Saturday, November 28, 2009

My room in KL

Well, to be exact, it's my room in PJ. I guess taman paramount is considered as part of Petaling Jaya d.

Actually, something quite hilarious happened today. It appears that the room that I wanted to rent last time is not the room I'm renting now. The story is like this: I went to the room, and amazingly i realized my 'room' was not cleared and cleaned. Well i dun expect him to clean it for me, but the room has soo many things, like a store room. I had already told him i'm coming for at least 3 times and yet the room was not cleared. It was so irritating and it pissed me off, oops, it's more to like pissing my mom off. So, while waiting for the room to be cleared, we went to search for other rooms.. And we searched around the area and saw soo many rooms to let, however mostly female only.. Ah~ that's the only moment i wish to be a female rather than a male. Never mind, at the end, we saw this room, (the room i'm stayin now) the owner is quite friendly and the house condition is quite good, well maintained.. And so we asked the price: RM300 (same with the previous one) but including utilies such as water and electricity while the previous one does not.

(to make ur eyes feel better, i purposely start a new paragraph.. lol) . So, with everything seems better, the weaknesses come: she said no water heater for shower.. and that's so sad! i really hate taking cold shower esp past few weeks, it was so cold.. And she said if i use computer, she is going to charge me rm20 for electricity! what?? computer consumes so much electricity mea? i didnt even know tat.. but i'm planning to on my laptop 24/7 to make the fee worthwhile.. jz kidding. And the major drawback is NO INTERNET~ gosh.. that's killing.. But at the end we take the room and decided to fly the old room aeroplane (tell me if u dun understand this part).

OK, with some negotiation, i paid rm330 for the new room as the room (rm300) + computer (rm20) and under special request: water heater (rm10). So, i took the room, and staying there right now. The new mission arises: HOW TO GET BACK MY DEPOSIT from the previous room owner.. lol.. The mission was a bit tough as me, my mom and my dad had no idea on how to talk to him as he is still clearing his stuff from my 'room'. But anyway, we managed to get back the deposit.. Dun ask me how, it;s kinda like magic... unexplainable.. probably he's kind.

Ok, one question probably is running in ur mind. If i cant online,how can I write this post? Give a few guesses. If you are thinking I'm using cyber cafe service, then you are RIGHT! In fact i'm paying RM2.5 for 1 hour here.. And now 43 mins have elapsed... 17 mins more and that's why i'm typing this post.. lol..

Another question is running ur mind maybe, "can I stay at ur room if i'm going KL and nid a place to stay?" For this, i'm not sure.. I havent asked the house owner yet.. Well, give her good impression first.. If i ask this ask that, probably she will jz reject this reject that. If i got a better impression after staying there for more a while, and when u wana come by, i will ask her if it is possible to let u all stay over or not..

I guess that's all for today.. miss you~ i mean you as in 'Internet'.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Semester break for 2 days

Finally, bid farewell to my lovely examination that lasts for 3 weeks. Yesterday was totally not in mood to study. And the paper today is totally weird.. But since it was over, let's forget bout it. 

What am I doing now? I'm still in UTP.. Waiting Wen Pin to go lunch together. Why not eat at home? 2 reasons: 1st, I havent finished packing; 2nd, I'm too sleepy to drive home. lol. 

Excluding today, I practically have 2 days of holiday: Thursday and Friday. And I will leave Ipoh on Saturday. Well, you could consider my Saturday, Sunday and Monday as part of my holiday too but those 3 days I'm going to use them to make a quick adaptation to the KL environment. 

What should I do these 2 days in Ipoh? I promised to meet my junior-friend long time ago. It will be on Thursday. And maybe i will have to pack whole day on Friday. I always wake up late at home and thus I lost my Thursday morning. Hmm.. what i have now is just Thursday evening. Anyone wants to meet me that time? lol.

To be honest, currently I'm still feeling numb towards the internship experience. I should feel a little bit more excited, i suppose. But probably, this 'long-lasting' examination makes me really numb to other things. What i desire now is sleep and game.. and perhaps some chatting.. huhu.. 


The really last picture after i had packed everything into my car.. One last picture before I closed the door and went home.. Goodbye my V4 room~

Wish every Utpians happy holiday and other interns, happy internship! Also hope my roommate gets a roommate better than me next sem. Gonna miss him a little bit. haha

Friday, November 20, 2009

Before-exam phobia

I'm having this sudden panic for this particular subject 'wireless technology' 45 mins later..  However, nothing i can do about it. Not that I don't want to continue studying, it's just the more I study, the more panic i become. 

Should have woke up a bit later. Then i wont have so much time now to worry. Probably go exam hall earlier. takutnya... I think it's Cheah Hui's (my coursemate) fault. She keeps telling me that this subject is very hard very scary. And yeah, she succeed in influencing me to feel the same like her.

Have been listening songs, reading blog posts and studying facebook for near an hour. 30 mins left to go.. What should I do now?

"i want nobody nobody but you".. the song i'm listening now.. too 'free' d~ lol.

Monday, November 16, 2009

'Tips' to study

It's midnight 2am now. But i'm not sleeping yet. Tomoro i have an exam paper. Oops.. sorry, i should say TODAY since it's adi over midnight. However, that's not the reason I'm not sleeping. Instead, I was actually playing game just now. Kinda amazed with myself. lol

I wouldnt say I'm very 'senior' in UTP now, but i'm definitely very 'experienced' in handling matters in UTP. After studying here for 6 semesters (3 years), i guess everyone should be able to manage and adapt to the 'culture' here. 

Let's hear a story of my past. In foundation year, when I was naive and innocent (now I'm still naive and innocent, :P) I study every day after the lecture.. Seems pretty amazing huh. And i brought 2 to 3 textbooks to class, and copied down the lecture notes even though softcopy is provided. "Copying notes makes you remember better", this was what i thought. I could burn midnight oil just for a little 5% quiz or even lesser percentage. Furthermore, i'm punctual in every class and never skip any classes. Lol, flashing back on those moments made me smile. I wonder why i would become so lazy now.

So, now, I do not bring any textbooks to class anymore since it is heavy and pretty much i dun need the books at all. Therefore, i might as well leave it in my room. I always carry an empty bag and a file to class. It's not exactly empty actually, it has my pencil case and umbrella.. and that's it. lol. Going to class, i'm still punctual, compared to others. But after a few punctual attempts, I realize there is some class, no matter you came in time, or 15 mins later, the class is going to start at 15 mins later anyway (due to other latecomers). That's the time when i learned, punctuality might not necessary (but i came late 5 to 10 mins only la, not 15 mins) I tend to skip class sometimes, just to go home. Sometimes is to meet friends, sometimes my siblings back home. Reasonable ponteng, isnt it? haha.. 

I didnt really care about quizzes now. Unless i scored pretty bad in previous quiz or i think i got a fairly low coursework marks. Another reason is the quizzes are mostly 'pop' quizzes. No energy to prepare for it every time. I'm very relax this semester and I've reached the peak of my laziness (at the moment). Getting very sien of studying and fortunately i'm going for internship next semester. Like now, playing games and blogging on the exam day? it never happened few years back. And honestly, I have 2 more chapters to study. lol 

Studies isnt everything, do you agree with me? I think so, only if i still have a relative high cgpa (result). If i  score badly, i guess i would regret and disagree with this statement. lol. Anyway, i guess it's time to study.. I dun want to lose an A for a subject that i could get A, that's so not worth it. 

What i want to conclude is... Study hard? No, of coz not. Study smart is the key. When you know how to study, or i should say when you know how to score A, there's no point to study hard anymore. Like me now, what for studying so hard while you could achieve the same thing with less effort. We talk about efficiency here.. Achieve the best thing with least effort. lol. It has its drawback though to 'study smart'. It makes people become so lazy.. And i think the effect is permanent! Once lazy, forever lazy~ 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good exam schedule

Most utpians are complaining about their exam timetable, including my roommate who has a packed schedule full of continuous papers that could cause death to somebody who has a weak heart. Fortunately, I'm not one of them. Instead, i have a quite good exam timetable.

Thursday    12 Nov  9:00 12:00  Embedded Systems                             Chancellor Hall
Monday       16 Nov  2:30 17:30  Distributed Computing                        Main Hall
Wednesday 18 Nov  9:00 12:00  Software Architecture & Pattern      Main Hall 
Thursday    20 Nov  9:00 12:00  Wireless Technology                           Main Hall 
Sunday        22 Nov  9:00 12:00  Investment and Portfolio Management Main Hall 
Wednesday 25 Nov  9:00 12:00  Software Testing and Reliability       Chancellor Hall 

Nice right? it has at least an one-day-gap between the subjects. Thanks to this schedule, I become so lazy.. lol 

The drawback is.. almost everyone finishes his/her exam one week earlier than me.  :(  It will sure be very irritating that time when everyone posts a "finished exam loo~, merdeka!, holiday!" that kind of shoutouts while i'm still having exam.. Think about it already made me sien.. Whatever~ I like my timetable more than the packed packed exam schedule, coz I'm a person with weak heart.. lol (dun und? read first paragraph again) 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My partner's sick

It' s so sad to see her gets sick. She is always healthy, but today she fell ill and get really unconscious. The symptoms seem like she is in coma. A bit worried for her. Wonder how much medical fee is needed to cure her. I think it's not a deadly disease, but i dun think i can use her for quite some time. Use her? lol

She is my car.  :P  Gonna send her to see doctor (mechanic) tomoro, and hopefully the medical fee wont be so blood sucking. 


car kena towed.. :'(  Really feel quite sad when the car kena towed away. I always wonder when it would happen to me. Feel kinda sorry to the car coz it seems it's my fault for it to have such fate. 

but nvm.. now it is back. 

so, :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

stuck in 62 slides

tis will be a very short post.

I'm stuck in this 62 slides-chapter 7. I've been delaying it since yesterday. And, now i've finished all other chapters, could not delay anymore.. :( 

i promise ya, it will be a short post.