Friday, August 7, 2009

lonely Tesco

Woke up around 12.30 pm, it made me delayed my lunch till 3pm. And yeah, i went to Tesco today. Well, it really isnt any special event, so let's make this more interesting. This will be my first time using photo blogging.. lol.


  1. lunch
  2. buy present

On the way to Tesco,  A 'L' driver driving kancil in front. Quite slow.. but i didnt bully him.

Reaching Tesco, gotta get a parking..

Eat KFC for lunch first.. It's quite empty.. Who eats KFC at 3pm by the way?

Yea yea.. the zinger is there.. but my wedges were still pending.. I waited so long for it. Sigh.. low efficiency. Anyway, i was eating alone. But i'm not the only loner. There are 3 more persons eating alone.. haha.

I chose my favourite Zinger burger.. Yay.. Why rm7.20 only? Coz the waiter said i'm a very nice person, so he gives me discount. Just kidding.. I didnt include the soft drink, since it's pretty bad for health. No point drinking it. So, it probably saves me around Rm1.80 like tat

After finished eating, i went to toilet. As u can can see, U could notice how clean the toilet is. It doesnt have any tissue papers around. The toilet bowl aso in its most complete form. Everything is flushed, there's clean water inside the toilet bowl. And the hose is put nicely. Everything is very tidy. (notice that i was just being sarcastic)

Then i went to these places to buy present.. Honestly i dunno wat to buy at first. No clue at all. Furthermore i was quite poor nowadays, Only hope to buy something in lower budget. For ur information, I bought things from all those places.

Finished buying loo~ GO back to my cute car.. hehehe

On my way home, there's this car who suddenly halt. Gave me a fright. SO i must capture its picture. lol. Got another irritating motorcylist tried to suicide. It's not his fault to attempt suicide. Just the way he is doing it was wrong. If he wanted to suicide, he shouldnt involve me in it by causing the accident. Well.. luckily i knew his plan, and i intelligently avoided. The motorcyclist obvioiusly had his suicide plan failed. Well, too bad for him. Anyway, he was too fast. And i couldnt take a picture of him. Too bad~ lol

Very boring while waiting for traffic light, so take a picture. :P
(must have at least one pic of me in the blog ma)
Take a picture of my hand and car steering before i parked my car. C that right side there, there was my mask.. but i didnt wear it la.. :P

So i reached home safely and happily.. Bought present and ate KFC. happy day indeed.

Thank for reading.. lol


Kelvin Yi Herng said...

wah, taking photo while driving.. hmm, u r committing suicide too..!!

waи メэe ツ said...

Why so emo go alone one? XD

Xjion89 said...

aiyo, u r like Tesco inspector, toilet oso ng fang guo...haha

Wei Han said...

@yh,lol.. let yi herng noticed jor tim... true le.. very dangerous.. 'Dont try this at road'

@wy,sigh... no one accompanies ma.. and it was quite late for lunch already

@xj,interesting isnt it? world class toilet.