Friday, December 16, 2011

loneliness - "It takes time.."

When I first came to Kuantan,

I was lonely.

And people told me..

"It takes time.."

I believe them

So I wait...

Then they say

you shouldnt be waiting

you should get new friends

coz "it takes time...

to find new friends.."

I tried..

and i got new friends

but i still feel lonely..

then they say

"it takes time...

for new friends to become closer"

I believe them..

but i didnt take action

coz i'm lazy.

however now...

i dun really feel lonely

... anymore.

it's true that....

"it takes time"

for me to feel less lonely..

just that, instead of

"it takes time to get closer friends"

what happened to me was..

"it takes time to adapt to the loneliness"..

and i've adapted it.