Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lone trip to KL

Ehm.. actually i'm not so sure on why i choose to go KL alone. Probably, I've not been travelling for quite sometime. Maybe, I just want to visit my cousin's house. Or perhaps, I want to see and try to get used to the environment of my 'future internship workplace'. 

I bought a train ticket from my friend, with RM1 discount. ;) (it's just tat i dun have enough change that time, and yeah.. i dun plan to return the money. kekeke) It was my first time taking train in Malaysia. (My first time of taking train was in Vietnam) Actually, it wasnt so comfortable. I was facing this difficulty of sleeping in the train. The reason is: i dunno the travelling route of the train. I had to keep an eye on every station to check if it's the right one to get down. So, i couldnt sleep, have to wake up everytime to check the station. 

Also, I almost went to KL station instead of KL central. How could I know that they are different? Luckily i asked the 'supplier' of the train ticket, else..  lol. It's fun to travel alone sometimes. It's an exploration. Figuring out how to go here and there, using LRT. Oh ya.. I ACCIDENTALLY stole a LRT card. sry ya. I jz followed the aunties ahead, they didnt give back the card, i aso follow lo.. After that i called the supplier of the train ticket, then only i confirmed that the lrt card has to be returned.. But.. it was too late.  haha.

I stayed over in my cousin's house. We went to Sunway Plaza? Mall? i didnt know what they call it. lol.. Jz went there blindly for dinner. We ate Japanese cuisine.. hehe.. Uncle belanja.. tat was why i ordered low cost food. (not so low cost, but it's almost the cheapest there). Ppl belanja, how could i order expensive expensive lea.. paiseh ma. 

My cousin's house was amazing.. Since almost all my blog readers aren't my relatives, so i didnt plan to describe it in details. Guess what I did in their house? Online and play comp games till 4am. lol.. I guess if i couldn't get to online , i would feel very uncomfortable, same symptoms as taking drugs. And, a bit pai seh for waking up at 12.30 noon at relative house. Though it's pretty common in my house. But.. paiseh la. 

I really came to enjoy my holiday there. I did nothing that is related to my internship thingy. lol. When i told my sis, she 'zha dou'. I enjoyed spending my time there.. It was a nice trip. Thanks to 7th uncle and his family for treating me so nicely. :)

Another 'gain' of this trip was on the train returning back Ipoh. I was so lucky to listen to a wise man talking about religions. Honestly, to those who didnt know that I'm a free thinker currently, it's time for u to know it now. :P And honestly again, for those who had told me bout religions and persuaded me or influenced me, u all did it badly (but i appreciate it) This wise man told me alot about religions. And it did influence me a bit. He didnt convince me to enter any religion but he convince me to have a religion, which is a time for me to think about it. I'm gonna analyze and recontruct my thoughts on what he said later.

Ok.. overall, the trip is not lonely.. Of coz there was time when i feel boring in the train, and that's the time i started to sms ppl. lol.. Didnt receive my sms? shame on u.  Jz kidding.. kakaka. 


Thursday, September 24, 2009


rotten, (adj) things that have decayed and cannot be eaten or used

rubbish, (noun) things that you throw away because you no longer want or need them

useless, (adj) not useful; not doing or achieving what is needed or wanted

Today I teach everyone 3 simple English words: rotten, rubbish and useless. The definitions are given above. How to make a sentence from these 3 words? Easy, see this perfect sentence below:

I'm rotten and become rubbish because I'm useless.

Nice sentence right?

That's all for today's lesson. Ah.. Let's have an extra word for today's lesson:

Definition from Oxford,

holiday, (noun) a period of time when you are not at work or school.  

Definition from me,

holiday, (noun) a period of time that makes you rotten and useless.

Thank you everyone, have a nice day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Degradation of my brain

I could only say, i bcome more stupid already. Normally this wouldnt happen to me. The story is like this:

I had a test just now, earlier today, my senior told me that the lecturer will allow open notes at the end of the test. Well, i kinda ignore it.. because.. i dun have notes in hardcopy. I made my own notes instead, and so, i brought them to test.

And yea, i almost forgot about the 'open note' thingy. I'm the first to finish the paper. It's hard, but not too hard. Some questions that i couldnt answer come from textbook. And the lecturer cheated me, he said he will only ask from lecture notes. Ok. got cheated, nvm. When i request to leave, the lecturer said, everyone can now open their lecture notes. swt.

Ok, so i stay, and bring out my notes. Look here and there, useless. WHy? coz i already memorized everything from my notes. For those questions that i am not sure, the answers are not lied within my notes. then...... Suddenly, i remember, I bought the textbook! SWT, and i didnt realize i could actually bring my textbook. SWT.

So, i was there, everyone busy looking their notes but i'm doing nothing. The lecturer asked me, why dun check ur answer with ur notes. I told him "nothing to check." zzz. Anyway, I submitted the paper while everyone still busy copying from their notes (and mayb books). sienz..

Only if i had brought my book, i could get 100 marks or mayb 95 above. But now, i could only wish for 80 above. sigh...

The normal me wouldnt do this kind of silly mistake. I think my brain really degrades d. And yes, that's the sentence. I become more stupid d.. swt 

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nice video to be shared.

Let's start with a little bit unrelated stuff first.. I made some modification to the blog again.

  1. Edit the 'my links' sidebar to 'interesting links'..
  2. Create new menu bar 'Wei Han's link' - easier accessibility 
  3. Change my songs into English songs only (not video) - to accommodate slow connection 

And yes, the reason of choosing the song 'I'm yours' as the default song is because of this video.. watch and enjoy~~

Friday, September 11, 2009

Layout changed.. again.. lol

Many people got frightened when they saw my previous layout.. They said scary wo. lol

Since I'm having good mood today, i decided to change the layout again. This time using a template.. things get so much easier.. Of coz gotta customize a little bit to suit my 'taste'. lol

Major Changes:

  1. Layout + Background (Direct copy & paste, no modification)
  2. Menu bar (Header links, Using some 'cheerful titles')
  3. FIR streaming video (it's gonna be irritating sometimes)
  4. My new Google profile (bye bye blogger profile, lol)
  5. The popular Chatbox ("I'm back~", said Cbox)
  6. My links (Links related to me and my frequently use links)

And yeah, this post is just used to catch ur attention.. hehe.. Content'less'. Hope you all like the layout.. (and hope your friends do not use the same layout as mine, else i'm going to change again)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A phone interview..

Finally, i received an interview invitation.. I had been waiting for quite  a long time. Why no one 'invited' me for interview? I had applied for at least 5 different companies. Well, rejected by one company from Singapore.. Cheh~ they 没眼光 (no taste) only :P . Who 稀罕(cares)? lol. Since they cant read this also, it's okay to 'chuin' (cocky) a bit.

And yes, finally received an email from Accenture, a multi-national company that involves in many fields. Tomoro afternoon I'll have a phone interview from them. It has been ages, at least 2 years+ since i get my last 'serious' interview. Totally have no idea on how to deal with it. lol. Any tips? Like what questions they will ask. Exclude the basic questions like self-intro, strength and weakness, purpose... Any other question they might ask?

Very lazy now. I'm supposed to read their company profile and do some research on the field.. However, lazy... sigh.. Tomoro le.. still got time. :P 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labtest :"I'm not killing you" (continued from previous post)

I just had the weirdest lab test ever..

firstly, the test is a group test.. First time since i entered UTP, i had a group test.

secondly, if u dunno how to do, u can ask the lecturer.

thirdly, to do the test correctly, basically u dun nid to refer to anything.

fourthly, everyone gets full mark.. ;)

conclusion, it can be called as a tutorial rather than a test. 

Yipee~ full marks. :P

Lab Test: "I'm going to kill u. wahahaha"

You are not watching any horrible series or thriller. It's true!

I'm waiting in the lab now. Purposely came early to practise (coz i dun hav the software in my laptop). However i realized i've nothing to practise. It's a lab test.. Probably test on programming. Not on C programming or Java programming, but assembly language.. crazy.. A bit regret taking this subject (embedded system) actually. But never mind, too late for any changes.

I'm silently waiting for the arrival of the lecturer, along with few other final year seniors who are taking the same subject. I admit. I am scared! lol. Anyway, this is an Open book test. Which means we can refer to any books. Two implications of it: 1. we don't need to study (memorize) so hard. 2. the test will be extremely difficult!

Anyway, I'm still waiting for the lecturer to come. Now it's 11 already. He should have come now. Back to the topic just now, instead of bringing piles of books, i brought my laptop. All my notes and reference reside in my laptop. (study IT one ma~ ^^) Actually I'm not so sure whether he allows us to "open laptop" or not. But if he forbids, I'm definitely going to argue with him. "Notebook (laptop) not book mea?" lol

I'm no longer waiting for him.. Coz he has arrived! Some coursemates askinghim bout the test. He replied calmly "i wil tell u wat to do" with an eerie tone.. Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you notice, I started my first sentence of almost all my paragraphs by "i'm waiting..." Just to tell u, it's called STYLE. Haha.. Just one crap before i have the test. Wish me good luck! (but i guess it will b too late when u read this)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Release of Opera 10

After waiting for such a long time, and yeah! finally Opera 10 is out.

I'm sure there are ppl who dunno what Opera is.. (i dun mean the opera of the 'phantom of the opera') Opera is an internet browser, same like internet explorer, mozilla, chrome, etc.. And it had just released its latest version, Opera 10..

First, what's so good bout Opera? 

  1. Nice appearance
  2. Speed dial
  3. More control on the browser
  4. Thumbnail tabs
  5. Built-in mailbox
  6. Download Manager
  7. Opera Turbo (new)
  8. In-line Grammar Checking

1. Nice appearance.. Dont u feel bored seeing the same layout of ur irritating Internet Explorer, dull Mozilla firefox and always-the-same Google Chrome. For Opera, it is so easy to customize the appearance.. (other browser might have the feature to change appearance, but Opera is the easiest). U can simply change the colour or totally changed the entire skin..  

2. Speed dial. Anyone of u using chrome or firefox? the 'recently use websites' feature is copied from Opera. Speed Dial is a bit different than 'recently use websites' feature (they didnt copy entirely ma) Speed dial allows you to set the url by urself. So that u could put ur favourite sites into it, make it very easy to access. (basically it's just a kind of bookmark that is nicer and faster). When u open Opera browser, usually it let u decide whether to 'resume to last viewed url', or 'homepage' or 'speed dial(blank page)'.  


The first picture, I'm using a skin called mironix and maroon colour style. The speed dial is 2x2, means 4 webpages (notice my blog is one of them, lol) can be accessed there. The second picture i'm using another Window skin and using system default colour. Using speed dial of 4x4, which is 16 webpages. there are 12 empty dials which i havent set the url.. The maximum dials can be set is 5x5.

3. More control on browser. As a normal user, usually we dun nid to know so much on its preference.. But sometimes it's good to adjust the browser based on ur needs. When u type opera:config.. It will show various options u can edit and change.. Including the speed, the maximum transactions, blablabla.. and many things that i didnt even know wat is it. The picture below shows part of the configuration u can make.. sooo much e..

4. Thumbnail tabs.. Just for ur information, u know who's the original creator of 'tabs'? Yeah. it's Opera. Tabs are common nowadays. (last time we used to open another window all the time). Opera has thumbnail tabs where when u point to that tab, it shows u a thumbnail of that page.. Also, it allows u to open tab in background so that it wont disturb what u are currently doing.

Just for fun, i drag the tabs to the left corner of the browser. When i point to the page, it shows a small thumbnail of the current page. In this case, it's a speed dial.

5. Built-in Mailbox..  This is something very special about Opera. It has a mail inbox within the browser. For my case, i use gmail to be its default mail. (unfortunately hotmail is not allowed). Whenever i open the browser, it will automatically load the mail in my gmail inbox.. Not only the mail, but its attachment as well. So basically, i dun nid to sign in to read my mail. Just check in the browser. However, this means it's not so secure as everyone who opens ur browser can read ur mail.. Bcareful of this. The mailbox can b used to read mail, as well as to compose mail. Very easy, when u click on hyperlinked email address, u no longer go to microsoft outlook, instead it will take u to this mailbox.

6. Download Manager.. It has its own download manager within Opera.. But it's not particularly fast. It also has the downloading torrent capability. But again, it's not very fast... But at least it provides u the pause and resume download capability.

7. Opera Turbo.  it's new in Opera 10 which believes to be able to run faster with a limited connection speed like UTP, or other uni's connection (almoz all uni's connection is quite bad right? i mean local U).. I dunno the details bout it.. Havent read it carefully coz lazy.. Something like compressing the media files and minimize the usage of the bandwidth to optimize the connection speed.. Something like that.

8. In-line spelling checking. This is not a particular new feature. In fact it seems to be copied from Mozila browser.. probably. It can check the words u type for spelling mistakes.. The misspelled word will be underlined by red doted line.  Not so sure if u can c it in the pic below. 

There are still many advantages of using Opera. I have yet to discover other features of Opera.  I was once IE and Mozilla user.. But once i started to try Opera browser, I'm addicted. I couldnt change to use other browsers. And started to get biased. Anyway, why not a try? U might become another me, addicted to it? lol. U can download the browser from this link, Why not try it and tell me how?


Opera homepage, aso a link i think.

One random picture of 'playing with the tabs and windows'

Friday, September 4, 2009

Layout edited..

Everyone gets sien by the previous nature layout right? At least I am.

Changed to this layout. Well.. i dunno the motive behind it. Just feel like doing so. Mood wasnt tat good tat time i guess. Silver colour is always my favourite. This layout gives a solemn and desperate feeling.. But dun worry, I'm not tat sad.. Just feel like putting this wallpaper.. No specific reason.  

I lost all the blog url le.. and i'm currently lazy to find out the url.. SO if u free enough, want me to read ur blog.. Simply comment ur url under this post le.. Chatbox? lazy to put it.. later le.. ;)