Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nice video to be shared.

Let's start with a little bit unrelated stuff first.. I made some modification to the blog again.

  1. Edit the 'my links' sidebar to 'interesting links'..
  2. Create new menu bar 'Wei Han's link' - easier accessibility 
  3. Change my songs into English songs only (not video) - to accommodate slow connection 

And yes, the reason of choosing the song 'I'm yours' as the default song is because of this video.. watch and enjoy~~


Xjion89 said...

waaaa,the people like tat oso can~~~ envy><

next time, u can try ordering by singing^^

Wei Han said...

i got thought of doing tat before.
But i think i will kena belasah only.

1. voice not good
2. look not good
3. person at counter not good
4. other customers not good