Friday, May 13, 2011

When I woke up, it was already 1pm. I quickly...

... I quickly ran downstairs and get my (house) phone to call Mr. Tan.

"Hello kz, eaten lunch already?"
"Not yet."
"Great, let's eat lunch together~"

It was already 1pm, and seriously I hadn't 'made appointment' with kz regarding to the outing plan. I felt so relieved when he said he hasn't had his lunch, else I'm gonna end up eating lunch alone in a lonely place~ Anyway, the outing plan was as following: Eat lunch, Go KTM buy ticket, Go parade buy FIR album, Go M.Gopeng buy ticket, Go... cybercafe play dota... again~ We agreed to meet each other in Tesco (aka our favourite parking place) at 1.40pm; however, I was late a bit (a bit only) because facebook was just too interesting for me. Therefore I gotta rushed to Tesco in blazing speed, killing 3 innocent pedestrians in the process. May them rest in peace. 

The time when I just departed from my home. And I should be Tesco at 1.40pm!
That's why I had to concentrate in driving fast. (Do i deserve the best actor award?)
Luckily I was just late a bit, probably due to my super driving skills or perhaps... kz also came late? haha. As an environmentalist, I always feel the urge to protect the environment by reducing petrol consumption. So, we decided to carpool instead. (okay, fine.. I'm the one who made the decision, not 'we')
He looks so happy because he can be my driver. (actually i kinda force him to be the driver, I love being a passenger!)
While I was deciding on where to eat our lunch, Kz surprised me by offering himself to treat me the lunch. When I asked him why, he said it was for my birthday. Wow.. so thoughtful. I told him, KFC then, got the zinger combo which I was craving for it. But he said it was too cheap d, something more expensive.. WOW! haha. Hence, we went to a chinese restaurant in De Garden which its name sounds a bit like Dragon-I. It's famous for its xiao long pau.

My food! Ramen with five yummy ballshaped dumplings.
The ZhaJiang Noodle that he ordered. My boss (the one who pays) for that meal

Plus the dimsums that we ordered. It costs RM43 plus for both of us. Not over expensive for meals that include both main dishes and dim sums and drinks. 
After that, Kz fetched me to KTM station to buy train ticket. Fortunate enough, I managed to get the third class train ticket which costs merely RM12. Gonna go KL on 18th May loo.. one more week left for the challenging interviews.. Oops out of topic. Then I accompanied kz to medan gopeng to buy bus ticket to KL (the same destination as well), on the same day as well. You might wonder why we didnt choose to go to KL together using the same transportation method. The reason is very simple: we hate each other!!!! ... nah~ just kidding. It's due to some issues he had which I lazy to explain.

A random pic we took in M.Gopeng bus station. 
I mentioned I wanted to buy FIR album right? But we didn't go to parade, because it's a bit troublesome to go there purposely. Instead we went to jusco, which is more convenient because it is so near to our next destination (cyber cafe). Staring at the price of FIR album, RM49.90; i decided to buy later, maybe in parade where popular card might stand a chance to reduce the price. I'm becoming POOOR PPOOOOR person. No more allowance from petronas means no more income; no more income means... PPOOOORRRR!!

And last but not least (actually it's the most), we went to cyber cafe to play dota. With my pro-ness, we won again! (although my hero died countless times in the process) Quite surprising that we could win though... Usually with Kz's existence, we rarely got the chance to win... Unless.. kz's dota skill improve d? :-O The answer to that question is: No! hahahahahahhaa~  Anyway, nice and simple outing today. I like this kind of casual and ordinary outing... I wonder how many times more we can have such outings? I don't think I would have the chance to have this kind of outings when I start working in the future. hmm.. :-/


mushroom said...

good luck for your job interview with Shell :D