since I'm in UTP d. Since long ago, my family stopped celebrating bday. In fact, they usually give me cash as bday present. lol.. realistic huh? 

If i dun mind celebration/ presents, then what do I mind? birthday wishes? nope... I learned to appreciate more this year. To me, birthday is nothing. Really nothing.. why would one celebrate the anniversary of his/her birthdate? makes no sense at all. Appreciate myself? lol. From my perspective, I know what my birthday functions as... My birthday is not to celebrate my birth date, but to offer opportunities to foster the relationship of friends and family. Did you realize, many friends who u have not contacted for long time actually send bday messages to you? Did you realize you feel closer to those friends who bother to give u bday wishes even when they are busy? I do. I do. I'm happy to receive my bro's msg, my mom's msg, my close frens msg... everyone actually. I know some of them are just pass by and send a bday msg, but I still appreciate EACH OF them very much. I was happy the whole day... receiving ppl's bday wishes. made me feel that i'm not alone. lol. Somehow I feel that the way I write this blog is like Mel's style. very 'feeling' kind. anyway, ignore that, I guess I replied every sms I received, didnt I?   

Entering 20

It's quite a different feel, when you finally increment your age from 19 to 20. 19 was like the last year of doing crazy and stupid things. Now as a ty-ager (a term i like to use), it's like a level up. Things that I used to like, it's not important anymore. Things tat i dun care previously, now I begin to realize its importance. I cant say I'm mature. In someway, i think 70% of my mind still undergoing a 'growing' process. But i'm sure i'm bcoming mature. There are something you can work hard to change and something that you just have to accept it as it is. anyway, that's not the main point. I'm in 2nd year right now. It just feels so fast. this is the fifth sem (third year) i'm studying in UTP already. I've changed a lot... become lazier, become more emo. It seems like all of them are bad changes.. haha. Really cannot deny that the time flies. 

My birthday wishes

I hope you guys interested in this part. I think you all might find it a bit boring reading those above. I received a lot of birthday wishes this year. It should be more than last year. SO i assume my birthday wishes will be granted. lol. Many friends wish me "happy birthday" and that certainly comes true, I'm really happy on my birthday. Let's see my other wishes. 

Hey before I start, dun say I'm greedy if I list down too much o.. ;) 

1. I want to be smarter, wiser and more intelligent.. stupid like hell now, feel like banging the wall.. Intelligence is what i always want..

2. I want to maintain my CGPA. lol. ok.. very unlikely.. this sem got hard subject. (and those who are very sure I could achieve 4 flat again this sem, if i cant get, u all mz belanja me a meal ya!)

3. I want to have a successful relationship.  yes, i'm still single, It has been 2 years since the last relationship, and i think I'm ready for a new one. But, I know it's not going to be easy, i want a successful one.. so i wont simply pick and have a blind date. So, if you are interested, you can dial this number: 012 5399xxx.. jz kidding la. lol

(all three wishes are all about me, now it's for family and friends, i cant be too selfish right?)

4. I wish the people I care esp my family and people i dun care but they care me (lol, very weird to say in this way) will be healthy and cheerful. In fact, i made this wish every year. lol.

5. I wish there isnt any war or natural disaster happened in the world. In fact i made this wish every year also, but it doesnt seem to achieve.

(An additional wish)

6. I know I'm lazy. And it's probably cannot be cured and has become part of my nature. I wish to change my laziness... at least make me a bit less lazy. I think i wil die starving one day bcoz lazy to eat. 

ok... that's all. I hope it follows what you all said. That my bday wishes will come true. And if they come true, thank to you all again! ^.^ Before I end this post, I planned to give you see some interesting photos of me past few years till now. 

Year 2004 Form 3

Year 2005, form 4

Year 2006 form 5

Year 2007 UTP foundation

Year 2008 UTP 1st year

this year 2009, UTP 2nd year

ps: I'm really fatter last time eh.. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

ooh... 12 mins more to my bday


12 minutes more to my birthday.. I've been receiving presents and wishes from many friends d.. very happy tonight, though it's still not my birthday.. 

It's always good to think that someone is still care of you... Made you think that you aren't lonely.. ANd now, i'm exactly having this kind of feeling.. Very blissful. 

I'm not expecting a birthday party... really. I know everyone is busy, and it's hard for them to gather around to celebrate it.. I love the wishes anyway.. which are purely sincere.. So far, i didnt hear any insincere wishes yet.. It's so touched.. lol.. birthday birthday.. is tat really that important? or is it a day to let me appreciate the friends and family who I care and care about me. Oh~~ I'm so blissful now.. hehe.. thanks everyone.. ^^ 

still have 9 mins count down to my birthday...  ooh~! i'm going to be one of the ty-agers... no longer teenager. swt.. Hey, ty-agers gang, I'm joining u... in 8 minutes time.. Welcome me? hehe..

20, 20.. feels like wawasan 2020.. haha.. what's my wawasan for this age? lol.. Havent thought of.. wait till my birthday first hehe...

i finished the 'tong sui' made by biao mei~ hehe.. the whole container o. full full.