Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Positive & Negative emotions

*warning: I feel it's necessary to warn the readers before you read the post. It is a plain text post and mostly filled with my own opinion and my personal problem. Surprisingly, i did not crap at all in this post. And to certain people, it will be very dull. So, if you think you might not enjoy reading it, this is your chance to close the window and do whatever you like to do. It isnt a cheerful post, thanks.

In my opinion, humans without emotions are just not humans. Thus, i might feel you are a little robot if your EQ or emotion management is over well handled. I might say "Geez, u are so robot..." or in my normal oral speaking, i am more likely to say "yer, why are u so wooden?" or "why are u so fake".  However, just so that you know, despite i said that you are very robotic.. deep down i actually wish i could handle my emotions better.

Emotions are like disease... It spreads like a plague, everyone can be easily affected by it. It could be something good, for example like happiness, it's like one of the easiest emotion to be spread. On the other hand, sadness, depression, sorrow, disappointment and other negative emotions are equally easy to 'plague' others. And Emotion Management is about how to manage your emotions, in the extend that it wont get easily affected by positive emotion & negative emotions.

I admit i am emotional. I become happy easily and sad easily. It's always in a mood swing. I was grateful of this because in my first 18 years, I mostly in the happy mood. Thus, i easily get happy and I am not so prone to (negative) emoness. However, since 19 onwards, the rate of getting emo drastically increase to the extend that I fear. Fortunately, i would say at the moment, happiness rate is still higher than sadness rate. However, seeing the trend of the emoness rate graph, it's very likely that the sadness rate will be higher than happiness rate soon.   

And now, on my 21st year of living, i realize the importance of Emotion management. I wish to only get affected by feeling of happiness but not influenced by negative feelings at all. But I know it's impossible. Happiness and sadness usually has some sort of balance. The more you feel happy, the tendency of feeling sad is higher. Thus, to reduce sadness, happiness has to be kinda restricted.  I used to ask one of my friends: "dun u feel bizzare to limit urself to be 'over-happy?" In fact, at that time i did not understand the existence of being 'over-happy'. But now, I not saying that i understand it.. but i start to feel there has some sort of logic behind it. Not too late, i hope.

I admit i recently got emo easily and frequently. And i know it would have the potential to hurt my friends and family around me. ( i knew i became very cruel when i am emo).  I love to listen to emo songs... coz listen emo songs while you are emo could be something enjoyable.. However, the only drawback is it will cause you continue be emo. My friend advised me, emo is sometimes enjoyable, but you must know how to de-emo it. And sadly, I still dunno the ways. Hmmm... what can i do?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Humans are jz plain selfish!

In this post, i am not going to complain to you how XX acts like a selfish bastard (i guess my usage of words getting rougher after reading some fiction novels) or how YY selfishly annoyed everyone else. It's different, it's about me.

For privacy issue, the story is something like this. Someone asked me a question that if i told him the answer, it will bring disadvantage to me. So, i wanted to lie. But instead, i chose to tell him the honest answer. However, it was not bcoz of the kindness in me, it was simply because the person knows that i knew the answer and i cannot lie about it. What a sad thing in life. Humans are just selfish.. or maybe just me... (but i seriously doubt so).

Does it mean if he doesnt know that i know the answer, i will lie to him and say i dunno? High possibility! unless the kindness in me strikes. I might feel guilty when i have to lie to my friends for selfishness purpose. :(

Monday, July 26, 2010

The nerdy look

Yeah, returning to uni, i aso back to the nerdy look. (if you think i have the 'nerd look' even before i returned to uni, i am not going to argue with you, coz u are probably right. lol)

I dunno why. I have this perception, in uni, one must not look very nice. I will try to look as normal as possible, those that people wouldnt even notice my existence. Sometimes, when i wear a little bit nicer, people will start asking me bla bla questions. very annoying. lol. 

I think not everyone will agree with me about the 'nerdy look in campus' thought. But i'm sure the majority of the utpians are like tat. Few of us will actually 'decorate' ourselves in campus. That's why u always hear ppl saying UTPians dun have lengzai and lenglui. lol.

By the way, i was late for my first class. A bit unexpected since i am such a discipline person. hahaha.. I love Monday, only 2 hours class. And for today, the 1-hour class later is canceled. Hooray. Finally could enjoy afternoon nap.. Jz how long i never took simple & nice afternoon nap.

I always try to insist each blog post to include at least one pic. Pure text is jz a bit dull for most readers.. haha.. and i wouldnt miss the opportunity to include my own picture in the blog.. hahahah.. Present to you: my nerdy look! lol

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New semester, so what now?

"What can you do when u are bored while driving through a long journey alone? You may try this, buy McD at drivethrough, and eat french fries while driving. It's just similar to how you eat popcorn while watching movie. The difference is ur popcorn = fries and ur movie = cars and roads in front. Definitely cure ur boredom.. drink some coke while if your throat feels too dry. No nid to drive fast or get impatient by stupid drivers ahead. Just sitback, move ur steering with one hand, and another hand grabbing fries. Total enjoyment!" 

Well,  above is nothing related to the title of the blog anyway. 

Entering my final year, it feels both excited and stressed. Excited as graduation is around the corner; stressed as things are gonna be quite different this semester.  The differences can be seen below:

  1. Working life -> Study life - It's just so different that u gonna start loading stuffs into your brain and printing them out on the exam papers.
  2. KL life -> Tronoh life - omg, back to secluded jungle. Can experience wild life and evil bugs.. not that i would enjoy it.
  3. Final year - Final year means will have final year project. And totally no clue about what i intend to do.. and lazy to care (yet).
  4. Batchmates gone internship - it's my fellow batchmates' turn to go internship, meaning i'm gonna be mr. lonely.
  5. New room & roommate - Moving from v4 to v5.. whatever. new roommate.. whatever~

Looking at the rain outside the window, i just feel lazy to do anything. (to be honest, i feel lazy all the time, lol). Lying on the bed and listen to music maybe? waiting for my stranger roommate to arrive? sleep? read novels? duh~ so what now?

my new room

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lazy to answer your "How is/was your internship?" questions

As title indicates.

~the End~

nah.. my post wont be so short. lol. I'm getting sick to answer the similar question over and over again. This is the history of how i answered "How is/was your internship?" question.

Q: How is/was your internship?

A1: Not bad, I experienced a lot of things. It might be more than what I had expected. Learned a lot things too, though not all are related to studies.

A2: Quite fun, no nid to study and go for quizzes and tests. but has very short holiday. :(

A3: Not bad, learned quite a lot.

A4: Experience a lot things.

A5: Quite fun. 

A6: Not bad.

A6: Fine. 

Above is the evolution of how i answer the questions.  lol

If you read this post, I would suggest you to ask something different, for example, have you prepared for your new semester? What is the best part of internship? Would you miss anything from internship? What did u do in the weekends during internship? I'm gonna fu yan u if u ask me how was my internship, seriously. lol