Monday, August 10, 2009

Everyone shouts "Hooray!" (a weird incident, isnt it?)

Today is a happy day. I had my first class after h1n1 holiday at 9.00 am. Despite my always punctual to class attitude, i decided to go late to class today. (to eat breakfast, hehe)

Well, the main part of the story started when i entered the class. I was late for 5 minutes. Therefore, when i reached the class room, i saw my coursemates were doing something. They all looked very happy and hardworking. Without much thoughts, i entered the room and was immediately greeted by my coursemate Cheah Hui, she said: "Hooray! today got quiz." I was very happy, i looked at the lecturer who later passed me a piece of quiz paper. The lecturer told me "this is the quiz today, Hooray!".

I took the paper from him and returned to my seat. Let's see... Starting from question 1 to question 4. I didnt know how to do any of these. "Hooray!", i shouted. I looked at other cheerful coursemates around me, they all shouted "Hooray!". Nevertheless, i tried to finish the quiz with my own crappy answers. My notes were just beside me in the file, but i didnt dare to take it out and read. Because the lecturer seemed like 'glaring' everyone, "Hooray again!".

Anyway, time flies during happy moment. 10 minutes passed and it was time to submit the quiz. I happily submitted the quiz paper to the lecturer with tears of joy. Clearly, everyone was touched with this joyous moment and all drop their tears of joy. After submitted the paper, i checked through the lecture notes and found out all my answers were wrong. "Hooray!" i shouted again. The lecturer also said "Hooray!". Suddenly the whole class also screamed "Hooray!!!".

NOTE: actually, no one was verbally shouting "Hooray!". It was just an implicit sound created by everyone's mind.

After the class ended, i 'bravely' asked the lecturer to 'cancel' this quiz. Well, polite enough, the lecturer ignored me. (expected response) Suddenly everyone started to ask the lecturer for more quizzes. It was a strange moment though, the lecturer seemed surprise by our 'eagerness to learn and take quizzes'. We all knew we did badly for this quiz, and hope to have more quizzes so that the percentage carried by this quiz wil be reduced. However, our lecturer didnt seem to respond, again, he ignored us.

It was the first class of the day and it made today a Hooray-Day! "Hooray!" i shout again. Let's hope i still can get an A for this subject. haha... Wat a sad day... sigh~


Xjion89 said...

aiyo, hooray, i tot u all really shouted hooray~~~~haha, i am sure this quiz is not that important lah~~~

u sure will get an A..!!!

Chiang Jinn said...

got pop quiz still happy meh?
but really like wat u said le
week 3 and 4 got many quizzes
one quiz nia
(ceh~ but i will care a lot on my 1st quiz)
do ur best next time
sure u can get A

KahJoon_AJ said...

me tooooooo!i really tot u all did say hooray in the class n during the exam on...haha...swt =="

KahJoon_AJ said...

me tooooooo!i really tot u all did say hooray in the class n during the exam on...haha...swt =="

Wei Han said...

haha.. u all think it's possible for the lecturer to say "hooray!" as well ya? haha

@xj, hopefully la. honestly, i still feel sad about it now.

@jinn, lol... i like to say 反话. after a while, u will understand i'm not happy at all.. In fact, "the hooray" shows how sad i am. :P

@kj, haha.. "hooray!!"