Friday, May 27, 2011

Awkward Moment

I was feeling so bad just now.
While I was driving home happily, there's this call from XXX company, asking my decision whether to work at Penang or KL. HOWEVER, I've decided to reject that job offer but I haven't informed her. She's a lovely and helpful lady and I was forced to decline the offer.
It was very awkward and embarrassing, for that moment. And i felt very bad for causing her so much inconvenience. Rejecting a job offer... isn't as simple as it seems.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dye My Hair

Hard to believe. I really dyed my hair. I remember I had this thought since last 2 years, but i never implemented it. And now I think, I've finished studies and I'm unemployed, this should be the best chance to do it!

Of course, I still have to convince my parents about dying my hair. I recall what my dad said last time when I told him my intention to dye hair. He said, "Boys/guys who dye their hair look like naughty people". A typical comment from a teacher, I guess. However, surprisingly, he didnt seem to have big disapproval yesterday when I mentioned about it. lol. Maybe he thought I'm just saying but not actually going to do it. (I'd been saying I wanted to dye hair since 2 years ago)

Anyway, today, I was still kinda in conflict whether to dye the hair or not. First, I afraid that my hairstyle is not suitable for hair-dying. If the hairstyle is ugly, dying the hair will not make it any nicer. So, I get consultation from the barber, and basically yeah, i determined to do it. This is the first time I witness the hair-dying process. I've never encountered or see the process before. And I'm kinda surprise when she made my hair become like tat: (see pic below)

For a moment, I thought I became one of the manga/anime characters.
So, I'm the new character in Bleach. Lol. Anyway, that's just the process. Please don't think that is the final product of the hair-dying process. Although it looks quite cool, I do not have the courage to do that. Not only I dun dare to walk to the streets with this hair colour, but definitely I'm going to give my parents heart attacks if I dyed my hair that way.

Anyway, after 45 minutes of being new character in Bleach, it was time to wash away the colouring chemicals. And the end result is .......

after shower (now)
And guess what. My mom said it looks nice! hahahaha..

Reflecting Thoughts 24/5/11

Totally wasted my 'today', I guess I'd been playing pc game for like 80% of the day. My plan to read novels and watch movies/series was ruined. Partly due to my 'borrowed' netbook; the size of the netbook really demotivated me from reading ebook and watch movies. This really triggers my desire to buy new laptop even more. I want a new laptop!!! But... Patient patient Wei Han!

KL 'Trip"

Just came back from KL yesterday, had two job interviews which I didn't really perform quite well. But I doubt if I could do better given the circumstances. Whatever la, I'd tried (maybe not my best though) but it certainly wouldn't make me regret for it. If the job is meant for me, then it will never run away. (One of the best ways to make one feels better is to pass the responsibility to fate or god, haha)

Overall, the KL trip can be considered un-smooth. Things were not so fluent in a way. The heavy rain, the delayed traffic, the bad seat in the train, the awkwardness with a friend, the emoness of a friend, the not-so-well interview sessions, the trouble i gave to my uncle, the 'leftover' towel, the sold out movie tickets, etc... Frankly, that was one of the reasons for me to return home earlier. I actually wanted to stay till monday or if possible wednesday at first. But i didn't because I'm afraid things are going to get worse somehow. Yeah, I had gotten superstitious. -.- Anyhow, I did enjoy the trip, at least 70% of it was fun.

Back Home

Back in Ipoh, things are... usual. I'm doing the same routine almost everyday, play game here and there. And sweat, i couldn't find myself a movie-mate for Pirates of Caribbean 4. Those who I invited were all busy/unavailable/watched already/poor?? Poor was one of the stupidest excuses given. Btw, anyone wants to invite me for the movie? I pay the movie ticket for you! (I'm sure this will attract many people, but sadly, i was just KIDDING!) Nah, KL trip had made me too poor to treat people movie. Now think about it, perhaps being poor wasn't a very stupid excuse after all. haha.

Phone call

Unintentionally had a long phone call with my fren. 53 minutes! I was shocked; coz it feels like 15-20 minutes like tat only. Erm... time flies faster probably because it was a pleasant conversation? Anyway, if I knew he was on postpaid earlier, I would have ended the call sooner (although we did try to end the phone call couple of times but it ended up with another question/topic). I suppose he has to give some explanations when the phone bill comes. Sorry for that. Shouldn't make assumption that Digi Campus was the package he is using. Assume? Ass-u-me? lol.

Sleep Late Habit

It was so difficult to get rid of this habit. There's a new spark in energy when it is midnight. This is going to spoil my 'face recovery' mission. Haha. Is it fate that I am going to have a scarred, rough and ugly face? Anyway, let's think positively. Take it as a skill, the ability to stay up late. It should be quite important/useful.

Emo on Friendship Problem

Didn't intend to share about this at first. An incident in KL made me rather emo on friendship issue. Some friends are just not worth being treated nice. Having close friends might not be a good thing - something that I just realized not long ago. One quiz for you:

In this world, who is the one you can rely the most? (not Gods or Devils pls)

Give you a few seconds to think about the answer.




Okay, time's up. If your answer was someone else, then probably you are still going to hurt yourself more in the future. The answer for the question above is: YOU and only YOU! You only can depend and rely on yourself! Friends are nice... sometimes. Problem arises when friends suddenly become not so nice and... it hurts. However, if you aren't treating them very nice, you wont feel bad if they are not being nice to you. Therefore, don't be too nice to your friends. Not worth the effort!

This theory/principle is something that I always aware of but I couldn't do it. But, this time, I finally have the determination to 'be cruel to others' in order to 'be nice to myself'. Not to worry much, as mentioned in previous post, if you can make me retain my cheerful mood, I wouldn't be cruel to you. BUT... if you are still trying to irritate me while I'm emo, then please.....


Monday, May 23, 2011


I just realized I am actually a very forgiving person. This actually contradicts with what I always think. From what I understand about myself, I'm a vengeful person who will take revenge or bear the hatred forever and ever... if someone mistreated me.

But I'm wrong. I can hate a person so so so so much and turn out to be 'okay to forgive' the next day. This is just weird. How could this happen? Let me describe it using some make-up stories:

Story 1:

Someone scolded me. I hate that someone because he is an idiot himself. Then my thought ventures further and further.... and I become more and more emo and hate that person more and more and more and more for God knows how many hours, days, weeks ... I'll never forgive that person!!

Story 2:

Someone scolded me. I hate that someone because he is an idiot himself. Then my thought ventures further and further.... and I become more and more emo and hate that person more and more and more and more~ ... BUT suddenly, let's say I won lottery and get RM1000. Then I'm so excited and i will forgive most of the people in the LIST OF HATRED. haha.


Based on the two stories above, we can conclude that, I will transform from a vengeful person to a forgiving person if and only if I am happy. So, tips for you guys: Just try to make me happy, the possibility of being forgiven is much higher. haha.

ps: It has a reverse effect, I hate people more when I'm emo.

Friday, May 13, 2011

When I woke up, it was already 1pm. I quickly...

... I quickly ran downstairs and get my (house) phone to call Mr. Tan.

"Hello kz, eaten lunch already?"
"Not yet."
"Great, let's eat lunch together~"

It was already 1pm, and seriously I hadn't 'made appointment' with kz regarding to the outing plan. I felt so relieved when he said he hasn't had his lunch, else I'm gonna end up eating lunch alone in a lonely place~ Anyway, the outing plan was as following: Eat lunch, Go KTM buy ticket, Go parade buy FIR album, Go M.Gopeng buy ticket, Go... cybercafe play dota... again~ We agreed to meet each other in Tesco (aka our favourite parking place) at 1.40pm; however, I was late a bit (a bit only) because facebook was just too interesting for me. Therefore I gotta rushed to Tesco in blazing speed, killing 3 innocent pedestrians in the process. May them rest in peace. 

The time when I just departed from my home. And I should be Tesco at 1.40pm!
That's why I had to concentrate in driving fast. (Do i deserve the best actor award?)
Luckily I was just late a bit, probably due to my super driving skills or perhaps... kz also came late? haha. As an environmentalist, I always feel the urge to protect the environment by reducing petrol consumption. So, we decided to carpool instead. (okay, fine.. I'm the one who made the decision, not 'we')
He looks so happy because he can be my driver. (actually i kinda force him to be the driver, I love being a passenger!)
While I was deciding on where to eat our lunch, Kz surprised me by offering himself to treat me the lunch. When I asked him why, he said it was for my birthday. Wow.. so thoughtful. I told him, KFC then, got the zinger combo which I was craving for it. But he said it was too cheap d, something more expensive.. WOW! haha. Hence, we went to a chinese restaurant in De Garden which its name sounds a bit like Dragon-I. It's famous for its xiao long pau.

My food! Ramen with five yummy ballshaped dumplings.
The ZhaJiang Noodle that he ordered. My boss (the one who pays) for that meal

Plus the dimsums that we ordered. It costs RM43 plus for both of us. Not over expensive for meals that include both main dishes and dim sums and drinks. 
After that, Kz fetched me to KTM station to buy train ticket. Fortunate enough, I managed to get the third class train ticket which costs merely RM12. Gonna go KL on 18th May loo.. one more week left for the challenging interviews.. Oops out of topic. Then I accompanied kz to medan gopeng to buy bus ticket to KL (the same destination as well), on the same day as well. You might wonder why we didnt choose to go to KL together using the same transportation method. The reason is very simple: we hate each other!!!! ... nah~ just kidding. It's due to some issues he had which I lazy to explain.

A random pic we took in M.Gopeng bus station. 
I mentioned I wanted to buy FIR album right? But we didn't go to parade, because it's a bit troublesome to go there purposely. Instead we went to jusco, which is more convenient because it is so near to our next destination (cyber cafe). Staring at the price of FIR album, RM49.90; i decided to buy later, maybe in parade where popular card might stand a chance to reduce the price. I'm becoming POOOR PPOOOOR person. No more allowance from petronas means no more income; no more income means... PPOOOORRRR!!

And last but not least (actually it's the most), we went to cyber cafe to play dota. With my pro-ness, we won again! (although my hero died countless times in the process) Quite surprising that we could win though... Usually with Kz's existence, we rarely got the chance to win... Unless.. kz's dota skill improve d? :-O The answer to that question is: No! hahahahahahhaa~  Anyway, nice and simple outing today. I like this kind of casual and ordinary outing... I wonder how many times more we can have such outings? I don't think I would have the chance to have this kind of outings when I start working in the future. hmm.. :-/

Monday, May 9, 2011

No longer a student

I've just finished my final exam yesterday. Not just the typical final exam, but the Final final exam. Felt a bit lost and empty. It was like a routine that I had to pick up some books and read them. But nope, now I don't have to do that anymore. Last night even, I was dreaming that I was studying and suddenly realized that I should no longer need to study that book anymore.

Just now, when I was trying to do my uni clearance stuffs, I suddenly feel sad. I'm going to leave this place, like forever. And all my uni friends, I'm just going to miss them super much. :'( A bit regret for not having more fun with them. Those friends, are the only reason that convinces me to not regret studying in UTP. But what to do? We all know there is an 'end' from the word "friENDs".

End of study life.. Could you imagine that? After studying for so many years, and this is the end of it. Entering workforce could be both exciting and ... scary. It's time to sharpen up my human's mask as things aren't going to be as simple as before. Any mistake made could be disastrous and I do not want that to happen. Office politics, backstabbing, fakers? It would be challenging.

Haiz.. feel quite sad now. Bye UTP.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Silent Midnight

Although the post title sounds like telling a ghost story, it's not. Dun worry. I'm just describing the current atmosphere here now in my room. The curtains are closed, and it's so damn hot while my roommate still can sleep harmoniously with his blanket. That's so incredible.

I just killed 11th mosquito in this room, within 2 hours. I dunno if it's me who become more expert in killing mosquitoes or the mosquitoes tonight just seem too stupid. They just fly like usual, unaware of the deadly fatal Wei Han's palm nearby. And with a single "piak" or double "piak", they ended up become lifeless corpses. I feel so sorry for them.... Well, actually i'm not. They deserve death, population of mosquitoes has increased too rapidly. If we do not take action to control it, it will disrupt the ecosystem! (of course what i said doesnt have any scientific proof)

I was studying till around 3.50am and i had actually completed the study target of the night. Supposingly, i should be rushing towards my bed, hugging my pillows and sleep like a pig. But, i myself do not know why I'm still awake here, facebooking and blogging. Weird. I dun feel like i'm someone who is having exam tomoro.. (well i just killed the 12th mosquito while typing the previous sentence) It kinda distracted me and i forgot what were i typing. Okay, mentioned bout exam mood, i don't really feel like i'm in the mood of having exams. I take it as a bad indication that my result this sem is going to be a disaster. But it's okay, final semester, and it's time for my cgpa to drop. (of course i wish it could maintain)

Anyway, i suppose it's almost time for me to sleep already. Since my roommate is going to wake up for his morning study session, it's time for me to start my slumber session. We are trying to safeguard the room from any burglary. Nah~ kidding. It's just that i love to sleep late while he couldnt sleep late. (you can say in another way that he loves to sleep early but i couldnt sleep early). For those who are having exams, good luck for you all if u read my post. Else, u dun get the good luck wish from me. haha. (i'm reading it as well, so i definitely get good luck wish from myself, YAY!)

Thursday, May 5, 2011


As a sociable human, we have to learn how to open one eye and close another eye. Of course, i don't literally mean that we have to actually close an eye while communicating or socializing. Open-One-Eye;Close-One-Eye is actually originated from Chinese saying which means: "ignoring something that you care for a good cause" .

There are too many things in this world appears to be inappropriate to us. Unfortunately, we aren't god. We can't change everything to make it follows our preference. Therefore, sometimes, we just have to ignore things that don't really matter to us.

I admit I am a control freak. Hence, it is a bit more difficult for me to ignore things. But i will try to change, coz I'm Wei Han. haha..

Law of Wei Han #1:
Everything is possible to achieve if Wei Han is determined in doing it.

Ps: Too bad, the only flaw of the law above is: Wei Han seldom has the determination to do something.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reflecting Thoughts - 4/5/2011

Introducing new label(title) of my blog: Reflecting Thoughts. Whenever you see my blogpost has this title, it simply means that the post has no specific theme, or thesis statement (sounds very technical right?). Reflecting Thoughts will be posts that i would simply say out what am i thinking at the moment, without specifically relating to any event or incident. Actually, if you have been my consistent blog reader, you would realize, i had actually written many posts similar to Reflecting Thoughts concept in the past, with different titles of course. Anyway, sometimes my mind wanders here and there and i just want to put all my thoughts here. And obviously, as a super considerate blogger, for those who didn't like my Reflecting Thoughts posts can simply ignore reading the post, saving your time from reading something you don't like. A tips for the readers, you can always check the label on the bottom of a post before u decide whether to read the post or not. Anyway, let me start with today's reflecting thoughts.

I had experienced an unexpected emo last night. It was abrupt and sudden. Although I'm not very certain with the reason i got emo, I somehow know what triggers it. Anyway, let's not talk about sad thing, we should talk about ...... something sadder!

My first paper is on Thursday and today is already Wednesday. And the first paper is going to be... MALAYSIAN STUDIES! Seriously, i think this subject is a total crap. It is in fact a death penalty to the foreign students who never took Sejarah before. The questions asked in the test/exam are sometimes very irrelevant from the textbook and the answers given are totally illogic. Taking this subject is very enjoyable, because basically I can skip almost every class, granting me more time to do other stuffs (which most of the time is taking an afternoon nap). The textbook is quite lousy, i somehow think that form 5 sejarah book is of better quality and higher level than this textbook. Many people have been complaining that my cgpa is too high, and they will be happy to know that this subject has a big potential of bringing my cgpa down down down down~

Recently keep on having flashbacks on some memorable moments in UTP. Recalling the moment when we were having our orientation, facing some conflicts we had while doing group project, having different great roommates, killing different species of mosquitoes, seducing lecturers to get high marks, laughing at other people when i get higher marks, ... LOL. I'm just joking. Anyway, there are many precious memories in utp. I suppose this is what ordinary people with feelings face when they are graduating soon. Yeah, i'm graduating.. in 5 days? hoho.. and i'm totally blur and confused with my future paths. Let's see how things go in the future~

I realize i am a much more sentimental person than i thought. I did remember that i cried out loud when i say goodbye to my primary school last time. What an idiot, i didnt even know why i was crying since i'm going to see most of my friends in high school (from SRJK Sam Tet to SMK Sam Tet). Anyway, i didnt really feel sad leaving my high school and i dunno why. Supposingly, i shouldnt feel sad leaving utp either. I guess, i am actually a bit reluctant to face the cruelty of the real working society. I know it wouldnt be similar to student life which is quite a comfort zone to me. That's the reason i feel sad maybe?

Wo~ho! I'm glad that you read until this part. To reward you, i'm going to tell you a funny joke to cheer up your day. The joke starts like this: