Friday, October 23, 2009

Ice age

I lived in ice age last 3 days. It was kind of fun. Actually, i think the title 'ice age' is pretty lame.. (thanks to the person who suggests this term, ekj). 

Basically, this ice age means... in this period (3 days), i shut off my phones for a greater good. Do you realize people nowadays live in the world full of wireless signals? Honestly, the danger wireless networks bring to us are still uncertain. Wireless signals might be a factor of many new health problems. That's why, I'm here to promote and raise the issue and hope people realize the danger of hand phones with their radioactive radiation that could cause cancer and other mutation in our cells. So, please, everyone, follow me.. off the phones!

Those who read my facebook updates probably know i'm crapping.. Yeah~ yeah... the reason i  off my phones is because i forget to bring my charger back. Anyway, it was fun.. let me narrate what's different in my life without phones.

First, no telecommunication.. i dun nid to receive any updates from maxis and digi telling some nonsense.. And another one, people cant contact me if there's something urgent like cancellation of the class. And of coz, ppl couldn't sms me for the purpose of chatting.. But hardly ppl sms me to chat, usually I AM THE ONE who sms them. lol

Second, time'less'. I'm totally unaware of the time without phones.. That's the time when i regret not to wear any watch. So, imagine how many times i asked my friends this sentence "what's the time now?" during this period.

Third, alarm'less'. It's challenging though.. to wake up without alarms.. but i did it.. sometimes thanks to roommate. ;) 

Actually it isnt really bring any trouble to me.. but instead my friends around me are the one who suffer if i off my phones.. They couldnt contact me when they want to ask for favors (somewhat a good thing). They will contact my roommate or coursemate when they want to talk to me. (troublesome to my friends). My friends will have to lend me their phones or make the call for me when i need to contact someone. My roommate has to become my living alarm sometimes (thank you roommate!) And some minor disturbances to my friends (etc).

Many people asked me to borrow chargers or phones which i actually rejected them. Why mafan ppl when it's my own fault. I'm not desperately needed the phones also. I wouldnt want to ask for favor for such a small case. ;) 

Anyway, shutting off the phones are fun.. Try to do it.. It really wont affect you much.. because.. INTERNET STILL EXISTS! hahaha


hanseong said...

Outward Bound School makes you go without handphones for a week. Glad to see you're getting practice living without one for awhile! =p


Wei Han said...

it made me think for quite sometime to figure out who is han seong.. then later only i found the name i recognize below the msg.. lol
haha.. yeah.. it's fun, do u want to try?