Thursday, July 30, 2009

UTP closing??

Recently i've heard so much rumours on utp is closing due to h1n1 stuff... Soo many... And sooo many people hope that to happen.. duh~~

Actually, when i first came utp, it appears to be a peaceful, healthy, uninfected place... Even, from time to time, people get quarantined when they got fever, or their roommates were in the fever.. I'm not surprised. Even one of my friend get quarantined for having fever but he recovered few days later.

Things get serious when our nearby neighbout, UiTM was closed due to H1n1... Well, it certainly makes so many ppl in UTP happy, including me. They happy because they hope UTP will 'do the same thing'. The reason i'm happy was different. It was because one of my lecturers is the part time lecturer from UiTM. It was quite pleasant that due to this incident, he cancelled one of our classes (without replacement).

Well, UTP still appears to be a harmony place except the rumours getting stronger and stronger. However, my confidence of "UTP is a harmony place" dropped when I see there are several places in UTP give students free masks. This action made the entire wearing masks community in UTP increases from 3% to 15%, and still increasing.. When u study in a place where everyone is wearing mask, somehow u cant feel that the place is free of infection, right?

Well, my worries came in continuously. I heard rumours like 58 ppl get quarantined, some said 66, another said 90.. well.. watever... And some said 4 suspected got h1n1, some said 5 and some said 6 confirmed cases.

If those rumours are proven true, i guess i've no choice but to see UTP closing its gate slowly, forcing us out and not allowing me to study.. I dun want a holiday! Oops... i got to modify a bit.. I dun want a holiday that we had to replace all the classes the other week.. This semester is a packed semester, please dun make it even more packed.

Let me do a short conclusion here. let's hope everyone is healthy and happy and the university wont close.. or even if it closes, we dun nid to replace our classes. lol.. Yay.. happy weekend everyone.. (i've no more classes)


Chiang Jinn said...

utp don close la
i have no place to go if utp is closed
but if one week holiday with no replacement classes then definitely i will go back
it's better get urself a face mask
new trend in utp

Vincent Dee said...

Wei Han said...

@vincent, wow.. tat was really surprising.. or shocking i would say.. 168 ppl? I guess, happy holiday UTP! by the way, i dunno who u are.

@chiangjinn, sigh.. i think utp is closing le..

Xjion89 said...

aiyo, wat to do juz quarantine yourself in home loh. sure replace class, else can't finish 1!..