Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fire/explosion in petrol station!

Watch this, and share with your friends.. especially ladies. ;)

1. don't reenter your car when pumping petrol.
2. discharge your hand before touching the nozzle.
3. don't remove the nozzle if it burns.

Hope it helps. :D

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wish I am still a kid

"Oh~~ darling don't you ever grow up~"

I wish I am still a kid.

no stress
no expectation
thus no disappointment

having delightful days
upset over tiny matters
and back to cheerful mood within seconds

taken care by elder siblings
loved and pampered by parents
while still complaining that the love given was not enough

that time,
when i was sick
they fed me food

that time,
when i was asleep
they made sure i was covered by blanket

and now I'm alone
knowing nothing
yet trying to be independent

afraid of meeting new friends
disgusted by their ugly fakeness
threatened by their potential betrayal

scared of getting close to friends
worried that i'll get over dependent on the friendship
anxious that our friendship may fade away and never come back

fear of having a girl friend
i dont know if i'm ready and..
i dont want to break someone's heart again

understanding the world
selfishness greed jealousy and violence
even the kindest person may fall into these traps

i'm disappointed
i'm upset
mainly on myself
that i failed to..
..become the ideal 'me' that i wish to be.

"oh~i dont wanna grow up
wish i'd never grown up.
it could still be simple.."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vision, mission, objectives, goals and targets.

Don't worry, this post is not going to teach you what's the difference between vision, mission, objectives, goals and targets. We'd always see/hear/feel/touch/sense about these words from classes, company, proposals or sometimes even from advertisement. Let me tell you, these words are actually very important. It's essential to at least have one vision/mission/objective/goal or target in your life. Else, you would be living for nothing, like me now.

Me -> a lazy person. Define lazy: Lazy is an adjective to describe a person who is not willing to do work that requires effort. As a lazy person, I am reluctant to do something extra from what I need. I need to eat, sleep, play, have fun~ those are something that I need, thus my laziness will not stop me from doing those. Helping people, pleasing people, slapping people and killing people are something that I don't need. Thus, laziness is one of the factors that can hinder me from doing them. To do something that I don't need, I require motivation or rewards. Vision/mission/objective/goal or target are some of the examples that could motivate me.

Okay,back to the topic. I'm now visionless, missionless, objectiveless, goaless and targetless. So, basically nothing can drive and motivate me to do something. Unlike my school life, although I'm still visionless and missionless, I have goals and targets. My target is to get good result in particular semester or year. And my goal is to acquire a good job. However, now I have started working. And I lost my goal and target. And I'm idle.. living like zombie or a useless person.

Recalling what I learned from my course, goal and objective has to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-constraint. For example, getting a 4 flat in each semester fulfills SMART: it's specific; it's measurable; it's attainable; it's relevant and it has a time constraint. But now, I have none of such goal. I have no motivation to do anything other than eat play sleep and have fun. I'm doomed!

Most people have a vision of becoming somebody, mission of achieving something, objective of being what kind of person, goal of getting this and that as well as a target of reaching something. I have NONE! Again, i repeat, I'm doomed! I wish i could be more ambitious. It's not easy to find a purpose in my job though, coz my work currently is... speechless.

Anyway, this post is just to tell you that: you gotta have Vision, mission, objectives, goals and targets in your life. It is necessary!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

4 hours for 5 seconds.

Just had my convocation ceremony yesterday..
and... exactly 4 hours are wasted just for 5 seconds walking + getting scroll, a fake scroll some more. It is very boring, i can't imagine how my parents stand it.

Convocation means nothing to me. But since, the graduation robe is like my one and only chance to wear it. So, i have no regret attending ler.

For future graduates, bring along ur ipad, notebook, story book and whatever... to the ceremony. It's going to be very very boring.

By the way, thanks for those giving me convo gifts. I really thought i'm going to go home empty handed, thanks for the surprises. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Just came back from 2 weeks of training... It feels weird.

I'm quite happy that I finally get to reunite with my laptop (i didn't bring it along to the training). And be able to do things that I like (games, novel, drama...)

But I'm quite sad that I gotta go back to work and live my rotten life when I'm not at work.

There are some changes with my thoughts after I came back from the training. I can't describe it clearly, but i don't think it is a good change. Things are like getting distant to me... many things aren't as important as I perceived before... Hmm.. it's hard to describe this feeling. Coz it's very abstract.

2 weeks in training made me forget my usual routine. I cant even remember what items that I usually bring to work. I'm a bit lost when I return to my KL home. I lost track with my tasks at work... I'm so blur.

Actually, things didn't change much here, but awkwardly, I feel I'm older now.