Saturday, August 22, 2009

Losing my phone..

Oh. finally it was my turn..

I used to see ppl losing their phones and symphatise them for their loss. The same thing happened today, it's just tat this time i'm the main character.

Honestly, i didnt really know the exact reason i lost the phone. It was due to my carelessness for sure. And i'm certain that someone has taken it. Well, i guess put a little curse to tat person is not much a big sin. "I wish the person who took it intentionally and didnt return to me had his phones and laptops got stolen and house got visited by burglar, mali~mali~hom!"

Anyway, let's get back to the story. I'm not sure whether i had left it on the table, or the phone slipped off from my pocket.   Oh, by the way, i lost it in cyber cafe. lol. It was only approximately 8 mins after i left the and before i realized my phone is not with me. I tried to search for it, and asked ppl about it, but i couldnt find it. Sigh.. pity that phone, though the phone 'has not really developed relationship' with me. (it's not my phone, spare phone instead)

Losing the phone actually doesnt really matter, to me. However, losing the phone becoz of me does matter. Made me feel guilty. Luckily my family didnt seem to have 'huge' reaction over it. Or they didnt show it. It makes me less guilty. Ah yea, i know why this happen. Have u heard of 'karma'? If u did good deeds u will be repaid by good things; did bad things will be repaid by bad stuffs. This was what happened to me. WHO ASKED ME TO SKIP CLASS?? lol. i dun think this will happen if i didnt skip the class. Such an Expensive lesson. Sigh...

Anyway, i'm fine. I'm not very sad. U could say i'm not sad also. Good day everyone, and dun skip class la~ 


Xjion89 said...

u seemed calm....
nvm lah, u can get a new 1!
get a iphone loh~~~~~

Thomas Ting said...

no problem.. i lost don't know how many phone before already.. get a new one la.. maybe not so expensive.. then next time lost won't so heart pain.. perhapes 3310??

KahJoon_AJ said...

haha...3310 wtf!!!haha
lolz,it jus a spare phone oli mah,somemore u r not sad pun for the lost...haha...

[~*Erlina~*] said...

u lost ur phone??
wif ze ze's keychain ar??
oh my god!!
get back ur num so tat i could scream for help when i nid u!! XD

Wei Han said...

@xj, it's a spare phone ma..
@thomas, lol.. u seem like pro phone loser.. :P
@ekj, true true, spare phone only
@erlina, tat is celcom number, i'm going to cancel the account soon.