Saturday, October 10, 2009

1 week over: facial result

time flies, another one week leaves us.

Remember my skin treatment last week? If you cant remember or dunno about it, pls click here.

The lady who tried to beautify my face said it takes one week to recover my face after the treatment. And today it will be 8th day after the treatment.. So, what happened to my face now? I'll tell u in next post. Thanks for reading. 

Haha.. just kidding, wanna keep suspense. My face now quite cham. Instead of bcome beautiful it becomes uglier. When i go out, i also need to wear mask or cover my face. Sometimes when other people see me, they will faint. They thought they saw ghost.. sigh.. What to do?

Haha... another joke of the blog. Nah.. my face does significantly improve. Although it could not recover my previous 'marks' on my face, it does make my face fairer and smooth. Duno how to say, it just looks different.. Like a new face. lol. 


KahJoon_AJ said...

lolz...the main point is at the last paragraph only,swt...haha,congrate for having a new face wor...cant wait to go back to see u!!!!!

Wei Han said...

actually now back to normal d..
coz i back to normal self liao..
scratch my face when itchy
and slp late late.. hahaha

KahJoon_AJ said...

lolz...try to change ur lifestyle la,but hor me here alwaz sleep late late wake up early also no prob leh...u try to find urself a facial foam which suit u the most la,it will help alot!realy...

Wei Han said...

advice taken.. haha