Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boredom kills

It's so boring... And it is bcoz of my own decision. Today is Thursday, few days left before I returned UTP. This short amount of holiday made me unable to do anything. 

1. i couldnt read my long long novel and i dun like to read short short novel.

2. i couldnt start watching a whole new series of dramas or animes, it'll get me addicted if i cant finish them before i return utp

3. i couldnt start a new game, same reason as number2

Maybe i should do like Shu Wei said, watch movie instead. But actually i am very lazy in choosing which movie to watch, some of them very lame one.. haha.. 

Another question, what should i eat for lunch? McD? lol.. i think it will probably be my lunch today. haha..   

let u have a glimpse at wat i'm going to eat later.. haha