Friday, September 11, 2009

Layout changed.. again.. lol

Many people got frightened when they saw my previous layout.. They said scary wo. lol

Since I'm having good mood today, i decided to change the layout again. This time using a template.. things get so much easier.. Of coz gotta customize a little bit to suit my 'taste'. lol

Major Changes:

  1. Layout + Background (Direct copy & paste, no modification)
  2. Menu bar (Header links, Using some 'cheerful titles')
  3. FIR streaming video (it's gonna be irritating sometimes)
  4. My new Google profile (bye bye blogger profile, lol)
  5. The popular Chatbox ("I'm back~", said Cbox)
  6. My links (Links related to me and my frequently use links)

And yeah, this post is just used to catch ur attention.. hehe.. Content'less'. Hope you all like the layout.. (and hope your friends do not use the same layout as mine, else i'm going to change again)


KahJoon_AJ said...

how u did it?!nice la wei!!!!!haha

Wei Han said...

lol.. thank you o.
just copy the template only..
and some small modifications..
honestly, i did not check the code yet, why it appears to be like tat.